Sandusky to get legal opinion on alleged police search bias

Sandusky officials hired an independent attorney to investigate biased decisions alleged against a commissioner spearheading the ongoing police chief search.
Andy Ouriel
Oct 1, 2012

The legal action stems from concerns brought up by commissioners Diedre Cole and Wes Poole.

A month ago, the two accused colleague Pervis Brown Jr. of tainting the search process by disqualifying three acclaimed candidates affiliated with Perkins police.

Brown’s alleged bias against Perkins likely stem from past incidents involving his son, Pervis Brown III, and township officers.

Township police records show Perkins officers arrested or questioned Brown’s son several times over the years, ranging from drug trafficking to suspected shooting incidents.

Some suspect Brown influenced members on his police chief selection committee to reject one past and two present Perkins police lieutenants from advancing on.

Brown immediately dismissed the allegations and defended his actions in public session.

At $150 per hour, city commissioners asked John Reulbach, Avon Lake’s city prosecutor, to review Brown’s conduct and determine any possible unethical behavior.

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My questions are simple. After this ridiculous investigation is over at $150 per hour of the taxpayer's money, if they find no problem, what happens then? Does this just get chalked up as a "oh well?" so sorry, to bad, so sad! If they find nothing wrong, then Deidra Cole and Wes Poole should resign for costing the taxpayers money we do not have to spend.

On the other hand, if there is a problem, then Pervis Brown should resign for causing a problem and having unduly influencing the committee on this matter.

I do not believe that you will find the latter to be true. I think we will find the former to be true and the taxpayers are going to be out some money for no reason at all.

Here we go. We have to wait again to find a police chief.

Nothing is ever simple here in the City of Sandusky. There seems to always be something or someone holding up the works or costing more money than need be spent. It is totally unnecessary as far as I am concerned.
This is something we need not spend money on when the LEGAL COUNCIL of the City of Sandusky already said the committee followed the Charter.

Why is his word not good enough for the City Commissioners, Deidra Hall and Wesley Poole?

T. A. Schwanger

It appears the investigation is not going far enough. The hired hand should also be looking into why Commish Brown and the Police Chief Search Committee either ignored the Charter or chose not to even research the Charter regarding Police Chief candidate requirements.


Mr Schwanger....I have decided to edit this comment from the first one I put in here so anyone who read the first one will know this is different.

I believe sir, that you sat right next to me the night this came up and heard Mr. Icman tell the commissioners that the committee followed the City Charter on finding the new police chief.

Where all this hoopla is coming from came from exactly two people....Cole and Poole. They both had the five candidate list in advance and one of them was very unhappy about that list.

Where all this "war" is about came up when there was a discrepancy between the Charter and the ad (NOT ADD Special K). The Charter is what was followed. Ms Cole and Mr Poole cannot have it both ways.

Either follow the advertisement or follow the Charter....the Charter was followed. The advertisement was not followed and was misleading. I would LOVE to know who wrote the advertisement for the
Chief of Police position???? Perhaps if that mess was cleared up, this whole matter would be solved...except in the eyes of Ms Cole, who clearly did not get what she wanted.

Even your friend Ms Johnson stated that if this City should ever want to get another Chief, perhaps changing the Charter would be a good idea. That was mentioned in her blog right after this mess started. I believe you and fireside and car 54 agreed with her.


It's very simple,the majority the commissioners aren't qualified to hold their positions, and you are correct, Sandusky will always be in the red for lack of leadership. One thing always comes to mind regardless of any issue we see fit to spend $150.00 per hr. for an outside law firm to make decisions for the city while Icsman just sits there and keeps his chair warm. Explain to me why we need a law director if he is either to remedial to make a legal decision, or afraid to. It has been written many times here in the Register that it is next to impossible to reach Ard. She was supposed to be so great as our city manager, yet I have yet to see ANYTHING she has done to move Sandusky in a positive direction. Secondly, Deidra Cole spends my money as well as the rest of the citizens of Sandusky, being she is in section 8 housing and who knows what other forms of entitlement. Myself and the rest of the citizens pick up her tab, then once again in the same breath have to pay for an outside law firm to make decisions for the city.I suppose when it doesn't come out of her pocket as usual there is less concern on what things cost! The answer is very simple, I would like to see a Mayor instead of 7 people that have 7 different ideas that would be tossed out at any first grade class. I also agree with wiredmama222, since the taxpayers have to pick up the law firms tab, when the findings are in, those that are at fault that were trying to further their own personal agenda SHOULD BE REMOVED FROM THEIR POSITION. Sandusky cannot afford the 7 ring circus with Ard and Icsman as the ringmasters!!!


I agree with you. A mayor and the council that has assignments instead of all this free wheeling stuff right now. Each council member being assigned work such as roads, parks, police, fire, finance,etc. This is just NUTS.


I wonder if there is more going on then the people realize like booting Cole and Poole off the commission. I think there could be two things at play here. There is a motive for all this madness and it will be months before we will know just what is going on until it starts to unfold.


such as? I would really love to hear your thoughts on this? Your posts always have such a great amount of clear thinking. Please tell us what you are thinking now.


http://www.ohioattorneygeneral.g... Free legal advice for the city. Save $150 per hour.


There you go, Centauri....good for you. Save us some money You should run for a council seat.

Centauri Law Director’s responsibilities


The city would never use the free legal advice, as in the past they pick and choose at our expense so they can receive the results they desire. I would love to see Erie county exposed like Cuyahoga county was and remove the trash!!


Could you see the Attorney General marching into this city? LOL...checking into some of what goes on here???? lolololol OMG....LOL
Where is Julie R?


Maybe I can say this on HERE without having it get pulled or deleted. I think they should be patting Mr Pervis Brown on the back instead of investigating his work on this panel. He and his committee have been working on this for months. They have done so with all the information they have had at their disposal. Ms Cole and Mr. Poole had more than adequate time to bring up their questions but did not do so until the final five were brought up at the council meeting the night of the big argument and then Mrs Cole and Mr Poole had much to say. Why then? Because I believe Ms Cole didn't see her favorite person on that list of the final five, that's why. (my opinion and I am stuck with it). But it was then and only then that she voiced objections....about Perkins being eliminated. I don't believe Mr. Brown nor his committee did a thing wrong. When all is said and done, this $150 and hour guy won't find anything wrong either and Ms Cole cannot complain any further about who is the police chief of the City, nor can Mr. Poole. They cannot ask for his resignation nor have him removed. That plan goes the way of the dodo bird.
What frosts my cake is the cost to the taxpayer. Once again, we are wasting money that need not be wasted. And Mr Brown is getting dragged into the mud for nothing.
He will be due an apology. And I believe she should resign gracefully.


I hope Pervis Brown sues the snot out of Cole. She has publically ridiculed him during a commission meeting. She even called the Ex-Offical Mayor/President of the commission a liar too. It's all in the meeting minutes. She needs to step down now.


Sue her for what? Foodstamps?


Funny or racist????? You decide!!!!!!!!


There is nothing racist about rickross2. I was implying that since she is on welfare that would be the prize..


Ms. Cole is on welfare?




While he wouldn't get much, I agree. The problem is, they are both public figures and I don't think they can do that. I just hope that they find he didn't do anything wrong and she has to resign


People are letting their feelings for Cole cloud the issue.Regardless of personal feelings for her the fact is the committee didn't follow the city's charter. If you don't need to follow it what is the purpose of it? My opinion is Sandusky doesn't deserve Al Matthews. He would straighten out the police dept. That clearly makes some people nervous and so the character attack begins. I doubt Sandusky really wants to do what it needs to straighten the mess up.This is all opinion though. City committees need to be bound by the Charter.

Cracked Cherry

Can't this town do anything right???


You can take any of our cowboys. Have at it.


Since Icsman cleared everyone of conflict, you would think that Brown would file a civil suit and not use the city to pick up his lawyer fee. It becomes a personal case between Cole and Brown. The city should have nothing to do with it.


How about the Paper District Marina. Boats that have been there for months and this is a Transient Marina? Who is getting extra favors here, The person ruunning the Marina and the Dockside Restaurant. How sneeky was that for back dooring the present Marina Management and Restraunter into a contract without it, going out for bid?????????????????? Doesn't the ODNR grant overesearers watch out for this type of shady dealings???????????thin the city??


Interesting points....does the ODNR do that? Weird.....


Where there's smoke there's fire.


I can't wait for weird mama to respond WHEN it comes back the CHARTER was not followed, the commitee never READ the charter, the top 5 do NOT meet the charter, deadline was extended WITHOUT a prior public discussion and vote, when the deadline was extended, it was not publicized as the original add was....I could add about 5 more points but I won't...Will Mama call for resignations from Brown, Hamilton AND Smith since they all were aware of the above and did NOTHING?
Iceman said the committee followed the charter in the process of setting up the search commitee, correct, I agree.
Iceman DID NOT say the committee followed the charter in selecting the final 5 candidates.


were you at the meeting when Mr Icsman said it? I was. He said the committee followed the charter, and did their jobs!!!! I sat five feet away from him.

Do you miss being on the council so badly that you would say such a thing? You must to be so upset in your comments. You don't KNOW exactly, but you certainly are guessing are you not? Sour grapes Special K?

Yes, I think that Ms Cole should resign. Mr Brown should resign if it is found he did anything wrong.

There is nothing wrong with Mr. Hamilton and Mr Smith. They didn't influence the committee. Why ask them to resign? They had no influence on this. Can you prove ANY of what you say? Do you want them off that badly? I really despise losing bitterness.

How do you know what the three of them knew and did not know? You couldn't possibly know. Or did Ms Cole and Mr Poole or your friend Dave, lead you to otherwise ? Are you believing lies or tapping sourses you should not be?

I once admired your work. How things change in such a short time.


Hey, Special K, go to Julies Post on page 2. There are three viable candidates that meet the criteria from the charter right now. Why on earth can they NOT be put before ARD for her chosing? Why do you and your friend Cole want all this expense and waste of time and money when there are three viable candidates waiting?????

If you go look at what she has posted you will see that there are three waiting to be picked from. All this STUFF is for nothing. Costing the taxpayers money they need not spend. How ridiculous is this going to get?