Ohio couple says stray cat saved their lives

A central Ohio couple credits a stray cat they adopted with saving their lives when carbon monoxide filled their home.
Associated Press
Sep 26, 2012


The Mansfield News Journal (http://ohne.ws/SjKtYG ) reports that it happened last week near Mount Gilead, north of Columbus.

Rod and Michelle Ramsey said they were just trying to sleep after turning on the furnace in their home. But the restless cat, named Tiger, wouldn't let them. Little did they know they had a gas leak.

Michelle Ramsey was describing to someone on the phone that she and her husband had headaches and felt sick. They thought they had food poisoning.

Rescue crews were called, and they were flown by helicopter to The Ohio State University Medical Center for treatment.

The Ramseys say Tiger has earned a permanent spot on their couch.




My kitter did exactly the same thing for me. My kerosene heater was running low on fuel while I fell asleep on the couch and started burning the wick causing carbon monoxide and black smoke around the house. She jumped on my chest and batted my face. I immediately woke up and turned the heater off and opened the doors and windows. That kitter is not a "people" kitter. For her to do that was very unusual. She saved my life.


My Siamese "Tess" also did this. I had never fallen asleep with a lit cigarette before but, this time I did. I was awakened by Tess next to my head howling like I had never heard in his 22yrs. Looked over and there was a 6 inch hole burning the pillow. There will never be another "Tess." He saved me.


The heading is a bit misleading. It was probably their cat that used to be a stray. I highly doubt a stray cat off the street just came in their house and saved them. LOL! Anyway, pets are really smart and will take care of you in the best way sometime.