Two escape injuries in serious Washington Street crash

A Sandusky martial arts instructor escaped death for the second time in four years Wednesday after a two-vehicle wreck at Decatur and West Washington streets.
Emil Whitis
Oct 4, 2012


And this time, Mark Norcross, 39, walked away unscathed.

Just minutes after Sandusky firefighters removed him from his overturned pickup, Norcross was up and walking at the Firelands Regional Medical Center emergency room, according to Erie County Commissioner hopeful Dick Brady, whose daughter was also involved in the crash.

Norcross was driving a Chevy S10 pickup east on West Washington Street when at about 1:30 p.m. his pickup was broadsided by a Volkswagen Jetta headed north on Decatur Street.  

The force of the impact sent the truck airborne. It rolled twice, then smashed into a utility pole before coming to rest on its roof, witnesses said.

The Jetta, meanwhile, spun out before stopping nearby. Inside Christine Mack, 27, of Sandusky, who was shaken up but not obviously hurt.

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Sandusky Regist...

Somebody ran a red light.

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Just glad no one was seriously injured.


The print copy showed Dick Brady with his daughter. Man, he'll do anything for photo op!


To Trafficman: How can you possibly be so cruel to say such a thing after such a horrific accident!?! You must have the sensibility of a gnat!


to memyselfandi.....Lighten up


Thank God no one was seriously injured. I agree. That comment was tasteless.