Ohio woman dies after pet llama slips, strikes her

An Ohio sheriff's department says a woman has been struck by a pet llama that was trying to greet her and has died.
Associated Press
Sep 28, 2012


A report by the Delaware County Sheriff's Office says former coroner Florence Lanahan apparently had a heart attack as she was being taken to a hospital.

The report says Lanahan called for help Tuesday after a llama named Baby Doll slipped on wet grass while running to greet her and knocked her down, causing her to hit her head on concrete. It says there's no evidence the llama was acting maliciously.

Lanahan's family is working with the Delaware County Humane Society to find homes for animals on the property.




YOu're blaming the poor llama... you swine.


Are they going to be listed on the exotic pet list now?


jon- I asked someone about that and was told they are now considered a "livestock" animal and not exotic. I would think they are exotic due to the fact of NOT being indigenous to this area, but guess becuase people raise/herd/shear them for $$ it is considered livestock