Perkins Township landscaper finds shotgun in bushes

A landscaper made a surprise discovery when he found a loaded shotgun in the bushes behind a bank Thursday morning.
Jessica Cuffman
Oct 1, 2012


The landscaper was clearing brush from a rockbed behind Vacationland Credit Union when he found the gun at about 11 a.m. and told bank employees about it, who called Perkins police.

Officers found a silver Mossberg 500 shotgun, which they photographed and unloaded, discovering five live rounds in the magazine tube and one spent round in the chamber.

Reviewing past police reports, officers found one report of a shots fired call in that area. But a trace of the gun’s serial number turned up no identifying information.



Can't you get those through the mail? And they don't have to be registered do they? So it could be anybody's. Some kid that planned to rob the bank? Oh well. Gun's gone now.


no you can't get them through the mail. it would have to be delivered to a FFL dealer, and processed through an NICS check to be sold. though it could have been picked up at a friends house, out of the back of a cutlass supreme, or possibly a gun show.

Erie Sniper

"cutlass supreme" LMAO, best comment ever!


LOL! Thats funny stuff right there.


I don't get it. Oh well, silly me!

Dinghy Gal

It's a loaner.