REPORTERS NOTEBOOK: Congresswoman loves her spaghetti

Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur, D-Toledo, has been known to say nice things when she's among friends. On Monday, when she
Sandusky Register Staff
May 24, 2010


Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur, D-Toledo, has been known to say nice things when she's among friends.

On Monday, when she spoke to the Democratic Women of Erie County's annual spaghetti dinner, she assured them that spaghetti is her favorite meal.

Kaptur said later she wasn't just being nice.

"I love spaghetti. I have my own recipe from one of my cousins," said Kaptur, who is of Polish-American heritage.

Kaptur also likes "very good salads with Romaine lettuce," chocolate chip ice cream and perch sandwiches in Sandusky. She is also an enthusiastic tea drinker.

-- Tom Jackson

272 warm people

Perhaps because people are hanging on to old coats a little longer these days, the Poorman-Thorne Warm Coats for Winter drive fell a bit short of its goal this year.

Even so, there are 272 people in Erie County who are a little warmer, thanks to the efforts of Brandon Poorman and Katie Thorne.

Community service and sibling rivalry were both motivators for Brandon and Katie, who are continuing a tradition started by their older siblings two years ago.

They had hoped to collect 441 or more coats to top the mark set last year by Craig Thorne and Brandon. They did, however, beat the first year's total of about 250.

In total, the Poormans and Thornes have donated 962 coats to United Way of Erie County. This year the coats went to Heartbeat Pregnancy Center, Jobs and Family Services, Volunteers of America, Victory Kitchen, and Care & Share.

The Huron High School students received a bit of recognition in return.

Brandon won the YES -- Youth Engaged in Service -- award for November, Craig for December and Katie for January.

-- Susan McMillan

Sandusky sends residents running in circles

Sandusky residents looking for help at City Hall on Friday may have had a hard time finding it.

A sign on the door of the Administrative Services office directed visitors to "please see Kelly in the Manager's Office. Sorry for the inconvenience."

On the door to the city manager's office, however, was another sign: "The City Manager's office is currently closed. Please stop in Administrative Services or Engineering Services for assistance."

Luckily for those who managed to find the engineer's office, it was open Friday -- except for lunchtime. Visitors stopping by then would have to direct their inquiries to Planning and Zoning across the hall.

-- Susan McMillan