Ohio to study use of psychiatric drugs on children

Ohio officials want to study the use of psychiatric drugs prescribed to foster children and other kids on Medicaid.
Associated Press
Sep 25, 2012


The state's Medicaid director and other health officials on Tuesday said the state would invest $1 million over the next three years to improve and evaluate the use of mental health drugs prescribed to children.

Health officials said many children in Medicaid have complex behavioral needs, and about 22 percent of Ohio's children in foster care are prescribed at least one psychotropic drug.

Officials said some children are being prescribed multiple medications outside of accepted dosages. That has raised concerns about side effects that could affect the children for years.

The state wants to develop guidelines for the drugs' usage. The initiative is expected to fully get under way next year.




Explain to me how this is any different than setting up high priced institutions after the Civil War and performing lobotomies and electro-shock therapy? What about in the '60's when black soldiers were forced into LSD treatments? W T F ! Is this Nazi Germany in 1940?!


It is report that many new prescription drug testing is accomplished in third world countries. Children are often the victims. {{saddened}}


Doesn't anyone find it weird that a lot of kids now a days have such sever 'behavioral' problems that they need medicated? I understand that some children need the help but I feel that instead of trying other options doctors tend to just write a prescription. For example, my baby sister loves to talk and the doctor said that it was UN-natural and she wanted to prescribe her adderall. She's 4! All children are hyper, but that's just my humble opinion.


I think these drugs are dangerous and to test them on children OUTSIDE the limits of recommended dosage levels is just asking for trouble. When one pill doesn't do it, two doesn't necessarily do it either. And why on the disadvantaged and poor? Why not try it on wealthy kids as well? They are no different. This is unfair and reminds me of old types of trial too horrific to mention. Everything seems to revolve around pills today. Why is that. Could it be these children's problems come from their parents TAKING pills before and during pregnancy? Maybe that million dollars should go to studying that instead of popping them in the mouths of innocent kids. Try loving these kids a bit before you kill them with these harmful chemicals you intend to use.


Seems a bit late for a study but I guess better late than never. IMO, drugs are used too much on kids.


They aren't testing them on the kids. The kids are already taking them because of issues they are having and they are going to be evaluating the results that they are seeing in these kids to see if changes need to be made in the doses and such. They aren't just picking random kids and drugging them.

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Our behavioral problems resulted in our butts getting whipped. Thats the problem with kids today. They should use the money to find the best paddle to use.


No, they are testing them on poor kids. Not to worry, I saw a report this morning that said most rx for kids on medicaid are not filled. If a kids brain is not fully developed, how does drugging them help?


No, they aren't. It's not some big conspiracy.


It seems to me that the 1 million dollars would be better spent trying to find out WHY so many poor and foster kids are having issues in the first place and start there instead of giving them drugs to cover up the REAL problem. Parents and caring adults need to start standing up for children. We have allowed the system to take away the rights of parents to spank their child out of love and allow strangers to hit our children with boards out of anger and frustration at school. It`s just like instead of our PUBLIC schools teaching sex education to children and being HONEST and OPEN about things, they have made it so that somebody at school,that doesn`t really know your child or their situation, can give them the "Morning After" pill without even telling the parents. What do you think the next generation is going to be like after being on mood altering drugs through the years their bodies and minds are still developing? So when we end up with a dumbed down, zombie generation of people too mellow and submissive to stand up for their rights, we end up with a society more divided than it is now. The "undrugged wealthy" will be able to control the drugged out poor with no problems. Sounds like controled slavery.


It's good that they are doing further testing on the drugs. However, they should have done more testing on them before handing them out to so many children...