Ohio town may shut off street lights to save money

Officials in an eastern Ohio village plagued with financial problems are talking about shutting down some of the street lights to save money.
Associated Press
Sep 29, 2012


Frank Fuscardo, administrator of the Ohio River village of Mingo Junction, said darkening some of the street lights is just one of the options for trying to get a handle on the budget.

WTOV-TV (http://bit.ly/SFuPbA ) reports that officials have identified parts of the village of about 3,300 residents where certain street lights could be shut off without leaving entire areas in the dark. The village council will have the final say.

Fuscardo said residents who feel they need a street light where one has been shut off can pay to have another light put in. They'd pay $8 to $11 a month for the service.




I wonder how many policeman they have?


Colorado Springs, the most conservative place on earth, turned off their streetlights, going to an al a carte system. Conservative residents became angry that cutting off nose to spite face causes pain, difficulty breathing, etc. Google it.


Those who have guns in the house or a CCL are not too worried about it.


When you have a unlimited budget like the federal and state governments no one cares about deficit spending. But, small towns must stay within there limited budgets.

This fiscal responsibility is working its way up to county and larger city budgets. Maybe in my lifetime we can get a handle on the states and the federal spending.


If it is that small, I doubt they have much crime or they wouldn't be worried about street lights. Perhaps at intersections only. And they probably have what, maybe two or three.


Turning off the lights is bad news and that it has come to this for a city. Maybe in order to continue to pay out the union benefits and pay, they need to turn off the street lights or are they taking a pay freeze as well? If a town has to do this, everything in the way of benefits and pay increases should be frozen until further notice.


I agree,but do we know that this exists there? This town has 3300 people in it. How large could there ancillary working staff be? I bet not that big. Probably consists of a total of five working people in the entire town and that includes the police and working crews. So I doubt they have a large amount of money going out for pay scale. Their biggest problem with income I bet: home tax devaluation.


In a small town in Argentina, they held a lottery to see which of their public employees got paid:


Coming to a town near you?


I live in the state of Washington, in a city with a population of just over 36,000. They shut off selected streetlights here several years ago, and if light poles ever get knocked over, they do not get replaced. Some of the affected streetlights are in higher crime areas also.

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Well, this amateur astronomer has to give Obama credit, his dismal handling of the economy is causing impoverished municipalities to cut down on light pollution. Four more years of his incompetent leadership and I won’t have to haul my telescope out of the city for stargazing.




Eternal Optimist. LOL!