Sewer rate hikes coming for Huron residents

Tom Jackson
Jun 3, 2010



About 3,200 households and businesses in the Huron Sewer District will be facing rate hikes and fee increases as Erie County tries to balance its books, members of the Erie County Commission said today.

A proposal to revoke a third quarter credit for residences, however, likely will not be acted upon until 2011, they said. The sewer district is millions of dollars in debt and cannot cover its current expenses, a county finance official says.

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I sent an e-mail to the county Commissioners re:the proposed  sewer hikes in Huron.  Admittedly, the note was critical of Jack Meyers  and his department. ,

Imagine my surprise when I recieved no reply from the Commissioners, but rathe a reply  from Jack Meyers.

Mike Bixler forwarded it to him,  but evidently not to the Commissioners for whom it was intended, and addressed.

I do not care if Mr. Meyers,recieves my criticism,

But I am extremely disturbed that the commissioners, elected officials, were not allowed to recieve the mail, from a constituent.

Is this the way it always works/ . .


Whatever Jack wants. Jack gets.

The landfill is bleeding, the sewer district is bleeding, the water district is bleeding and Jack just keeps on spending.

You think running a sewer line to the turnpike down S.R. 250 is going to attract a lot of business. It sure did a lot for S.R. 4. Yep, lots and lots of business growth there!

How about the sewer extension for Kalahari? Lots of promises about big business moving in "once the infrastructure was in place." Besides Kalahari,  we've "grown" into a sex shop and a Church that share the sewer bill. The lumber store and the bus stop closed.

I guess there's a reason why most who live in the country refuse to tap into the county water lines and who live in fear of having another "sewer to nowhere" run in front of their home. They just don't want their life blood sucked out by a bureaucratic leach that doesn't answer to anyone except Gary Lickfelt (of the Erie County Prosecutor's Office.)

Unfortunately, no one on the Commission knows anything about engineering, so Jack just feeds them a line and they swallow the bait like every other Commissioner before them. The people's (customer's) voice means nothing.

Such is life in Erie County. 




The sewer district is millions dollars in debt and the citizens of Huron will have to fix the problem again. How many  can remember a few years back when our rates were so outragious. Huron was paying three time the normal rate. Some people were paying a higher sewer bill then what their morgage payment were. Remember those days, I didn't forget them. Some people just can not get it through their thick heads that this country  is in a recession and it effects everyone.


 Here's a suggestion. Spend less and stop uncontrolled taxing. What is the county going to do when everyone stops paying these taxes because they can't afford  them? Is the county jail big enough to house 20,000 people?