Brady blasts Ferrell's work ethic

Independent Erie County commissioner candidate Dick Brady has blasted the incumbent he’s challenging, labeling him a dishonest man whose irresponsible fiscal planning led to a massive debt that’s suffocating taxpayers.
Andy Ouriel
Oct 6, 2012


Brady lit into Erie County commissioner Tom Ferrell, a Democrat, after hearing Ferrell make some bold statements at a candidate’s forum Wednesday at Sandusky High School.

Ferrell praised his own work ethic.

“Being a county commissioner is a seven-day-a-week job, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year,” Ferrell said at the forum.

Said Brady: “For him to say that is absolutely laughable. I have been up to the county commissioner’s office more than 60 times, and I have only seen him in his office once.”

Brady’s entire campaign centers on two key criticisms of Ferrell’s performance in the past 24 years: job dedication and fiscal responsibility.

“He has zero work ethic,” Brady said. “You absolutely cannot be a county commissioner in this day and age and not show up for work.”

Ferrell says he’s not a commissioner who just sits up in an office and conducts meetings.

“There are those people who are called ‘Ivory Tower commissioners’ and don’t do anything all day long,” Ferrell has told the Register. “What takes them 10 hours to do takes me 10 minutes to do because I know how the county should operate.”

Brady clearly disagrees.

If Ferrell knew how the county should function, the area’s 77,000 taxpayers wouldn’t be buried under $104 million in debt, Brady said.

“What is not funny is that the taxpayers in this county are paying him over $50,000, and he is mailing it in,” said Brady, a longtime Sandusky-based business owner. “There is no one in this county who believes a commissioner’s job — that pays over $50,000 a year — is a part-time position.”

Brady also bashed Ferrell for allowing other county employees to ghostwrite e-mails on his behalf, without telling the recipient about who is actually sending the message.

“The incumbent’s inability, or unwillingness, to embrace fundamental technology puts both him and this county at a disadvantage in providing effective government to our residents,” Brady said.

Ferrell has said he doesn’t have the password to his county computer.

“If I have commissioner business and I went to send an email, (commission clerk Carolyn Hauenstein) sends it out,” Ferrell has said previously.    

The Candidates

Erie County voters can cast ballots in two separate Erie County commissioner races Nov. 6:
• Race 1: Erie County commissioner Pat Shenigo, a Democrat, versus Edison and Margaretta schools treasurer Jude Hammond, a Republican.
• Race 2: Erie County commissioner Tom Ferrell, a Democrat; versus Huron auctioneer Steve Kraus, a Republican; Sandusky businessman Dick Brady, an Independent; and Huron city councilman Brad Hartung, an Independent.



Wait a minute, Ferrell is saying that he is not a part-time commissioner in one sentence, then in the next sentence says that he does not know the password to his own computer?!?!!?!?!?

Well, I am not a Brady fan but if this is true why would we want to keep Ferrell? Also, Wasn't Erie County running a surplus just a few years ago?


I have no doubt about Mr. Brady's good intentions but he threw in the towel at Sandusky City Commission "to spend more time with his family." After all, he has a business to run, too. So how much time does he intend to spend on the County Commish job? It pays a WHOLE lot more $$$.

Personally, I don't vote for someone to spin wheels and blow smoke all day long. I care about effectiveness, and for most elected officials, that translates to making good decisions. Ferrell's been pretty good at that, and he works a lot harder than he gets credit for. He has the experience, and he's endorsed by the Erie Democrats, et. al., If he isn't reelected, it will be because of a smear campaign.


Having known Tom Ferrell for over 30 years, I'd say, Brady nailed it!


I am a fan for either candidate but a believer that the results of Erie County shpuld be the deciding factor in this race. Are we better off now or does there need to be a change? Erie County, to me, seems to be doing pretty well, which means that the present contingent of commissioners isn't doing badly with what they have to work.

All the talk in the world won't change that, meaning you can cast all the dispersions in the world but the end results speak much louder than the accusations of the ones who want the job. If Erie County is doing well, then why change the one's who are leading? I don't see the need, frankly in trying to get new people in there if the present leaders are doing their jobs and making Erie County a good place to live on the assest we have. I don't like the "name calling" and "basesless accussation" of the ones who want the jobs. To me, not using a computer is not a big deal when it comes to a job. So what, if the man doing the job is keeping Erie County in the black and not the red.

Stick to the real issues and not the pettiness of name calling and stupid stuff. I want to know what you can do for the county besides be petty. Can you save money, do a better job than what the present men are doing and HOW? That is where my interests lie. If not, you have nothing to offer.

My vote will go accordingly.


I'd point you back, wiredmama222, to one salient detail: Whatever else may (or may not) be going well in Erie County, you can't argue that a massive debt is a remotely good idea, nor can you suggest that the previous and current commissions aren't responsible for that debt!


Sam Adams....I guess my point stands as written. I hate the name calling in ANY elections. If you have nothing to offer besides that, what have you to offer? That is the point, nothing else. This entire election, from Federal on down is ending up to be the lessor of two evils as far as I am concerned. I have heard NOTHING concrete...CONCRETE. I want ANSWERS that are written in STONE...not promises of maybe or we think. I want something I can sink my teeth in (as few as I have with this disease of mine).

I want someone to tell me "this is what I stand for and nothing less". I am not hearing it from anyone. Not anyone from the Presidential Races on down. There isn't a darn thing wrong with my hearing either. That part of my anatomy is just fine, thank you. I am not interested in Party rhetoric or anything like that. I said I want something concrete. Thus far I see ads taking pot shots at each other. I watched a deplorable debate that afterward (I took notes mind you) said little to nothing of consequence for EITHER Candidate that was concrete or from which I could "hang my hat".
Now these two. Oh, I agree. The Erie County debt is there. But is it all that bad? Will Brady stop name calling soon and tell me what he is going to do beside yell bad things at Ferrell? Or will this continue until voting day? If it does, Ferrell will get my vote because I have no reason for which to vote for Brady. He gave me none. That is fact, not fiction. You might want to pass that along to Brady.


I agree that name calling alone isn't helpful, appropriate, or even professional. Accusations, though, are another matter. They can be proved (or not); they can be countered (or not); they can be explained (or not).

That being said, I empathize wholeheartedly with your notion of being stuck choosing between two evils, and casting our votes for the lesser (hopefully) of the two. On rare occasions, the greater evil is SO much greater that I actually vote for the lesser in good conscience. Most of the time, though, I hold my nose or leave that spot on the ballot blank. I much prefer to vote FOR someone than AGAINST someone!

I've always said that if you're sick of politics as usual, STOP VOTING FOR THE USUAL POLITICIANS! Lots of people seem to agree (including you, apparently). And yet parties outside the Demopublicans and the Republicrats don't even get vote totals into the double digit percentages. In fact, I'll bet that the vast majority of Americans have no idea who's running for President as the Libertarian, Constitution, Green, etc. Party candidates!

Yeah, the two-party system obviously isn't doing the job we want it to do, but that's our fault. It's ALSO our collective fault that the problem isn't being fixed! Unfortunately, to address the problem requires an educated electorate. And THAT'S a problem that's getting worse just about every year.

I don't have the answers to that (though I'd really love to see people have to pass a basic test before being allowed to vote). If anybody does, for god's sake, TAKE CHARGE!


Go to the chamber debate, at the 1:04:10 mark, Brady describes the single most trans-formative trait he will bring to the county if elected. If this isn't reason enough to vote out Ferrell than you deserve your share of the county debt load he has accumulated over his 20+ year reign.



I hope you use that same logic when voting in the presidential race!


Hitting the "Like" button on this post.


Its just disqust with the entire thing. Read above, most of us out here have had enough. The lessor of two evils on all of it. The truth be told we are all fed up.


When one picks the lesser of two evils, one still chooses evil. How about voting "none of the above" and let the chips fall where they may? A "none of the above" check box should be provided on every ballot to stop the courtesy votes. A majority of "none of the above" votes could bring in better candidates.


If Tom Ferrell does not know his password to his computer what is he doing to a County Commissioner???


If Tom Ferrell does not know his password to his computer what is he doing being a County Commissioner.

Julie R.

@wiredmama222: Are you trying to say "if it ain't broke, don't fix it?" If so, I hate to burst your bubble but Eeeerie County has been BROKE for a long, long time. The majority are a bunch of jokes from the top right down to the lowly bottom.


Julie, the only thing that will fix Erie County isn't an election my dear, it is a major BIG BROOM coming in here, arresting half the crooks in office and halling them off to the hoosgow to be with the ones they put away. Then and only then will anyone be able to FIX Erie County. Until that time, Erie County will be broken and no election will ever fix it. Dreaming of anything else is like believing Santa will come down my non existing fireplace on Christmas eve and leaving me a big bag of money. Yeah, right.

Julie R.

@ Wiredmama: You got that right!


I am in love with wiredmama. I have some information on Shenigo. It has to do with a government grant to a private ferry company. Does the name James "Jim" Palladino ring a bell?


Holy does now... Kill the Irshman. The garbage collector killings and the mafia. I got it. I got it. Now I know what you mean. Jimmy...they guys who killed Jimmy the Irshman. I just watched that movie the other night. I hadn't seen it for awhile. I need to talk to you. I got it. OMG


It's a simple decision to make. Does Tom Farrel own and operate a successful business for the past thirty plus years?? Being a commissioner is having the task of operating the county as a business, Farrels track record doesn't show that to me.


Some years ago, I was talking with a longtime Erie County resident about Mr. Ferrell. He suggested that a man who couldn't run a successful business likely wouldn't run a successful county, either. Smart man! Either that, or he, too, knew Tom Ferrell well!

Ferrell has effective been "phoning it in" for years. He's been getting away with it, too, largely because he occasionally DOES do something right and then never lets anybody forget how AWESOME he is. Actually, that's not true. That's the smaller part of the reason. The bigger part? He's getting away with it because he runs with a big "D" after his name on the ballot.


Where are the Republicans that they couldn't do better in obtaining a really strong candidate to run up against Ferrell? No wonder the democrats keep winning.

Swamp Fox

Shouldn't this article be followed by the disclaimer
"Unpaid political add by the Sandusky Register"

Another example of the Register bias


Is Brady saying that if he wins, he won't be working or running his business, that he is going to retire from it? Otherwise, how can he be a full time commissioner?


You are not the only one wondering about this.

Whiskey Tango F...

maybe dickie will give the company to his kid the way his daddy gave it to him. It's all part of being a life member of the "LSC" (lucky sperm club). It all starts by popping out of your mother's womb and having a silver spoon jammed in your mouth. How come all the campaign signs and vans are located in locations owned by the good 'ol boys? I guess it will all come down to the best candidate to provide the best kick backs to the most loyal of the St. Mary's better than thou club.


this election is about getting your name out there and Mr. Brady has done that. When people go to the poles they don't know the issues they remember the name. Watch what you wish for. They all have good and bad baggage with them. Brady is not new to this he worked with the city of Sandusky. Call it a stepping stone He was part of the group that brought you a police chief and a city manager.He knows how the game is played. When all the mud slinging is done you will still be left with a person with there own agenda. No matter who is left standing.

Julie R.

From what I got to see of your Erie County public offices (and even the employees that work in those offices) they're ALL worthless --- from your courts right on down the line. Bunch of arrogant unprofessionals that are an embarrassment unto themselves and can't even see it. Believe me when I say they all wash each others hands, too, especially when it comes to fraud. The ONLY one of your public officials that came across to me as being an honest and ethical person was the former Clerk of Courts Barb Johnson, yet she's the ONLY one in Erie County that ever got crucified.

What a bunch of sheep you people in Erie County are.


OY Julie!
Do not offend the sheep. Sheep provide me with wool and mutton. Watch out for the bad guys. Bill Mason who got help from James Palladino A felon (last convicted in 1972) and a target in a 1989 FBI investigation into drug smuggling (that did not lead to charges), he once ran the area's most lucrative garbage business before moving to Kelleys Island. Contributions: $1,000. Watch out for Shenigo.


Oh Mr. Ferrel. Get out from whatever rock you're hiding under. That's a huge chunk of money to not even personally respond to your own e-mails. Maybe we voted for your secretary. Who would've thought? And there's more to the story. Not impressed.


OY Buff! You had better find a plastic surgeon fast!


Yep. Farrell is eith at NOMS gym 8am - 10am then home to shower for his Manny's bar drinking alcohol over his 3 hour lunch break.



You are not the only one that has watched Mr. Farrell perform his civic duties at the above mentioned locations.


how about taking a look at brad hartung, independent candidate that is a city councilman from huron....brad will bring the same 'team concept' that has helped huron achieve many milestones, including the latest one where IAC added a minimum of 143 good paying jobs at their facility in huron, what has anyone else in this race done during the last year except talk about themselves?


Yeah, and don't forget the 3 million dollars that sat and sat unclaimed at the County Clerk of Courts while every commissioner knew for years it had been sitting in the account unclaimed. The commissioners can't wait to know that it is impossible to find out who owes what money so therefore, most of it will come back to the county.

Julie R.

Remember how the city of Vermilion a couple of years ago had an audit done and Baxter had the former finance director, Michelle Bowens, arrested and charged with theft in office for thinking she was entitled to take her sick and vacation pay of less then $10 thousand when she left office?

So if an audit could find less than $10K, how did 3 million sit unclaimed at the Clerk of Courts for 20 years? Something sure doesn't smell right there. Same with the theft in the Treasurer's office. How did an employee get away with stealing close to $150K over a five-year period without Jo Dee Fantozz, the auditor and even the State not catching it?

Julie R.

According to Friday's paper, Jo Dee Fantozz predicted that someone will steal taxpayer dollars from another Erie County office in the near future. She said theft won't happen again in her office but she guarantees it will happen again in Erie County. She then mentioned other Erie County offices that have had recent problems with finances.

I would be curious to know what public offices she's referring to.

shoreline dude

What about the 7000.00 the city gave to Mr. Brady for the C.P. sign on the causeway bridge for the[right of way] for boats going under the bridge? Can't believe someone has not brought this up! Not saying I won't vote for him, Just wondering how this came about. I know it was because of a lawsuit but settled so fast. WOW!

Taxed Enough Already

Brady is a friend of Monaghan and Shenigo and for that reason I will be voting for Ferrell. Monaghan, in my opinion, reminds me of a slick back hair, used car salesman and I do not nor will I ever trust him. Shenigo can't possibly devote the time he needs, to the commission. I can't wait to see them both defeated in their bids for the seat of commissioner.


From my limited understanding, Mr. Monaghan, Mr. Shenigo and Mr. Brady are fairly wealthy businessmen. How about you all donate your time for the next term to show your dedication and desire to helping the county get a handle on their debt. That would prove to me your worth.

AJ Oliver

I may well have been unfair in an earlier post in stating that Mr. Brady had "gouged" the city over the causeway sign issue. He wrote to me personally with a very reasonable explanation. My apologies.

I'm not saying that he has my vote, but I am saying that we all should try to treat candidates fairly - none of this "Bullshit Mountain" stuff, OK?

danny r.

Why doesn't Mr. Brady talk about his company's early 2012 crane accident at Cedar Point where one of his employees was nearly killed when hit by a truck working too low over open traffic lanes? Brady's father was a good man...he's not.

danny r.

In the electric sign biz the standard percent of profit is 40%...not the 100% he extorted from the city. Not to mention calling the design "professional" is a total joke.


I say we vote for Brad Hartung. Ferrell is lazy, Brady is a big mouthed quitter, Kraus is a liar so what the heck, let's vote for Brad.

danny r.

Humm I wonder why the Register removes truthful comments like they were never there? Is Brady paying them off too?

Just a Girl

Mr. Brady should remove his blinders regarding the city of Sandusky (his anger at Mr. Kraus' remarks). I wish it were all peaches and cream, but the fact is, there IS more than a triple murder to worry about. There are also the Wilbert St, Ofc Dunn, and 3 yr old boy murders, abuse of the 4 month old baby, and countless drug and sex offenders. Mr. Kraus wasn't trashing the city, simply stating facts. If you want to represent this county, then you'd better get real about what's going on here.