Motorcycle thefts down in Ohio

Fewer people are ripping off motorcycles in Ohio.
Associated Press
Oct 8, 2012


The Dayton Daily News ( ) reports that motorcycle thefts in the state declined for the fourth straight year in 2011.

A new report shows the thefts have been cut in half since 2007.

But stolen motorcycles are recovered less frequently than other stolen vehicles, and they remain a popular target for criminals because they are not very difficult to steal.

Numbers from the National Insurance Crime Bureau show that about 1,097 motorcycles were reported stolen in Ohio in 2011, down 25 percent from 1,469 in 2010. The number of bikes reported stolen has decreased 53 percent from 2,350 in 2007.

The decline in motorcycle thefts matches a similar decline in thefts of cars and trucks.




hmmm.. lots of bikes, less competition, i may have found a new career!


my son's new bike has a GPS so if it gets stolen they can track his. I kind of like that. My car has the same thing. Poor car thieves don't have as clean a get away anymore, do they? Could that be a factor? You have to practically tear out all the wiring to get to the darn things to deactivate them, then the car won't run. LOL. To bad, so sad!