Audit: Violations abound at Ohio private prison

The operator of the nation's first privately-owned state prison is scrambling to correct dozens of safety, health and security issues uncovered in a recent Ohio audit.
Associated Press
Oct 7, 2012


Corrections Corporation of America has been firmly rebuked by Ohio officials for conditions identified at Lake Erie Correctional Facility in Conneaut during the September management review. The audit report said cells were dirty, inmates lacked clean laundry and blankets, pots and pans weren't clean, doors were standing open, and keys were missing.

CCA purchased the prison from the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction in a January deal worth $72.7 million.

Department spokeswoman JoEllen Culp said Ohio finds the audit results unacceptable and CCA has presented a plan for remedying deficiencies.

A message with left with a CCA spokesman Friday seeking comment.




Say it isn't so.......
Privatization is the answer to everything?

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swiss cheese kat

Private Prisons Spend $45 Million On Lobbying, Rake In $5.1 Billion For Immigrant Detention Alone.

the office cat

eriemom... next on the governor's agenda is privatizing the Turnpike - which has been an absolute disaster for Indiana as accomplished by its Governor Mitch who already has accepted his next jobe as President of Purdue University.


poor inmates. dirty cells and dirty laundry? the humanity! jail is still supposed to be punishment right?

the office cat

Jail is supposed to be rehabilitation for when they return to society.


Open doors and lost keys are a problem, but I have no issues with dirty cells or dirty laundry. You are in PRISON. Too many live a life of luxury in jail. They have libraries, Cable TV, gyms, etc, etc. I have NO sympathy for a prisoner or the "harsh" conditions they live in.


You are so astute to realize lost keys and open doors are a problem. Congratulations! Just wait till problems like that lead to prisoners walking out the prison doors.

Do a web search for : corrections corp of america scandals and read how wonderful this company is in other states. And then decide whether you want your tax dollars supporting their bottom line.


Where do they live in luxury in prison? Would you like to trade places with them if its so great?

the office cat

Dirty cells and dirty laundry breed dirty bugs and vermin which require more taxpayer dollars to clean up.

YOU DO REALIZE Ohio PAYS this industry on a per-prisoner basis to house the prisoners we once housed? Well, that is, they house the mentally and physically fit since they refuse to take anyone that might require any care beyond poor food, dirty cells and dirty laundry.


Only took 9 months for privatization to trash the place? Breaking about every rule in the book?
Vote R this Nov. and we can expect this from every agency/business.

Mr. D

Before it is over, this privatization will cost the taxpayers dearly. . . And the corporate honchos will walk away with millions at our expense!!!

the office cat

Jail/Prison is intended for rehabilitation for all except the most hardened "life with no patrol" inmates.

Many/most in our prisons - even the private ones - will return to society and live among us.

Thanks to mentality exhibited by Lady and the Trolls, many/most return unprepared to live successfully among us.

Remember that not every prison sentence is a life sentence.

Tool Box

Ok, I read the complaint and don't see any problems here. Who cares if these maggots of the world are living in filth?


Tool, is it right to make the employees work in those conditions? Is it right to make us pay to clean it up? What about the other violations?