Inmate sues county claiming inadequate medical care

A Sandusky man under indictment for felonious assault has filed a lawsuit against the city and Erie County for alleged civil rights violations.
Jessica Cuffman
Sep 26, 2012


Charles Grissom, 48, was arrested in September 2011 for allegedly assaulting two women in the 1000 block of Hancock St.

In a lawsuit he and his wife, Joann, filed last week in Erie County Common Pleas Court, Grissom said he was originally arrested on misdemeanors, but was denied bond and forced to accept inadequate medical treatment for physical and mental injuries.

He has a history of mental illness, according to court and police documents.

Sandusky police arrested Grissom on charges of assault and disorderly conduct, then took him to the police station after several witnesses said he had grabbed the two women by the hair and threw one of them to the ground.

He also struck the other woman in the face multiple times, according to a police report.

Grissom asked for medical attention and a mental health evaluation, so authorities took him to a hospital emergency room. Once there, however, he refused all treatment, the report said.

He was then taken back to the Erie County jail and held without bond at a judge’s order, the report said Jail guards soon noticed Grissom appeared to be suffering from paranoia and hallucinations, Erie County Sheriff Paul Sigsworth said.

In the lawsuit, Grissom accuses police and sheriff’s deputies of using excessive force to arrest him. He also says he was falsely arrested.

He’s seeking compensatory and punitive damages in excess of $50,000.

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If an inmate receives even childrens Tylenol or takes physician prescribed medication of ANY kind they are not allowed to leave their pod. This means they cannot work as a trustee and earn good time, can't go to rec, church, or the library. Some do refuse medication for this reason. Just sayin.


Lets see, taken to ER and refused all the treatments. Grabbed one girl by the hair, threw her to the ground then struck the other woman multiple times in the face. Acting on a valid complaint, the police arrest him. Judge set the bond. Did I miss something? If he were to get any money, maybe the two women that he assaulted should sue him if he were to get anything from this for their pain and suffering as well. Fair is fair you know.


Oh, poor baby. Does him want pain meds?


My question us what bottom feeder took this case? How do you tell the difference between a sleaze ball lawyer and their client? You can't !


On what grounds does this idiot feel he was wronged in any way? He refused treatment and then has the NERVE to claim some injustice was done to him? This guy is a piece of work. He needs to remain and jail and get a good dose of reality. Whatever his problem is, it doesn't deal in the reality of this world, that is for sure. I would LOVE to know what attorney took this case. The first judge who reads the case is sure to toss it when he reads "refused hospital care". End of that story. LOL


Lets see the man is mentally ill and not able to live in reality. Just maybe he did not comprehend or understand what was happening, so he refused. The police previously knew of his mental illness and should have taken this into consideration when he refused. I could understand the police actions if he had no history of mental illness.



With your bleeding heart sappy philosophy this man should continue to roam the streets and commit violence among the law abiding citizens? How about he moves in with you and you become responsible for his actions?


That is a wonderful idea. Then he can take care of this guy and get him help so our tax dollars can be used elsewhere to do more productive things. Good idea.


Laughing hard....I never said that, reread my post...Laughing even harder.


There is our problem..claiming rights while in jail and worse of all, some sleazeball lawyer will take the case. Hey you refused deal with it. Maybe if all these rights didnt exist in jail, there may be a good chance people who commit crimes will think twice before they decide to commit a crime. Need a chain gang, put their sorry azzes to work rather than sitting around watching TV and lifting weights.