One dead, one seriously injured on Ohio 4

(Updated at 5:32 p.m.) A serious crash on Ohio 4 at Strecker Road in Groton Township has left one person dead and another injured.
Sandusky Register Staff
Oct 9, 2012


According to troopers, a 2002 Subaru Outback was traveling north on Ohio 4 at about 12:30 p.m. when a 1999 Ford Exploror headed west on Strecker Road ran a stop sign at the intersection. The oncoming Subaru then smashed into the drivers side of the Ford, sending both cars into a field northwest of the intersection.

The driver of the Subaru, Robin Reaves, 40, of Tiffin, was conscious and talking to deputies, who arrived first on the scene. She was later taken by medical helicopter to Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center in Toledo.

The driver of the Ford died at the scene. He has been identified as John M. Klish, 88, of Mansfield.

Troopers do not believe alcohol was involved.

Ohio 4 was closed for several hours following the wreck. Drivers are advised to avoid the area until the wreck is cleared.

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real talk

tell me again how more testing isn't necessary?


More testing for EVERYONE? I think there has been a few stories of "younger" people running stop signs lately too. People just need to PAY ATTENTION....It doesnt matter what age. That age old saying "One in every crowd"


It's funny how no one commented on an earlier story today about the 23 year old who went left of center and hit a car head on. The only time they comment on "more testing" is when it involves an older person. Talk about discrimination! Ladydye: you are right. Of course in the 23 year old's case it states that drugs are suspected. Maybe we need to give the older people a driving test before renewing their license and younger people a drug test before renewing.


If it's a younger person they always say "they must have been texting"


Rt. 4 is living up to its reputation. This is the 3rd reported accident in a week or so?

Mr. D

No mater what age everyone needs to pay attention when behind the wheel. . . And not always be is such a hurry. Still think everyone should have to watch Dept of Highway Safety's movie, Signal 30 when renewing a driver's license. Watch it on you tube!


I've been on here for years saying that alot of younger people should be tested. Everytime a young person dies it always "" they were to young" but, for older people it's always " more testing". NOw why is that? HOw many teens have ran stop signs lately and died oh, when they' weren't out ripping them off and driving drunk twice the legal limit.

Anybody at any age can pass out or have a medical issue at anytime. And yeah, it wouldn't hurt to take a re training course every ten or so years for everybody.


People get ready for tests , you might pass a test and then still get into an accident later , STUFF HAPPENS.


why all the younger people testing talk. HE WAS 88..HELLO


How about EVERYONE has to get re-tested every 4 years? When your license expires, you retake the driving test. There, problem solved.

2cents's picture

Well, living on country roads for 30 years I learned to never take your right of way at those stops! Slow down and look down the road, look at the other driver, do they see you? I drove it into my daughters head when she turned 16 as I will anyone else. Be defensive and live!!!!!


No matter what the age, some people just can't drive and maybe shouldn't.

Taxed Enough Already

with all this age about just calling them what they are "accidents". If they were on purpose they would be called something else.


a lot of illogical comments on here.. i know alot of older people that are very capable of driving. my prayers to the two families involved. Retesting every four years will have no affect on people running stop signs... on a different note... i wish the register would do a story on why so many people are flown to toledo when we supposedly have such a top notch hospital... if it is not shouldnt its focus be on improvement instead of donations to the community?

God Of Thunder

This is what it boils down to.. People are distracted by so many things these days, with texting being one of the biggest distractions, hence, the state passed a law against that.. Although, this accident had nothing to do with it as I'm sure an 88 year old person was not texting..

All that matters is that this was tragic.. Testing people every 4 years is only going to put more burden on us common people and the State who will just turn around and increase fees to us..

Let the blame stay with everyone and let the families grieve..Nothing good will come of anyone's dim witted comments here


The stop sign going west on Strecker Rd. at RT 4 is difficult to see. Needs to be updated now. Same with the one at RT 269.


No, it isn't difficult to see, EdO's. As a matter of fact, there is a warning sign quite awhile ahead and very visible. I drive that way to school and back. Same with the one on 269. Pay attention.

EVERY stop sign on Strecker Rd. has a warning sign that says "Stop Ahead". Both directions. Prove me wrong.


Easy for you who drives that way regularly, maybe. Not easy for out of towners. Both routes are heavily traveled and imo need dictates a flashing stop sign for everyone's safety.


How about if we install a red beeping light on your dashboard so you are aware of every road sign you come across, EdO's?
We could also make it highly audible as to tell you what the sign was saying. I'm betting you wouldn't want to drive too much if that were the case.


It would take over your radio and flash lights on your dash. "Stop sign! Stop sign! 200 yards! Stop sign! Stop sign! 150 yards", etc, etc..
Even the red lights don't work on Rt. 4 and you want to make it like a school zone the whole way?
Anyone from this area KNOWS not to drive down the Rt.4 corridor towards Sandusky because you will be stopped at every light, sucking gas stopping and starting.


Two stop signs, one on each side of the road and rumble strips could have made a difference. Instead Ohio wasted a million dollars on signs telling motorists that your tax dollars are working for you.


The stop signs at that intersection aren't hard to see, Centauri. Day or night. The land is flat and no hills or curves.


Again bad driving is bad driving. Again l@@k at Fla. & their laws. Facts state when seniors are the cause of accidents usally the results are grim. Just as drunk driving laws have changed from years ago, so too should age laws change for driving. One has to be so old to start driving, so 2 should one be so old to be re-tested. (Similar to military PFT's)


If you want to see a bad crossing in that same area, drive down Patten Tract Rd. and cross Mason Rd... There are hills and curves on the east and west side. Look both ways three times before crossing.


Regardless this was a tragety for the families, Let think about that.