Ohio woman accused of faking cancer for money

Police in Ohio say a woman duped residents of a small town into believing she had cancer and got several thousand dollars from community fundraisers.
Associated Press
Oct 2, 2012


Authorities in North Baltimore in northwest Ohio say children made bracelets to raise money and some people dyed their hair pink to support the woman who claimed to have non-Hodgkin's lymphoma.

Kimberlie Gustwiller of McComb was released from jail Monday after posting bond on a felony theft charge. Her phone has been disconnected, and it's not clear whether she has an attorney yet.

North Baltimore's police chief says Gustwiller began telling people in early September that she had cancer. But he says some people noticed she was giving them evasive answers.

He says her medical records showed no evidence of any cancer.




Disgraceful, using an excuse to extort money from the kind, caring and compassionate is tragic. I hope she never has to actually battle cancer. It is a horrible disease.

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swiss cheese kat

My God, look at her photo. How does this person sleep at night? If she is found guilty, sentence her to work with cancer patients for 10 years or so.



How are you sure that is her? I can't seem to find the story, only the pic in your link. It could be one of the suckered townsfolk that died their hair pink for support of her.

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swiss cheese kat

@ iamrevolutionary




Hey, nice pic of a Lickalotapuss.


She must have watched that on tv....exactly like an episode of Law and Order. Some woman did the same thing......and got caught. STUPID.
She should have to work the cancer ward at the hospital for 20 years.


It seems that some people will do anything to make money by not having to work. Again, this is why I only give to local people that I KNOW are honest.


Thats so messed up. She deserves cancer for something like that.