Ging Street beating suspect arrested again

A 16-year-old charged as an adult for allegedly leading a mob-like beating of a 35-year-old man last year has been arrested again.
Jessica Cuffman
Oct 2, 2012


Frederick McDonald, charged with complicity to commit attempted murder and other counts in the July 16, 2011 assault of Rocco Marinucci, faces additional charges of assault and menacing.

McDonald allegedly punched a 16-year-old girl in the stomach after she refused to have sex with him last week.

The girl told police about the Thursday incident after she went to school and another alleged gang member threatened to assault her when she told another girl about the incident with McDonald.

For more on this story, pick up a copy of Tuesday's Register.

Editor's Note: The Register does not typically name juveniles charged with crimes. It has in this case because McDonald has been charged as an adult.



That would be Ging St. not Ming.


Maybe the Judge hasn't got tired of seeing this person in front of him yet?
Law enforcement does their job, but the Judges don't do theirs.


a couple of thoughts real quick. 1. so much for a speedy trial: " the July 16, 2011.." 2. why was this guy out on the streets and not locked up?


I agree. If he was charged as an adult, he should otherwise have been treated as an adult and never permitted to terrorize anybody else while he waits for trial on the first (and inarguably serious) charges! Attempted murder at 16? Beating on a girl because she had the good sense to say no? Really?

This "boy" is a clear menace to society. I have no idea why he seems to think beating people up is either fun or effective, but that's immaterial to the threat he represents. Lock him up before he succeeds in what is apparently his ultimate goal: Somebody dead at his hands!


Now,maybe, our legal system will remove this predator from our streets. My guess is another slap on the wrist.


It doesn't take a neurologist with an MRI scan to see that this whack job is another Clinton in the works.


Ming St

China Town on Ging St ???




Where is Ming Street? It is sad that the Register would place such a mistake in a headline and not catch it.


CCW will alleviate some of the dangers of society, know it, learn it, practice it!


He needs to be stopped NOW. Otherwise, you've got another Curtis Clinton on your hands. Let's not be talking about the violence and sexual control 10 years down the road when someone ends up dead. Hopefully going forward, we take EVERYTHING as a red flag moment.


They probably won't do anything since so many people like to play "he's just a child" card. Prepare to support another Randleman and Clinton for the next 30 years.

Cracked Cherry

Let's wait until he rapes and kills somebody first.


They really need to get this guy under control or he will hurt or kill someone. CCW is not the answer for everything. Remember, just like you have a gun, the criminal does too!

swiss cheese kat's picture
swiss cheese kat

My gun is bigger.


And we know how to do something called "AIM"!

It does not involve holding one's gun sideways for starters


This is the problem with a far too lenient judical system in this town. We see this again and again. These kids get a slap on the wrist, laugh at the system and go on doing this again and again. What will it take to make the JUDICIAL SYSTEM take notice and do something about it? Murder? This kid was tried for attempted murder and got a wrist slap, now look.

Do us a favor, put this kid away for awhile this time and get him some help...serious help. He is not going to get it on the streets, it is obvious he is a loose cannon and may really kill someone. Is that what it will take? Let's pray not.


When a jerk like this gets convicted and sentenced it should be stipulated that returning to Erie County after time served would add 6 months to the sentence.

Good bye and good riddance.


Should have put the scum away the first time!!!!


Looks like Sandusky High School has a gang problem.

Next time he will rape the girl.

I wonder how many girls he has raped and they have not come forward.

Jeepers all at 16 and the road to trouble is already long on this kid.


It is so scary out there. This boy needs to be put away for years until he is to old to use his threats and fists on anyone else. He probably thinks that acting like this makes him a tough man. By the time he realizes it makes him look like a spoiled little boy, it will be to late.


Cut his sack off!

The New World Czar

C'mon had to put the disclaimer "The Register does not typically name juveniles charged with crimes. It has in this case because McDonald has been charged as an adult"? Please, publish ALL names of said offenders.

Just Saying

My first thought - Curtis Clinton 25 years ago. And Sorry, but I gotta lay some blame on how these kids are raised. Values and morals are caught NOT taught.


Beat him with a rod.


Only in America can someone suspected of trying to kill someone, can STILL be on the streets to assault someone else...if this country doesnt learn lessons after what happened with the girl and her two kids being killed by someone they LET plea a lesser charge, they will never learn. Im guessing he wont spend much time in jail for this, the court system is SUCH a joke, is it any wonder why no one is afraid of it...there is no such thing as Hard Time anymore....what a joke!!


You're right.

Beat him with a rod at least.