New allegations made against suspected Bellevue rapist

Statements from another alleged victim are prompting Bellevue police to consider additional charges against a rape suspect.
Emil Whitis
Sep 25, 2012


Statements from another alleged victim are prompting Bellevue police to consider additional charges against a rape suspect.   

Victor Veliz, 39, of Bellevue, was arrested Friday and charged with two counts of rape, stemming from incidents in 2010 when he allegedly raped a girl who was 13 years old, Bellevue police said.      

Another girl recently told police that Veliz abused her two years ago, when she was 11 years old.   

Police plan to file additional charges against him in the near future, but it probably won’t be for rape, Bellevue interim police Chief Matt Johnson said.   

The younger girl accused Veliz of touching her, Johnson said.

The older girl told investigators Thursday that Veliz raped her multiple times in 2010 at his Hobson Street home. Given the nature of the assaults, and the fact that the victim was younger than 13 at the time, police filed two separate rape charges against Veliz.  

“It wasn’t a one-time deal,” Johnson said. “The abuse was ongoing.”

The allegations surfaced after the older girl told a friend about the alleged abuse. The friend then told her mother, who confronted the girl’s mother.

At some point social workers got involved and they then called Bellevue police, who arrested Veliz at his home Friday.

At the police station, Veliz refused to talk and he requested an attorney, Johnson said.

He has no criminal history in Bellevue.

“It was the first report we’d ever had on him,” Johnson said. “It’s not like he was a regular or anything.” Veliz knew the girls, and police do not suspect there are other victims.

“It’s not like he was picking girls up off the street,” Johnson said.

Veliz is being held in the Huron County jail on $50,000 bond.


Truth Be Told....

Dude is sick


He is beyond sick, any adult that inflicts Any type of abuse on a child is slime! Our children are the future and so many of them are being ruined mentally and emotionally not to mention sexually, boy oh boy what is this world coming too? If the law would just allow families to decide the punishments of these offenders I bet people would think twice about committing these crimes

Sit n Spin

Sick man, sick....He must have been posing as a yard gnome for it to take this long to find him...all of 5 feet tall ? Can he even ride the Top Thrill Dragster ?

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Oh! My mistake, I thought the chart was for IQ :)


The girls are brave , Im proud of you, stay strong, your abuser is a slimy worm and you are so strong and will get justice

grannie G

OMG I do not understand the statement Chief Johnson made " It's not like he was picking girls up from the street"I think this was so wrong in so many ways.

Am i the only one that thinks what he has said is wrong?




grannie G, yes Chief Johnsons statement comes across insensitive to the victems, The girls pain and hurt is not less because he was known to the families. The crime is not less serious,or painful to these families.

danny r.

Another belltucky child abuser....not surprised.

danny r.

You know like me every wed. night and every other weekend.....but my heart is to weak to contribute to I drive a Hummer on all the working mans money. Guess who my vote is for?

There you go again

What a horribly insensitive statememt by "interim" police chief Johnson? My hope is he is only interim and does not become chief.


They say innocent until proven guilty but there must be some sort of evidence if charges have been filed...disturbing and disgusting.


Its been 2-3 yrs since all of these allegations took place, i doubt there is evidence.. they HAVE to make an arrest when rape/children are involved.. then there will be an investigation.. if he is guilty, i hope he gets the max for it.. and i pray for peace for the children... until there is evidence and its proven, i would like to believe he did not do this!

Julie R.

I agree. The statement made by the interim police chief wasn't only horribly insensitive, it was also horribly ignorant.


Maybe Captain Johnson made that statement to put the town at ease a little bit because the girls he was molesting were possibly his own'll come out. Just wait. He is sick and demented. Those poor girls.


Why haven't we seen any updates on this case?


An update would be nice