Sandusky to get legal opinion on alleged police search bias

Sandusky officials hired an independent attorney to investigate biased decisions alleged against a commissioner spearheading the ongoing police chief search.
Andy Ouriel
Oct 1, 2012

The legal action stems from concerns brought up by commissioners Diedre Cole and Wes Poole.

A month ago, the two accused colleague Pervis Brown Jr. of tainting the search process by disqualifying three acclaimed candidates affiliated with Perkins police.

Brown’s alleged bias against Perkins likely stem from past incidents involving his son, Pervis Brown III, and township officers.

Township police records show Perkins officers arrested or questioned Brown’s son several times over the years, ranging from drug trafficking to suspected shooting incidents.

Some suspect Brown influenced members on his police chief selection committee to reject one past and two present Perkins police lieutenants from advancing on.

Brown immediately dismissed the allegations and defended his actions in public session.

At $150 per hour, city commissioners asked John Reulbach, Avon Lake’s city prosecutor, to review Brown’s conduct and determine any possible unethical behavior.

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There are Federal laws against discrimination when it comes to the older people and the unemployed. The city is an equal opportunity employer no matter what the Charter states. The Charter cannot go against Federal and State laws so you can argue that all you want. Until this little legal blopper gets straightened out, there probably will not be a selection for a Chief anytime soon.

Julie R.

The five finalists' are: (1.) a retired North Ridgeville police chief, even though Sandusky's charter states all police chief applicants must be "active, full-time law enforcement officers" (2.) a Sandusky assistant police chief, who hasn't obtained an academic degree preferred for the position but is working toward it (3.) a former Gallatin police officer who allegedly falsified time sheets, used a cruiser for personal use and secretly recorded conversations with other officers (4.) a former police chief from Paige, Ariz., who was laid off from the force due to budget crunch (5.) a lieutenant from North Chicago, Ill., who filed a lawsuit after supervisors demoted him for revealing information to the city's mayor about the police chief taking confiscated cars from drug arrests and personally using them or selling them.

Wouldn't narrowing the finalists' down to #4 and for sure #5 be a no-brainer?


Personally I like the guy who was the whistle blower. He seems honest and upright. If he has the courage to stand up for his convictions, that is the guy I would want. Good for him. Especially from Chicago. Good for him. Sounds like he has his head on straight. I don't blame him for crying foul. You can't do that to a whistle-blower. It's against the law. I say hire that guy.

You could take #1 if he is close enough to finishing. And #4 might be ok, but what is his record like?

There are your three. Give them to ARD and let her chose! So did these three pass the testing they were sent to? If so, there isn't a problem.

Why rock the boat if you have three legitimate people to put before Ard NOW???? They fit the criteria then do it.

Geeze louise this isn't rocket science for crying out loud.

Good Work, Julie. Really good work and nice to see someone with a brain


You were not entirely accurate on your description of the 3rd applicant. The officer you are referring to was a Commander and second in command of his police department and, according to reports, uncovered his corrupt chief of police. The Commander is claiming the charges against him are "trumped up" and his termination was a result of turning in his chief. He has also filed a whistleblower lawsuit against his department. If you do your research and look through local newpapers archives, it appears as though he was fired for doing the right thing. Personally, I consider a former Commander willing to stand up against corruption, to be one of our best options.

Julie R.

Of course they don't use the Attorney General for free legal advice - like 007 said: "they pick and choose at our expense so they can receive the results they desire." That's called LEGAL ABUSE. (google it) It should also be called THEFT OF TAXPAYER DOLLARS because that's exactly what it amounts to. The retired visiting rent-a-judge scam is a perfect example of it.


Julie, maybe we SHOULD make use of that free legal hot line? Want to join me????? I am going to use it pretty soon here.


Julie, want to make use of the free hot line? I think that would be interesting

T. A. Schwanger

It appears the investigation is not going far enough.

The hired hand should also be looking into why Commish Brown and the Police Chief Search Committee either ignored the Charter or chose not to even research the Charter regarding Police Chief candidate requirements.


Did Mr. Icsman not say that they followed the charter and even READ it the night this all came up? She had the list ahead of time as did all the commissioners. Then suddenly there was a problem. BOOM. Sudden phone calls, unsubstaniated I might add.

You sat right next to me when Icman read the charter and commented. He said the committee followed the charter. The meetings were open to the public. Your friend Ms Johnson even admitted the charter didn't cover all that was expected and should be changed for next time they wanted to hire a police chief. So someone needs to clarify the charter VS the "want list" of the ad (not add as fireside calls it). (The charter says one thing the ad says another). If the committee followed the Charter then they cannot be expected to fulfill the AD as written. Someone is going to have a problem. They do not match.

None of this even came up until Ms. Cole found out her candidate didn't make the final five cut. Mr. Schwanger.

Had his name been on that sheet, do you think ONE thing would have been said? I really, sincerely doubt it given what other items had been mentioned during that entire meeting. No, sir,

NOTHING would have been said. If the committee went back RIGHT NOW and added his name to that list, took him in for the questioning by the people in Cinnci and he passed it, and his name added to the final three, she would shut her mouth tomorrow and all would be right with the world.

Better yet, if tomorrow morning, the City of Sandusky announced he had been named Chief of Police, this whole thing would stop and not another word would be said.

Perhaps the biggest thing this "hired hand" should check is WHY Ms Cole is doing this in the first place? When it comes back that Mr. Hamilton and this committee did NOTHING wrong, what is going to happen then? If they didn't do a thing wrong, where is Mrs. Cole going to be then? Is she going to PUBLICALLY apologize to Mr. Hamilton and the entire City of Sandusky or just blow it off? Just what happens then?

I am sure that everyone will expect Mr. Hamilton to resign if it is found that he has done something wrong, but what about her? What about Mr. Poole who has supported her in all this? That is a double edged sword being swung by the two of them. It cuts both ways you know. If it comes back that nothing was done incorrectly then what? Just like Mr. Hamilton will be expected to drop, would it not be expected that both of them go?
Just saying...what is good for one, should be good for both of them.

That seems fair to me.


Schwanger....go read Julie R's post. There are three viable candidates that FIT the criteria based on the charter. THREE. There is no earthly reason that they cannot be put before ARD for a choice.

Why do all this and spend more taxpayer money????

T. A. Schwanger

The Law Director stated the Police Chief Search Committee was formed in accordance with the Charter. He did not state the same committee followed the charter regarding Police Chief candidacy requirements.


Good Morning Mama, Not who you think I am. As I have said in prioe posts...the commission has more info than we the public do. I can live with whoever gets the job, I don't have much interaction with LE. As I have said before, YOU harp for "resignations" of any commissioner who disagrees with your boy smitty. I feel no commissioner has done anything close to calling for a resignation!
I'll be back home Friday to check your response.


Oh, you ARE who I think you are. The commissioners do have more information than any of us, that is true. But how do YOU have any info that you say you have unless you are getting it one of two ways: 1. Obtaining it from a commissioner yourself or 2. Tapping sources that you should not be tapping. You never did answer that. "My boy smitty", as you call him, as far as I know , did nothing to influence or hurt the committee on this selection for this chief of police.

What bothers you so much that we are friends? Why does that stick in your throat so badly? What business is that of yours anyway? You really need to answer that question? Who do you think you are to question my friendship with anyone? What right have you to tell me who I can and cannot be friends with? Do I tell you you cannot be friends with Dave Waddington or Ms Johnson or TA Schwanger? No, I do not. So what right have you to dig at me on my acquantances? None whatsoever! So for that you can get off my back right now, got it? Good. I have taken all of your digging I am going to take with it. Special K.

If...Mr. Smith was in any way, and I doubt he is...involved with the committee to elect a police chief and had any undue influence then he should resign as well. As should Mr. Hamilton. But that is YOUR pipe dream based on their comments to Ms Cole that night and has NOTHING to do with the committee or the election of a police chief whatsoever. You have a great deal of wishful thinking.

However, the people involved in this thus far are: Mr Pervis Brown and the committe that was working on this election AND Ms Deidra Cole who brought the charges and who has by her own words "solicited" candidates for selection and Mr. Wesley Poole, who also backing her for the selection committee and tried to influence the committee choices and was assisting Ms Cole in her efforts.

So lets add this up. We have Brown, Cole and Poole involved in this plus all those on the committee. Those are the people involved in this mayhem. Gee....that is who the investigation involves. I don't see anyone else involved in this.

When it is all said and down, your $150 and hour investigator is going to come back and tell who, if anyone, did anything wrong. If he comes back and says that no one did anything wrong....then Ms Cole and Mr. Poole are going to have some hard answers to give, are they not?

If he comes back and says Mr. Brown and they committee did something wrong....then they are going to have some hard answers to give....are they not? That pretty much cuts it down to size.

Then Mr. Pervis Brown, if found to have done wrong...will be expected to resign. If nothing is found wrong, then Ms Cole and Mr Poole should be expected to resign.

Simple as that. So now, because of Cole and Poole, this city has to pay out ALL this taxpayer money to find out if there is a problem. If none if found, then this city AGAIN wasted funds for nothing and I think that is exactly what will happen.

But you are hoping for just the opposite. Good luck to you. Perhaps there will be room for you back on council.


LOL!!! This is the biggest mis use of tax payers money that I have ever heard, not that Cole isnt accustomed to spending others hard earned money. Fact is, the next Police Chief SHOULD come from somewhere other than Erie for what ever reason he dissqualified them, it works. That department will never get right until they bring some new blood into lead it.


EXACTLY CORRECT. This is the biggest waste of money ever and for personal reason to top it off. That is what gets my goat. Had the name she wanted been on that list of five, none of this would have been going on.


No need for anyone to resign. Just do the job. Was the commitee set up correctly ? YES. Did Brown do anything wrong? I don't know. I doubt it. Investigation will tell us. Do I think the final 5 meet the charter? No.


I totally disagree. The other day you were SHOUTING for someone to resign, why now do you back off that statement? Perhaps the five do or do not meet the criteria, but why does Ms Cole and Mr Poole wait unti the five are announced until waiting for their complaints? She had plenty of time to issue those complaints prior to this time. She could have attended ANY of those open meeting to see who was being considered and who they were discussing? No, I am sorry, I do not buy any of this.

The job was being done LONG before the final five. Something is very wrong here. And the problem starts and ends with Deidra Cole and Wesley Poole.

Let this investigation continue to it's final outcome. When the chips fall, and they will fall, then a decision will become final. And the citizens of this city will be making one as well. Having to spend even more money on something this foolish is just plain wasteful if they find nothing was done wrong.

Someone will have to be responsible for it. Will they not? If they find it was done wrong, then that person will ALSO be held responsible. All this time wasted.....and still no chief of police? You bet someone will be held responsible. The people of this city are tired of the lame excuses for City "fathers" around here. Just go back and look at the comments, sir.

No one likes the mispent money, the lack of leadership and the constant lack of progress. Someone is to blame. Someone will go