Police brass order investigation after reviewing arrest tape

Sandusky police administrators have ordered an internal investigation into the arrest of a man who led a high-speed chase through the city Friday.
Sandusky Register Staff
Sep 27, 2012

Police officials planned to talk to Officer Sean Orman about the arrest, during which Orman punched suspect Juan Recio Jr. in the face.

But after reviewing additional video of the arrest recorded by a cruiser camera, administrators said Thursday they've ordered an internal investigation involving several officers who were present for the arrest. 

All of the officers involved will remain on duty during the investigation.

*See other video of the arrest here
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Recio was captured after fleeing from police at 4 a.m. Friday at speeds exceeding 80 mph through city streets. Recio stopped his car at Milan Road and McKelvey Street where he then led officers on a foot chase.

The video picks up right as Orman catches up with Recio.

Recio was later charged with reckless operation, obstructing official business, failure to comply with the signal of a police officer, operating vehicle intoxicated, reckless operation and no seat belt.

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Investigate what everything is plain as day in the video just like the report. Orman strikes him because he is alone and Juan is getting up to try and fight again and won't show his hands. Help arrives the officer in the back administers common peroneal strikes which are justified by the action response force continium officers are taught when someone is resisting arrest. Officers attempt to cuff him which fails so they step back and an officer uses his taser. He is cuffed and its over. Oh, and btw SR you forgot resisting arrest? since thats clearly why all this took place you know cause he ran then fought...


I say high five Orman! He did the best he could do without shooting the guy. I believe that shooting the suspect in a situation like this would have procedure in this situation the officer didn't have his taser and was unsure if a fleeing suspect had any weapons. This man should be thankful all he got was punched in the face.

Mother hen

Really??? I say bravo SPD, its plan as day this guy was going to fight or run.


6 cops holding and one punching..really how is punching trying to make sure you dont have a gun. how about grabing his hands.I think 7 cops could grab one guys hands. punching uncalled for and a stupid police move


the officer in the back administers common peroneal strikes which are justified by the action response force continium officers are taught when someone is resisting arrest per the state of ohio. and clearly seven cops couldn't get him cuffed or they wouldn't have let go and used the taser. Maybe he was hopped up on drugs?


what about punch to the face



my oh my

Ok time to charge at least (7) cops criminally and demand their resignations and/or start termination proceedings.This can not be tolerated....Would like to see how "BAD" the PITBULL would be in prison...LOL

Only on the beach

@my oh my -And if this guy drove is car right into your loved one, son, daughter, grandchild, wife, husband, or other and killed them or ran onto your property into your home and terrorized or hurt your family, how would you feel about the cops then? They had no idea what his plan was or if he had a weapon. Thank you SPD for protecting our neighborhood!


@my oh my..............You are right...there is no reason for all those officers to be beating on this person...Just because they wear a badge does not give them the right to beat on a person. Tazer him...not kill him by beating on him... I am with you...Time to charge at least 7 cops for burtality...This is just bullcrap!


My main question would be - Why did Orman not have his tazer with him?? isn't that part of his required equipment? Why be issued one if you aren't going to keep it with you and use it when it is appropriate, like in this case?


Steve, the report Orman wrote stated that he fired the taser and missed. Later, when Reico tripped on the driveway, Orman jumped on top of him and hit him to keep him from getting back up. Officer West then fired his taser after the other officers arrived and tried to gain control.


Hmm clearly seven people wasn't enough since he was still getting up and they had to resort to a taser to keep him down. Was he on drugs possibly? But you can clearly see them back off and use the taser because they cannot keep him down. I feel like they probably offer a ride along program as do most departments if anyone would like to show them how to do their job better? Because I know all of you would have let him pull his hands out and looked to make sure he had a gun before deciding to jump on him, I mean wtf your life isn't in danger behind your keyboard


That looked like he kicked him in the head, Anyone else catch that? Taz him and be done with it. Beating him is ALOT excessive.


The FBI's 2012 statistics on officers killed in the line of duty indicate that 38 percent of all officers killed in the United States that year occurred during a crime in progress where the officer was effecting an arrest and f those officers, 68 percent were killed at night. In the last 4 years, this number has increased almost 400%.

Also in big cities if you don't show your hands you get shot, the reason Sandusky has so many losers and no one wants to live there is because the Judge's and city leaders let the inmates run the asylum. You don't like SPD move to Detroit see how long you last there


The kick never touched him, also he was going to push him back down with his foot but it was not needed, its all in the report.


I havent read the report. It looked weird so i was asking. Thanks !!


Your welcome

Most Wanted

Would your comments be different if the officers caught him after raping a woman or shooting someone? When it's 4:00 a.m. in the morning, guy is driving 80 mph down city streets, does not stop at your warning, then takes off on foot...you don't assume he's a nice guy. Tackle his a$$, if he doesn't hold still, do what you gotta do to make him hold still. Don't second guess an officers life. If that idiot would have had a gun, then those 7 officers subdued him without anything more than a blackeye..big deal.


My opinion would be different then without a doubt. I would of put a bullet in him and not wasted the taxpayers money if that were the case


If he were raping or shooting someone, the of course, things would have been different. As Lugnut just said - they would have the right to use excessive force - in this case? Not sure it was needed or warrented in this case. But the tazer definitely was and was not used by the officer because he did not have it with him.


OK watched the video and I'm not sure how this works so I may be just blowing hot air....but really he continued to struggle and fight with the cops yeah people it is not pretty to watch something like this but really he was doing 80mph through our streets and he ran WTF if you don't want to get punched and kicked by seven cops then pull the hell over and cooperate with the POLICE. Really that seems like common sense to me. If you don't have any thing in your hands show the cops your hands. I'm sorry but I don't really see the problem here. Now if it had been sunday afternoon and he just left church and was being a good boy and driving his granny home, then yeah not a good thing but 4am and not cooperating, he got what he had comming to him. Glad that all 7 cops went home to their families and the bad guy went to jail. Grow some balls people and stop being to hard on those who protect and serve.




I agree 100% with everyone backing up the officers, no one is up to any good breaking the law at 4am. Nice job SPD, Keep up the good work!!


Maybe wether should have just shot him?! If his dumbass wouldn't have fled, I'm sure there wouldn't have been an issue! So he got punched in the face. Boohoo! These cops never know who they're fighting, what they're on or how far they're willing to go to get away. We recently found out just how stupid and desperate people can be.... He's in court now. I personally have a tremendous amount of respect for these officers. They work a thankless job, work for peanuts and put their life on the line everyday. I know I couldn't do their job...no way, no how. So they got caught up in the moment. Big deal. Write them up and let them do their job. Thankfully this idiot didn't kill anyone.

Most Wanted

I agree with everything you said except the "they got caught up in the moment" part. I don't think they did. I think they subdued him. He wasn't holding still, flailing all around. They didn't know if he had a gun, was high on drugs or what he was capable of. They subdued him as quickly as possible and kept themselves out of danger.




high on drugs maybe - but I think if he had a gun he wouldn't have run, he would have attmepted to use it. And it turns out he did not have a gun. The officers did follow the rules and not shoot him, but I still think the tazer which was missing would have prevented the abuse of the suspect. Yes, the police are to Protect and Serve, but they are also to protect the suspect as well.

Yes, the guy was speeding at 80 MPH thru town, but that is not a capital crime - if he had caused an accident, things would be different as well - but he did not. Speculating on what COULD have happened is not justification for what DID happen. Jury is still out on this until the investigation is finished.


Myohmy, I have a couple questions for you. Say one, or two, or seven of those cops help arrest the man who beat a 3 yr old to death, or that loser who killed the mom and her babies, would you call for their resignations then? Doubt it. Not to mention, not all of these officers were even punching this man. They should resign for arresting a man then? I suppose you would rather this guy run the streets of Sandusky with his drugs and what not rather than get a bruise or two while resisting arrest? If they had continued punching him after he was cuffed then by all means, call for their resignation, but they could have just shot him if you'd rather they not lay a hand on him.


@jes1413...why does everything have to go back to a different situation...the situation is what it is... there was NO reason for those cops to do that... TAZER HIM and be done with it...geesh... no comparison to the 3 year old beat to death or the mom killed with her children... good grief... that guy should be SHOT.. plain and simple...