Perkins suspends coach for drug violation

Perkins High School’s wresting team will have to do without its coach for three of its matches in the 2012-13 season.
Tom Jackson
Oct 5, 2012

Travis Crabtree has been suspended for part of the season, after offering one of his wrestlers a prescription painkiller at a wrestling camp this past summer at Penn State University, school officials said.

While school officials said they could not ignore the coach’s actions, they also said incident was uncharacteristic of Crabtree.

He has earned an excellent reputation while serving for years as the school’s wresting coach, and as a physical education and health teacher at Perkins High, district officials said.  

Crabtree did not return a phone message seeking comment.

According to a letter of reprimand athletic director Michael Strohl placed in Crabtree’s file, one of the school’s wrestlers complained about being in pain because of a previous injury.

Crabtree responded by offering a prescription painkiller, which the student accepted but ultimately did not consume, the letter states.

The student’s parent and Crabtree both reported the incident.

Strohl commended Crabtree for being honest, but he also wrote that he could not ignore the incident. Strohl suspended him for three points, which is about 15 percent of the season, or apparently three matches.

Crabtree will not be permitted to attend the matches.

Any future incident compromising a student athlete’s safety will be handled by additional discipline, up to and including being fired as coach, Strohl wrote.

“This recent incident is uncharacteristic of Coach Crabtree,” Strohl added. “I believe Coach Crabtree cares for his athletes and holds his position as head wrestling coach in high regard.”

Strohl made the decision to discipline the coach, and he did not take the matter to the superintendent or the board, superintendent Jim Gunner said.

“The athletic director makes that decision,” Gunner said. “He is the primary person responsible for supervising coaches.”

Gunner said Crabtree has the right to appeal the decision to the superintendent, although he has not yet heard from the coach.

“My information is he’s accepted the consequences and will not appeal,” Gunner said.



Ultram. It's on video. Mystery solved.


What video? (Edited:-- I read the response to judgejudy.) Yikes.


The kids dad was recording a match when Crabtree told him what he did. Shows how either cocky or stupid he must be.


How sad for a once proud program. Very embarrassing.


I will tell you the program is still a great program!! I will also tell you Marty Ross is way off!!! Mr Ross does not have the correct information at all!!! And if Mr Crabtree was that much of an upstanding man he would resign instead of trying to bring this great program down to his level!!! I do know for a fact my child would not be aloud around him!!! I love the way everyone thinks they know the whole story and yes it was ultram and yes sr should have printed that so there would not be so many people making false statements and making theirselves look as ignorant as Crabtree


donutshopguy, does Perkins really have a sign up that says a new school is coming soon? Where is the money coming from for that, I wonder? Are they planning a levy? That sign is pretty presumptious, if it is truly there.


The sign says something like: Future Site of ....



There will be no levy. The school board changed some operating funds to permanent improvement funds. All very legal. The school will be built without public approval.

Now, the kicker. Those operating funds must be replaced over and over again. That's how you are going to pay for the building in a round about way. But, you get to vote for those operating funds. That's still your choice but the building is going up without any public input.

The sign says "Coming soon".


Im really wondering why there is no pending criminal charges. Seems to me this was handled completely wrong

Tru Grit

I was a wrestler for Crabtree and this was a horrible choice he made. He is not a doctor, but he was whether you want to believe it or not, looking out for the wrestler and the pain he was in. I honestly am surprised he did this, but hey everyone makes mistakes and let me be the first one to tell you, he admits it and is moving on. The kid never even took the pill so that is a + right there. Move on and bring home another SBC title and some state medals Crabs!


"This will go on your permanent record." Colonel Klink, Hogan's Heroes


I don't think it would have to be a narcotic for the school not to release the name..from my understanding schools are not allowed to treat a student without a medical form signed by the students parents and doctors..and then it will be the school nurse that gives the medicine not a giving a student something as simple as a tylenol can be a problem


WoW! All I have to say is wow. Most of you who are complaining about this were in school when a teacher could beat you, or give you medicine when needed. Now all you have the time to do is sit here and complain about this. Have you done no wrong, have you ever lied about it? This gentleman is an excellent teacher and coach, I had him as both. He came forward and said what he did and admitted his wrong. Let it go!

bored reader

I've used Ultram. It was worthless. He did wrong and could have even called the parents to see if it was ok. But, it's over now. Let him move on and do his job.

Just Saying

Glad to hear this boy knew better than to take the pill. When I was teen, I would probably have been too dumb to question the adult thinking he knew best and took the darn thing. AND THEN worried !


Chuck Teagarden would have kicked that kid off the team for complaining about pain!


Wow is right. Some of the comments on here are just a complete misunderstooding or ignorance. Ask anyone who knows how this man works, he is a lose cannon who does what he wants with no regard or regret to what he does. To many people this may seem like people are out to get him but this has been a long time coming. The kids on his team don't like him, the parents tolerate him, and while his assistant coaches do all the work, he sits back and soaks it all in. The guy should just quit out of shame, but that is another feeling he does not feel. Fire te guy already!

Julie R.

The Huron schools -- the grade schools, anyway -- won't even give kids prescription medicine with their names on it. If they need to take an antibiotic for an ear infection or something during school hours, a parent has to go the school and give it to them.


The prescription drug epidemic is taking over our youth. It is disappointing that someone of that statue would do this.