Beef recall: Check your refrigerator

The U.S. Department of Agriculture said several local Walmart stores were affected by a recall of bacteria-tainted beef from Canada.
Tom Jackson
Oct 3, 2012


The  USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service said beef and beef products from XL foods is being recalled from a variety of grocery stores.

The USDA’s list of affected grocery stores includes Walmart stores in Ohio, including Walmart supermarkets in Perkins Township, Norwalk and Port Clinton. In addition, it lists Kroger supermarkets in Ohio, although a Kroger spokeswoman said that’s an error and no local Kroger stores are affected.

The USDA said nationally the recall includes steaks, roasts and ground beef. It said Canadian inspectors reported the beef had been produced in unsanitary conditions and had an unusual high number of positive test results for E. coli bacteria.

A Walmart spokeswoman, Dianna Gee, said the only food products affected by the recall in Walmart’s Ohio stores are Great Value hamburger patties. Sam’s Club stores were not affected.

Customers can check their fridges and freezers for hamburger patties with the UPC codes 007874206246 and 7874201349.

All of the possibly problematic hamburger patties were yanked from the shelves days ago and everything on display now is safe, she said. There have been no reports of illnesses reported from Walmart meat products, she said.

As for Kroger, a spokeswoman for the chain’s Columbus division, which includes the Sandusky area, said the USDA list was in error.

None of the recalled beef is in stores in Ohio, said Kroger spokeswoman Amy McCormick.

She said the only stores Kroger owns that are affected by the recall are Fred Meyer, QFC and Smith’s stores  in the western part of the country.

The USDA’s spokesman did not return a phone call inquiring about the accuracy of its list.

Bob England, director of Environmental Health for Erie County’s health department, said his department contacted Wal-Mart and Kroger Tuesday to make sure the stores were aware of the recall announcement.

England said the health department routinely tracks food recall announcements to make sure that local groceries are aware of them.

“If we see something that’s a major recall in the Midwest, we want to be all over it,” England said. “We want to make sure we act on these things.”

The beef recall isn’t the only food recall affecting U.S. consumers.

Sunland, a company based in New Mexico, is recalling almond butter, peanut butter and other nut products that are sold under a variety of brand names, including Sunland, Archer Farms and Heinen’s.

The products may be tainted by Salmonella. Salmonella illnesses possibly related to the foods have been reported in 18 states but not in Ohio, the company said.



I NEVER buy meat at Walmart. I rarely buy meat at Kroger. I stay local and shop at the local meat market.


It amazes me, every time this happens, the nightly "national" news anchors all say to throw the tainted product out - BULL!!

Take it back to the store and demand a refund.. Keep your receipts, I do and when that ground turkey recall came in last summer. I pulled the two pkgs, I had bought the month before, from my freezer and GOT MY MONEY back. Almost $10 !!

Start hitting these damn food companies where they live!

P.S. It was at my local (one of 2) IGA markets - not big box.


Good advice.


ITA starry, there should be more people who take the stuff back whether it's been opened or not ) for a full refund. I ,too, keep my receipts as much as possible, I'm going to start doing better.

Maybe if more people do it then the food companies would be forced to be more careful. All these food recalls are getting way out of hand. BUt they count on consumers to actually throw the stuff out. Hey, it's not their loss when that happens. It's ours.

Well, that money is better off in my pockets than a big fat corporation.


Great advice, keep the receipts ...that's something to chew on (lol)

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swiss cheese kat

WHY is Canadian beef being sold in Ohio? Com-on people. That is a question everyone of you should be asking.


This is why people should shop LOCAL. If more people would shop local and keep the money locally the more the prices of the "mom and pop" stands would come down. It would be a win/win for everyone.


Just because you shop local doesn't always mean the food is local in origin.


If you ask the butcher they will tell you where it came from. And the fruit/veggie market in Clyde labels where the fruit is from. If they grew it themselves or what other orchard it came from.


I buy only Daisyfield pork products and the bacon was marked "Product of USA/CANADA."


The same reason they have to label Lake Erie perch US, Or Canada. Check the labels on your oranges, too, and other produce the small print of country of origin is there. grocery stores ( not just Wally world has been doing this for a few years now.

PS. I really miss the bold and the preview button.


My beef was just checked last night and from what I could make out it was good!


Exactly which beef was that , Cowboy? you naughty boy. ;]


Walmart is the devil :(


I was in the returns line the other day , long line ,there was fresh hamburger in a returns basket the whole wait, possibly still is, [I was in line for 25 minutes] makes you wonder.


Grocery store meat is the worst meat you can buy. The meat market is better but no guarantees.