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We've made some exciting new design changes to in recent days.
Sandusky Register Staff
Sep 25, 2012


As part of our site makeover, we took some time to look at how we might improve the dialogue at the comment section.

The Register hosts a vibrant community of users who offer valuable thoughts and opinions on a variety of local, state and national topics. We appreciate the participation of every user who takes the time to share his or her views.

We hope these updates clarify the type of conversation we encourage at the site, and what type of comments are not appropriate or helpful in furthering the dialogue.

We also added a tool for readers to dispute moderation of a comment if they think it was removed without justification. By clicking the “dispute comment moderation” button, your comment will be reviewed by a senior moderator, who can reinstate it if it is found to be appropriate for publication at, as per the guidelines.

As always, we encourage readers to participate in making sure the dialogue abides by the guidelines.  Users can quickly and easily ask moderators to review questionable or inappropriate comments at by clicking the “Inappropriate? Alert Us” button.

Again, we thank everyone for this cooperation in following these guidelines and fostering a thoughtful dialogue on the site. The new guidelines are as follows:

1. Personal attacks (including: name calling, presumption of guilt or guilt by association, insensitivity or picking fights),
2. Personal information,
3. Remarks that discriminate based on age, race, religion, disability, etc.,
4. Remarks advocating illegal or violent actions,
5. Libel and defamation,
6. Profane, obscene, sexual or derogatory language,
7. Spam,
8. Off-topic comments,
9. Lengthy excerpts from other websites.



The new 9 guidelines are still a joke. You forgot to add duplicate posts which caused many people to get banned. Two people waged a personal attack against me and I reported it but the SR moderators never deleted the offensive comments. Perhaps the SR should do some investigative reporting and report both sides to a news story. When I tried to provide links the SPAM filter blocked me. When I posted the comments and the questions from the chat room when Wiredmama was on BTL, the moderator deleted my comments as being lengthy excerps from other websites. Who is the senior moderator? Same as before? The SR should bring back all of the people that were banned due to duplicate posts which caused a high number of deleted comments or those that did not agree with the agenda of the SR.


The new guidelines are completely reasonable, and if the moderators follow them, the discussion here should become more civil.


Mollom privacy policy: "How we protect you – We are bound by the strict rules of Belgian and European data protection legislation, which prevents us from making unlawful use of your personal data. Please note that the website's operator may be bound by other rules, depending on his jurisdiction." What does Belgian and Europe have to do with privacy when posting to the SR?


That should take out your most professional bloggers!!


What pro bloggers are on the SR site??!! Just board Sandusky area people who like to rant about the story of the day.


Curious, I have seen posts of people's criminal record from O'Brian's site which by the way is public knowledge, some were allowed to stay and others were removed. Explain if that falls under your second rule above about personal information?


I would like to know why SR didn't put the dates on the articles on main page.


I have tried to read the epaper on my mobile phone for the last 2 days. Page is not found. Thought I would let your know.


moonbeam, are your accounts listed under the same email? If not, do and update so that they are and you should be able to access both with same user info as the comments.


This is the only place to comment on the new changes to the site. Looks great, but sorry to see some of the changes that didn't make the cut. No more archives? Dates missing from the headlines. I like the format change for the comments section but it makes it harder to read all the comments unless you start from the begin. Maybe something that can flag a post that has not been read yet or an "expand" button to open the posts. Even allow that when a new comment is made you can access new comments by selecting only "new" instead of directing to the box...(I don't know.) Also, no more bold or italicized words. These were the only way to emphasize without caps.. I see lots of CAPS in our future :(


I like that first comment is immediately after story


yes, me too, which reminds me....a like button. Sometimes a thumbs up sums it up :))

Smcc Alum

A like button would be great

T. A. Schwanger

I agee with Julie R: Having "related stories" next to the current story gives readers an opportunity to refer back to prior information before blogging inaccurate information.

T. A. Schwanger


I very rarely leave negative feedback about the SR. However, I have to say your classifieds section online now sucks. It's hard to navigate and I can't find the typical categories I normally browse through. Why are they not listed by category any longer? Please fix this.


Where is the spell check for comments? It seems most of the commentators are from the local public school systems and could use some help.

Smcc Alum

Amen to that haha


I think calling someone a nazi violates the guidelines

Julie R.

Please bring back the archives on the stories. Sometimes people forget and obviously need to have their memories refreshed. A good example was the recent story "Slain man's family sues Bellevue police." I was appalled at some of the untrue comments that were being made about Mr. David.


Re: czechurself
Tue, 09/25/2012 - 8:09am
yes, me too, which reminds me....a like button. Sometimes a thumbs up sums it up :))

Like !!!


I like the re-ordering of the comments so they're oldest to newest instead of the other way around. I also like the ability to reply to a post and have that reply joined WITH that post (saves a lot of time looking around). I DON'T like that we no longer get to have our cute little avatars next to our names. Please put them back! Some were hilarious, some were clever, and I liked all of them for the personality they added. And where are our signature files, eh?

I agree that stories should have dates clearly visible. I'm also unhappy that archives aren't accessible. They SHOULD be. Most newspapers keep online archives quite literally for YEARS.


Just checking Sam to see if reply button works! Great post. :}


Hmmfph! I am not a blogger ( I don't have my own page and I don't do a web log).

I'm a smart@$$ commentor, thank you very much. :)


plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose

the more things change, the more they stay the same

Mime Bloggling

Would love to see a 'like' or 'dislike' feature.


I dislike the fact that it no longer shows which comments are new.


I miss the bold text feature, this text is to small and fine to read easy even on zoom), a word limit would be nice too many on here ramble at 5 or more pages or take up space with photoshop, and the like, It's okay I just life the other way better. Like the fact that the username is a different color.


OMG, finally got a chance to check the classifieds after somebody commented they don't like the new arrangement, and WOW. That's just about the worst and most unfriendly thing I have EVER seen!

Please either categorize the classifieds again, or print a story on how getting a classified ad in the Sandusky Register is now worthless. Unless you're willing to read through a bunch of ads that have nothing to do with what you want, there's no other way to FIND what you want. The search function is a joke, by the way, seeing as how it doesn't work, so don't suggest I use it. I tried!

I know a re-worked website involves a lot of time and effort, and that "fixes" continue after the launch. Well, the classifieds is one fix that CAN'T WAIT. Until I hear they're fixed, rest assured I won't bother looking for anything there!


I used the "search" and it worked fine


I'm thrilled to see the classifieds now categorized, but I tried the search function again anyway. STILL didn't work for me...


I do like the order of posts/comments better, but still think new posts should be flagged, as it's hard to scroll through all the time stamps. I understand that bugs have to be worked out with any new platform and or protocol. Good wishes to the IT team. Thank you.


Categories in the classifieds please. I can't wait to see what Wednesdays will bring for classifieds.


Thank you for allowing my thoughts. To the Register. Hope my discourse does not bother your standards; though because of my nature it probably will. Being brusque, blunt, direct etc, is my nature (USMC).


Where is the local weather?