NY appeal court: Shooting victim can sue gun maker

An appeals court in New York has ruled that a former high school athlete who was shot in 2003 can sue the companies that made and distributed the handgun used in the crime.
Associated Press
Oct 8, 2012


The ruling reverses a lower court's dismissal of Buffalo victim Daniel Williams' complaint. Williams claimed Ohio gun maker Hi-Point and distributor MKS Supply intentionally supplied handguns to irresponsible dealers for profit. The gun used to shoot Williams was bought at a gun show by a Buffalo gun trafficker.

The Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence praised the decision to let the case move forward, saying it means gun companies that supply the criminal market are not above the law.

Hi-Point attorney Scott Allan says Hi-Point only sells guns to federally licensed distributors and complied with all statutes.




Good, I am going to sue Government motors for selling a car to a guy who rear ended me 10 years ago!
Seriously though, These idiots who want to sue gun manufacturers need to step back and instead sue the ATF for either not doing their job or actually selling the gun to the drug dealers.


What an unbelievable crock. Did the gun work as it was intended to work? It didn't misfire, explode, or go off all by its lonesome? It didn't grow little legs and stalk an innocent? Then the fault lies in the hands of the shooter, and is in no way the responsibility or the fault of the manufacturer.

Randy_Marsh has it right. By that logic, I can sue Hostess for making me fat, Ford for that fender bender I got into a few years ago, and The Sandusky Register for printing news stories that pi$$ me off. Sheesh! What a bunch of whiners (not to mention greedy guts) some Americans have turned out to be! And don't even get me started on the lunacy of the "Brady Bunch..."


Just another rogue judge that is ignorant of the law. In fact lawsuits against gun makers for anything other than defects in the actual handgun were outlawed by legislation in 2005. This will likely be thrown out at the next level. http://old.gothamgazette.com/art...


Are you kidding me? Does this mean I can now sue playtex? Their 18 hour bra doesn't support me for 18 hours any more? This is just as rididulous. Yes, Sam, I agree, don't EVEN start with the Brady Bunch stuff. PLEASSSEEE.

When is this society going to start learning to take responsibility for it's own actions rather than blame it on eveything and everyone else?


Someone should sue the TROGAN Company

Just Thinkin

Awesome, I can sue GM,Ford, the Sandusky Register if the paper boy hits me with his bike, Just Great see money in the bank and rich lawyer's all over town, what a God send, also if I hurt myself while pumping gas and because the fuel companies are ripping us off We all could become rich, This post sounds as STUPID as that RULING,


CRAZY!!!!! so, if someone gets stabbed they can sue the knife maker? if someone gets hit by a drunk driver they can sue the auto manufacturer? the list can go on and on. hopefully, this doesn't get to the scotus as we now know that justice roberts has very loose thoughts.


This is just dumb.


This is total government bologni, typical for the liberal, socialists that are in office. A gun sitting in a room will not kill someone, the person who uses it kills someone. We need to get rid of these socialists liberals who are taking away our rights and get Gun Toting, Bible Preaching, "You'll have to pry from my cold dead hands" type of politicians in office. If the bad guys were the only ones who had guns because they bought them illegally as they do and the responsible adult wasn't allowed to purchase them then we would be living in a socialist state and I live in The United States of America, UNDER ONE GOD and it ain't Obama, contrary to popular belief or the OBiden clan.


I am a democrat.... thus concerned truth would label me as a liberal.... happens all the time. I have a .45 inches away from me in the coffee table drawer and one in the bed stand... politics and guns are not related ... get a life... The truth is neither party will not try to get rid of the right to bear arms no matter what they would like to to because it would lose votes for either party. Nontheless the republican party tries to use this as a scare tactic every election...


Amen, middleclass.


So the Nam vets can sue the US for issuing cigarettes in their C-rations.


That and those cans of fruitcake issued in some c-rations.


It only took Nam vets 35 years to get approved for AG Orange at the VA so i highly doubt the gov would cover the 3 pack of smokes as a health issue But then again Cigs are considered the most deadly thing on the planet these days.