Candidates fight for working-class voters in ads

The presidential candidates are criticizing each other in new television commercials aimed at winning working-class voters who could help swing the election, pitting Republican Mitt Romney's wealth against the loss of American jobs to China on President Barack Obama's watch.
Associated Press
Sep 24, 2012

As Romney dispatched running mate Paul Ryan to kick off a three-day bus tour in the critical battleground of Ohio, Obama began running an ad in the state trying to use his GOP rival's own words against him.

It's the campaign's first spot using Romney's comments that 47 percent of voters pay no income tax, and believe they are victims and entitled to government assistance. The 30-second ad also points out that Romney paid just 14.1 percent in federal taxes last year on $13.7 million in income and refuses to release his returns before 2010.

"Maybe instead of attacking others on taxes, he should come clean on his," the ad says.

Romney is trying to shift the debate off his personal wealth and private comments to donors to worker resentment over jobs moving to China. His new ad released Monday is his latest salvo in a string of criticism against Obama's handling of the rising Asian power.

The commercial showed a photo of a shuttered factory and says fewer Americans are working as China steals the country's ideas and technology. "Obama had years to stand up to China. We can't afford four more," the spot concludes.

Six weeks out from the election, Obama holds a slim lead over Romney in most battleground states. The Republican is seeking to right his campaign following a rough stretch that included the release of his secretly recorded remarks about the 47 percent and criticism that he's not campaigning hard enough for the White House.

Romney acknowledged Sunday that he was trailing the president in several key states. But he promised to spend less time courting donors and more time with voters.

"I know that in the coming six weeks they're very unlikely to stay where they are today," Romney said of the polls.

The Republican was scheduled to campaign Monday in Colorado, where aides added a rally in an attempt to deflect the criticism from within his own party. Romney was to join Ryan in Ohio on Tuesday for the final two days of bus tour.

Obama will spend Monday and Tuesday tending to official duties at the United Nations. But his condensed schedule at the annual gathering of world leaders underscored that his focus is largely on the campaign.

Voters in more than two dozen states are already casting ballots in early voting for the presidential election, meaning everything the candidates do now could influence votes already being cast.




rec8888 thanks for your question. Remember N.Furniture, Janeseville, CVG? Prior to Obama being elected those places let many know they were going. Did Terry Boose do anything? (that's his neighborhood) Lt.Gov.Fischer tried. No avail. Know any of the owners of said businesses? Know how they vote? Again that was before our current CIC.


China and greed, greed among all and all among you!

So you had a nice well paying manufacturing job say in 1982, about the same time China opens its boarders to foreign companies to utilize their immense cheap labor force.
Life is good but the lady of the house needs a new shower curtain so off to the store you go. Driving past the old hardware store you sigh, what a shame, I always liked that mom & pop place, they had everything I ever needed and keep rolling down the new strip of stores on SR 250, and there are a number, it’s still growing. You slide your US made beast into a spot, making fun of the foreign car you parked next to and complain that these things are stealing American jobs. So in you go just gazing around at all the new stuff and finally come across the shower curtains. Boy there are a bunch to choose from so I’ll get the clear vinyl one with metal hangers, that should look nice, and off you go riding home thinking WOW, I got a really good buy on that shower curtain, now I have extra cash to put gas in the boat, grab some bait and go fishing this afternoon before punching in at the auto plant for my third shift.

In reality what you just did was put a small dent in the foreign trade gap, the vinyl that was calendared here at one time was done in China, the steel that made the hooks was probably made in a steel mill that was bought, a used US steel plant and started up competing with cheap labor against US steel plants in America, the hands that made the shower curtain were certainly not from the US so no personal taxes were paid nor added to the social security system or the general fund for defense, welfare, roads, bridges and everything else. All the things used to produce the shower curtain you purchased with your hard earned dollars did about nothing for the US economy other than provide you with a great price! Take this times a billion items over thirty years and you now see the result of unfair trade, an unlevel playing field and all of us around the globe get to breath the pollutants generated by the east producing these little shower curtains.

Neither president or those of the past four administrations has been able to put a handle on what to do, I just let go of 6 people within the past three months and 2 more as of last Friday because of my products being moved to China for cheap labor assembly rates. At the same time I have a standing president who wants to tax us small mom & pop companies more and fine us for not providing more. I would say that if you vote Democrat you are voting for the forthcoming Socialism. If you vote republican you are voting for some form of change from the path we are currently on. The man running for president means nothing, what he has done in the past and what he plans to do in the future mean everything at this point.

I don’t have 4 more years of losses to give the current guy a shot at it AGAIN!!!

Darwin's choice

2cents....great post


For years, the rich and powerful corporations and people have picked the candidates for the middle class to vote for. Romney and Obama are not for the middle class. Don't be fooled by the news media run by rich and powerful people and corporations. The rich and powerful ignore the honest and viable candidates. I am not going to vote for the lesser of two evils. I am voting for good. I will vote for a candidate that the rich and powerful do not want in office. I will cast my vote for Gary Johnson.


The rich and powerful will not allow Gary Johnson to debate with Obama and Romney.


I'm quite sure that I heard that Romney paid 14% on his 13 million but that he was actually entitled to take another 4% off in deductions (there by only paying 10% on 13 million) allowed to him but elected not to do so... gee, think old mutton was maybe, just maybe preparing for the demand to see his tax returns and figured this would make him look like he's paying his fair share????


@ meowmix:

Sen. and Theresa Kerry have far more wealth than Mr. Romney. Were you complaining about Sen. Kerry's wealth in '04? Hypocrites.

7 of the 10 wealthiest members of Congress are Democrats - let's see their tax returns.

Are Democrats allowed to even have money? Shouldn't they be required to take a vow of poverty?

Swamp Fox

The government's view of the economy could be summed up in a few short phrases: If it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it. And if it stops moving, subsidize it.
Ronald Reagan


Contango: For one thing, seems to me Kerry released his tax returns willingly-
Kerry didn't also think that those who earn $200,000 per year as "middle class".
Representatives are not running for President.
Why must you always go to the extreme in your responses? Seriously, vow of poverty?
Just do me the simple favor of addressing my comment regarding Muttons not bothering to take his extra 4% in deductions that he was allowed? I'm pretty sure he can afford top-notch accountants!


@ meowmix:

So the criteria for an acceptable Dem is filthy rich but "cares"? LOL.

Why do the Kerrys need five houses? Maybe they should donate a couple to the poor?

Where are the low income housing projects on Cape Cod?

Mr. Romney, by not taking all of his possible deductions causes him to pay more in taxes and shows that he "cares." Gonna vote for him?

What's wrong with a little 'transparency,' by requiring ALL members of Congress to annually make their tax returns public? I thought a socialist would like that.


Florida State Rep. Mike Horner (R-Kissimmee) ended a reelection bid Monday amid reports he allegedly used prostitutes.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!! Another fine representative of the party who touts "family values"..............

The repugs have 5 days in which to find a replacement for him or else the Dem woman running against him wins by default.......


@ meowmix:

You're right, I'd rather have more Democrat sleaze balls like accused serial rapists and known philanderers like Bill Clinton in elected offices.

Maybe Horner should become a Dem next time - he'd fit right in.


Would calling you a "broken record" classify me as calling you a name Contango?


@ meowmix:

Other than nauseatingly spouting Democrat Party rhetorical double-speak what else ya got?

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