Furry School delayed following false alarm

Parents and bus drivers had to wait a little longer to drop off their kids this morning at Furry School.
Jason Werling
Oct 9, 2012

Perkins firefighters and police were called to the school this morning for a fire alarm at about 8:15 a.m., the normal start of dropoffs at the school. Traffic was diverted from the area as the building was checked and cleared. The start of school was delayed a few minutes as the cars and buses returned to the school to drop off their children.



LOL Wrong. We've always lived in Perkins and I'm sure have paid far more than you ever have. Nice try, though.


Far more? Lol!


Yes :)


So what is normal anyway? I am sure that if a student pulled the alarm, "special needs" or "normal", school officials will give the appropriate punishment. Doesn't mean criminal charges need to be filed against them.


There won't be any punishment since he's special ed and has an aid. The aid wasn't doing their job because if they had it wouldnt have happened. Its their job to supervise and accompany the kid at all time.


Nobody spoke of criminal charges. Our discussion is in regards to using a disability as an excuse for inappropriate behavior. I disagree with giving the young man a free pass due to his disability. Other posters believe differently. And, Brassman wants to blame someone else.


Yes, "normal" kids do set off alarms. There are repercussions, though. The little boy should have some sort of repercussion that he can understand for setting off the alarm, and hopefully he received one.

On a side note 2060, Perkins receives more money from each "freeloader's" home school district than Perkins does from the state for the kids who actually live in the district. (And no, my kids don't go to Perkins.) And be honest. You wouldn't vote for a levy even if they didn't have open enrollment.


Perkins2060 is dead on. No levy will pass in the Township as long as there is open enrollment. Also, I believe 2060 said the money Perkins receives from the state still doesn't cover the cost of the student. That is a correct statement.


A new joint junior high high school will be built in the next year in Perkins without any levy vote . A change of funding by the school board, which is very legal, will allows this to happen without taxpayer input.


And these morons think we will approve a levy???



You don't even get to vote on this new construction. No vote...It's happening.

Perkins Resident

I heard the same thing about moving the funds around to build Gunners legacy. Gunner and all his hired consultants are doing this without the taxpayers approval. We voted down the last levy and we will vote down the next levy because a levy is coming. You can group me in with the "NO" vote as long as there is open enrollment. It's not fair to those of us that moved out of Sandusky to be able to send our kids to Perkins. I will not vote yes to raise my taxes to pay for someone's kids from another district to go to Perkins. The next levy will fail just like the last one. Move on Gunner and take your paid consultants with you.


The BOE already moved the money from inside milage (operations) to outside milage (capital improvements). When the levy goes down and it will, it will not change their plans for new construction. They will proceed anyways. They will then make cuts in other areas -- extra-curricular and staff.


Sandusky Register:

Could you PLEASE do something about these commenters who have some sort of ADHD disability? Shouldn't there be repercussions for them? I mean, come on, they don't even realize that are posting off-topic comments about school levies inside of a story about a fire alarm being pulled.

Seriously, isn't there some sort of punishment they can face? They obviously aren't paying ANY attention to what they blabber on about so can you maybe ban them? Or is that too harsh because maybe their DISABILITY and INABILITY to pay attention forces them to post off-topic.

My guess is they just want to lynch somebody or b*tch about Perkins because it makes them feel better about themselves if they can bring somebody else down, even if it's a little kid.




We are bring up important information that the public deserves to know about. For some reason the Sandusky Register has decided not to cover this issue.

How does information about a new school building "bring a little kid down"?

Tsu Dho Nimh

If the child has a disability and the disability interferes with his ability to determine right from wrong (ex: low cognitive functioning), then the child cannot be punished for pulling the alarm. Whether you agree that the child should attend to public school or not, it doesn't matter. Federal law prevents public schools from excluding ANY child from being educated in district in which he lives in. The same law protects the child from his behavior that is a manifestation of the disability. That is just the way it is - no point in arguing about it.


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If ever a comment deserved an *EYEROLL* that was it. Seriously, comparing a little boy who saw a bright red handle & pulled it with a murderer? LOL right.


Moderators have removed this comment because it contained Remarks that discriminate based on age, race, religion, disability, etc..

Tsu Dho Nimh

Donut...I did not give my opinion on the law, I simply stated what the law says. Unfortunatley, Randleman was "painted" to be lower functioning than he really is and the law protected him.



Protected him to kill again.

Tsu Dho Nimh

Donut...you're right. The law protected the piece of crap and he killed again. Again, I never defended the law or criticized the law. I simply stated the law.


Somewhere over the last generation we as a society have lost our way. We over protect criminals, hate groups, minorities and other special interest groups to the exclusion of the general good of the public. Lawsuits are rampant and our legal system is so mucked up there maybe no rescue. No one is held responsible for their actions. It's the fault of someone else.

Allowing this young man, no matter if he has a disability, to not be held responsible is just a minor part of the above mentioned situation. But, millions of these minor parts make a whole big problem. We have this problem...now!

We have lost control of our purpose and way of life. Do we continue down this path or right the ship?