O.E. Meyer expands, maintains values

Do the right thing. This mantra has been a guiding principal for O.E. Meyer, a Sandusky-based business whose success dates back to 1918, when the Meyer family first unveiled it as a welding supply shop.
Melissa Topey
Oct 7, 2012


Today, the company is split into two divisions: industrial, overseen by Craig Wood, and health care, run by David Belden. The industrial division offers welding products, although it has diversified into offering industrial gases such as oxygen, nitrogen, argon, propane and more.

The heath care division provides home medical equipment and hospital products and services.

At the head of it all: CEO Rodney Belden.  

Said Wood: “In the big picture of things, we ask, ‘Is that the right thing to do?’”

For a story on the history of this company and its push into the future, pick up a copy of Sunday's Register.



car 54

Thanks O.E.Meyer for providing jobs to this area.

The Big Dog's back

Good thing the economy is growing.


I am a very satisfied customer and do appreciate the jobs provided by OEM


Principle not principal. It's not a school.

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Sandusky Regist...

You are right Love614.

Licorice Schtick

Boring, but right.

Is it possible for the SR to encourage readers to notify them of errors through some other means than in the comments? It's really off topic.

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swiss cheese kat

Thanks for OE Meyer Co being on the list to repeal obamacare and supporting the Republican party.

The Big Dog's back

Like I said, good thing the economy is growing to help O E Meyer.

Dinghy Gal

Growing in spite of!

The Big Dog's back

Oh, OK. I had wondered how these companies got the money to buy their products.

Second Opinion

"they didn't do that!" (Obama speech concerning anyone who became successful)

"Like so many others, in so many countries who started out to "spread the wealth", Barack Obama has ended up spreading poverty". Thomas Sowell (black commentator with to many honors to list.)


You guys always trot out someone black that opposes the President as if that really means something. It DOESN'T! Has your wealth been taken and spread? I didn't think so!

Second Opinion

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Sounds like you went for the race card quoting an "intelligent black". Tell us what you would have done given the state of YOUR country at that time! What did those two wars cost? How about that Medicare Part D? You weren't worried about spending then now were you? Who was it that said deficits don't matter? It wasn't Sowell! I think you need a second opinion on your post! I take it the answer is "NO" on the wealth question. You CONS are really something!

Second Opinion

Hey deertracker. Why not tweet a message to Stacy Dash, you would fit right in!



I have nothing bad to say about O.E. Meyer. I have worked in the fabrication and welding field for over 30 years and they have always met the demands at any and all the companies I have worked for. Very good on consulting services and repair as well. They are unmatched, locally. ALWAYS, Johnny On The Spot in case of emergency "shutdown" type situations. I commend them and their endeavor to supply our local region with the services they offer.