Area law enforcement cracks down following fatal crashes

Ohio State Highway patrol troopers and Perkins Township police plan a months-long program to target dangerous driving.
Sandusky Register Staff
Sep 26, 2012


Over the past two years there have been nine people killed in crashes in the Perkins Township area.

Three of the fatal crashes involved alcohol and seven of the victims were not wearing seat belts. The primary causes of the crashes were driving off the roadway, left of center or failing to yield.

Officers and troopers aim to combat the problem by targeting seat belt use and "crash causing violations," according to troopers.

The program kicked off Sept. 16, with an initial phase that netted 297 traffic stops and 181 citations. There were 42 seat belt citations and five driver's license violations.

The program will continue in a second phase through December 2012, with targeted enforcement running on various days and shifts through the months.



real talk

This is a crap attempt at a justification for their recent step up in ticketing. They are acting as tax collectors. That money being used to pay for the new Dodge Charger cruisers. They should be on the highway not hanging out in Perkins.


Nine traffic fatalities in Perkins seems like a good reason to me to target drivers who are driving dangerously or not wearing their seatbelts. If it will help to prevent these tragic, preventable traffic deaths, then I say thanks to the State Patrol and Perkins Police. And it's great to see them working together to address this problem.


Real may want to check your sources before you comment. The money from the tickets go to the courts, not to pay for vehicles or salares. They are not written to the highway patrol they are written to the court, none of it goes to law enforcement. These are two seperate funding areas....vehicles and salary come from vehicle registrations.....again check your sources!

danny r.

Face it all of us living off of the working man dislike the coppers. I'm too large to wear a seatbelt and discourage my offspring from wearing theirs....nobody tells me what to do.


Sounds like an oppositional defiant issue. I feel sorry for your "offspring". I wonder if your "offspring" feel confused, because they are probably told by other responsible adults that they should wear their seatbelts to keep them safe. They may, at some point, wonder if you don't care about their safety.


"real talk" may not have all of the facts in order but i think this person is on the right track. it's all about money, not safety. wearing a seatbelt never prevented an accident. the people never had a chance to vote on this law. it was forced on us by the nanny state so they could take our money under the guise of safety.


They may not cause an accident but they reduce the injuries.........know why our insurance is so much? Cause you get into an accident not wearing your seat belt and you have more severe injuries, hospital visit costs more, everyone elses insurance goes up to cover your injuries. So yes it does affect others by you not wearing your seat belt. And actually it is voted on by everyone. You vote on who you want to represent you and they pass the laws they feel are good......which none of you probably vote, you just complain. If you dont like the law talk to your congressman.....not the police, they dont write the laws


you just go ahead & continue being one of the sheep. i dont think anybody said that police write laws. retard.


It has nothing to do with sheep, it has to do with me paying more for your injuries that wouldnt be that bad if you were wearing your seat belt..i would wear .ine if it wasnt a law, so there is no sheep herding going on here. Keep being a RETARD and not wearing your seat belt, and you might just end up on the short bus!


About damn time.. People are getting too damn distracted, wreckless and stupid out there. Idiot drivers have been getting away with a lot of BS the last few years..

Common Sense

Re: mikeylikesit

There are extension made for seat belts to accomodate all sizes. The additional cost should not be anythng new as those of us who are plus-sized pay for our increased leverage in many ways.

It's really not about what the state wants. It should be about the fact that you want to increase the chances that you may live if you are involved in an auto crash.