Ohio gas prices drop for second week

Ohio motorists are benefiting from lower gas prices this week.
Associated Press
Sep 24, 2012


The average price for a gallon of regular gas in the state was $3.71 in Monday's survey from auto club AAA, the Oil Price Information Service and Wright Express. That's 14 cents lower than a week ago.

Prices are dropping after several factors pushed gas prices to near the $4 mark earlier this month.

This time last year, the Ohio average was $3.37.

The national average Monday was $3.81, down a nickel from a week ago.




Not in Sandusky!!! Prices jumped back up to $3.89 for regular unleaded. The price on the turnpike today $3.77 and at the I-280 exit it was $3.67.


Please..we the people would benefit if gas was $2.00. We the people are still being taken advantage of.

Darwin's choice

And the current administration continues to let it happen..........


And you propose the current administration does exactly what?


@ buckeye15:

They were discussing releasing reserves from the SPOR. But since oil prices have fallen off their $100/bbl pricing there is little need for that.

If Israel and Iran go at it - watch futures mkts. climb to $200/bbl.

"Green lighting" the Keystone Pipeline woulda helped U.S. oil prices. "Dear Leader" put off the decision until 2013. 'Leading from one's behind'?

Actually, the Admin. reduced pollution laws making it palatable for a private equity firm to buy a Philadelphia refinery that was closing. Hypocrites.



Oil prices are dropping over market fears of an global economic slowdown. Fewer people driving to existing jobs.

Four more yrs. of Pres. Obama will see the U.S. unemployment rate go to 0%. Everyone will have exhausted their benefits and stopped looking for work.

We have been in an economic depression since Dec. 2007. The crisis is invisible. In 2012, govt. checks in the mail are the new 1930s bread lines.


More propaganda went up over .25 cents in the middle of the day yesterday!!!


Associated Press: you're a day late and a dollar short. Just like your other news.

Sandusky Citizen 1

PLEASE Sandusky Register STOP posting ANYTHING on fuel prices. EVERY TIME you post an article on the prices dropping THEY GO UP!!!!!!

Native Sanduskian

Now, if only those Pesky Canadians would sell us some of their Alberta Shale oil, maybe we could get the price of oil down lower and it would be a win-win for BOTH Countries, as we could reduce our dependence on the middle east....
Oh yea--- they WOULD HAVE...but Obama is dragging his feet on building the very pipeline to deliver it! Meanwhile, Back in Buckeye Land...NEVER to be outdone by a Lib, Lord Governor Kasich is going to put a tax on "fracking", which REALLY means he's going to TAX TO DEATH BUCKEYE OIL LITERALLY as EVERY barrel discovered and pumped HERE will cost MORE and ERASE any advantage gained by finding it in the first place! BOTH this Libtard and Repuke CONTINUE to persue policies that GUARANTEE HIGHER PRICES!


@ Native Sanduskian:

PA has a drill and tax system that seems to working.

My understanding is that the fracking tax would offset the state income tax.

The Repubs once worked toward a 0% state income tax - works for me.

Also, Canada has over 500 nat-gas and oil wells in and around Lake Erie. Why can't OH?

Native Sanduskian

Repukes say Drill.Only.

Libards say windmills and solar.Only.

But we should be doing ALL of these things.

Why does Canada have wells in Lake Erie and we don't?
Maybe because Parliamentary Coalitions with the Big Stick of "No confidence" votes are better than the always oppositional Two BIG Party system that we have allowed the Repukes and Libtards to saddle us with here. NO PLACE in our constitution allows TWO PARTIES to have a stranglehold on us as they do now, and it's time we take our Government back.

Native Sanduskian

...and I forgot to add, Pennsylvania taxes the living crap out of everything! that's why working folks prefer to live on the OHIO side even if they work in PA.


@ Native Sanduskian:

Yrs. ago I worked in Sharon and lived in Youngstown. I had a "Work Privilege Tax" in Hermitage Township. Loved the name. Yea, I felt 'privileged.' :)

But, PA's produced jobs and tax revenue through fracking. IMO, it's better than no fracking like in OH.


This article is NOT true. If the oil prices have dropped, why were gas prices this past Monday Sept 24, 10:AM at $3.60/$3.70? But by the time I finished my erands and headed to a gas station that displayed a price of $3.60, the price changed to $3.89, after I parked at a pump. Goodness, seems like you can't write an article about gas prices if they change that fast.

nosey rosey

Please stop writing articles like this. Everytime you do, the price goes up!