Candidates fight for working-class voters in ads

The presidential candidates are criticizing each other in new television commercials aimed at winning working-class voters who could help swing the election, pitting Republican Mitt Romney's wealth against the loss of American jobs to China on President Barack Obama's watch.
Associated Press
Sep 24, 2012

As Romney dispatched running mate Paul Ryan to kick off a three-day bus tour in the critical battleground of Ohio, Obama began running an ad in the state trying to use his GOP rival's own words against him.

It's the campaign's first spot using Romney's comments that 47 percent of voters pay no income tax, and believe they are victims and entitled to government assistance. The 30-second ad also points out that Romney paid just 14.1 percent in federal taxes last year on $13.7 million in income and refuses to release his returns before 2010.

"Maybe instead of attacking others on taxes, he should come clean on his," the ad says.

Romney is trying to shift the debate off his personal wealth and private comments to donors to worker resentment over jobs moving to China. His new ad released Monday is his latest salvo in a string of criticism against Obama's handling of the rising Asian power.

The commercial showed a photo of a shuttered factory and says fewer Americans are working as China steals the country's ideas and technology. "Obama had years to stand up to China. We can't afford four more," the spot concludes.

Six weeks out from the election, Obama holds a slim lead over Romney in most battleground states. The Republican is seeking to right his campaign following a rough stretch that included the release of his secretly recorded remarks about the 47 percent and criticism that he's not campaigning hard enough for the White House.

Romney acknowledged Sunday that he was trailing the president in several key states. But he promised to spend less time courting donors and more time with voters.

"I know that in the coming six weeks they're very unlikely to stay where they are today," Romney said of the polls.

The Republican was scheduled to campaign Monday in Colorado, where aides added a rally in an attempt to deflect the criticism from within his own party. Romney was to join Ryan in Ohio on Tuesday for the final two days of bus tour.

Obama will spend Monday and Tuesday tending to official duties at the United Nations. But his condensed schedule at the annual gathering of world leaders underscored that his focus is largely on the campaign.

Voters in more than two dozen states are already casting ballots in early voting for the presidential election, meaning everything the candidates do now could influence votes already being cast.




Yes, and Republican Husted got sued for making absentee voting more difficult. They try to make it as confusing, complicated, and inconvenient as possible, to suppress working-class voting, while pretending it's about fraud. Democrats fight for voter participation, and Republicans fight against it. It's that simple, and to deny it is just hypocrisy.


How many "working class" people do you know that do NOT have a valid ID? There is no attempt to suppress anyone's vote. That only happens in your mind.

There is however an attempt to stop double and illegal voting. Heck you liberals even ran a woman for office who did it TWICE! But that is fine because she was voting D correct?


One more time, Pete. Not everyone is "working class". Some are unemployed, some are students and some are retired elderly people.

Even Republicans will admit that they are doing this to suppress minority (typically Democrats) votes.


reese writes:

"Even Republicans will admit that they are doing this to suppress minority (typically Democrats) votes"

How is that fallacious statement any different from the following:

Even Democrats admit that they use voter fraud to win elections.


Libya attacks our U.S.Consulate and kills four Americans and Obama's answer is to keep sending them foreign aid.He makes me sick.


That's not a very good assessment. The aid goes to the Libya government, which is working against the terrorists who attacked. Libyan people are protesting the terrorist attacks.


They fight for VOTES, not voters. Neither side actually cares about middle class.


I used to live in Norwalk. I have a question, with the unemployment what it is in Ohio, how in the world can Ohio be pro Obama. That doesn't make any sense to me. In fact with his record of lies after lies Its beyond me why anyone would vote for him. I guess people just don't care anymore. But they ought to think of their children and b grandchildren. Sad, very sad outlook for them!!!!



Maybe it's because Ohio's unemployment rate has dropped. Maybe it's because the economy is getting better in Ohio. Maybe it's because Ohio is moving in the right direction. Maybe it's because Ohio citizens trust Obama and believe that he cares about all the people. Romney only cares about the 1%. Romney believes in trickle down, which doesn't work. Romney wants to voucherize Medicare. And on and on.


@ reese:

Pres. "Obama 'cares' about all the people"?

As evidenced by his lack of leadership, about the only thing that he "cares" about is getting re-elected.

Love the "bumps in the road" comment.

The Ponzi schemes of SS, Medicare, Medicaid and other "entitlement" programs are unsustainable.

Other than tax, borrow, print and spend, spend, spend what are Pres. Obama's economic plans?

Vote for "Obamney" and see the 'change.'


How can Ohio be pro-Obama? Because Democrats try to minimze unemployment, and Republicans try to maximize it -- they HATE high employment, because it makes their labor cost more, and they can't underpay or otherwise abuse their workers, because they have alternatives. They prefer desperate workers who will accept anything.

Darwin's choice

Here's another for you........
Thanks Obama


Romney's tax plan (what little he has divulged) will abolish mortgage deductions and college tuition deductions from federal taxes. He also will greatly reduce college Pell Grants. This will adversely affect about 200 MILLION middle-class Americans. In my own middle-class household, it effectively takes about $4000 from our bottom line each year, if he gets elected.


@ coasterfan:

"Mortgage deduction"? Why should renters suppliment home owners?

"College tuition deduction"?

Why should young non-college bound workers suppliment their wealthier counterparts?

Other than bankrupting America with "cash and prizes" Ponzi schemes, what are Mr. Obama's tax and economic plans?


Why should Americans all over suppliment Exxon's millions in tax refunds after posting new record billion profits every year?? Why should I have to suppliment Romney's 14% tax rates just because he doesn't actually work? Why should any have to support all of the rich's 14% tax rates when much of the middle class is subjected to higher tax rates that those making hundreds of millions? Why is the rich and Romney against a flat tax with no deductions or exemptions? I'll tell you why - because 15 or 20 percent of their money is a lot more than what they pay now - and they won't be able to get away with multimillions in "charitable deductions" then. The average joe cannot make those kind of donations - the average joe doesn't have the money to invest millions so we can just live off of the dividends and then pay no taxes on that profit. The playing field is way off kilder and the rich don't care as long as they can continue to benefit their own and Romney says it best when he doesn't think we are listening.


@ sanduskysteve:

And why should we suppliment the 'green energy' industry?

All good arguments for repealing the 16th Amendment and get the Feds out our business.

Ain't gonna happen.

If it were up to me, I'd let the 50 states collect the tax and send what they think is appropriate to the Feds.

NO Federal income or consumption tax - flat or otherwise. Starve the pig.



I am sure you really know why.

Our taxes "supplement" many things that we individually do not necessarily directly benefit from.

Mortgage deductions incentivize people to purchase homes which helps the housing construction and mortgage industries. College tuition deductions and pell grants make it possible for lower and middle income kids and adults pursue higher education. This benefits everyone in that it allows our workforce to continue to compete with other workers in a "world economy". It isn't to help the "wealthier" people who can afford to pay for college.


Probably why they call MA - Taxachusettes - of course, it's the Romney lies that I find hard to believe soo many people fall for. That man when he was govenor was for every single thing he is against now - including pro-choice - gays - and lowering taxes for the average person. Although he said that - he wasn't exactly showing much for lowering taxes in any way shape or form. What you guys should be appalled at is not why Ohio is pro-Obama - but why is Massachusetts anti-Romney. He will not win his own state - there IS a reason for that. it's called LIES LIES and more LIES. He was the destroyer when he was running that relatively small state - think of how he will fair with a much larger country. I won't want to imagine the mess. It's also pretty funny that if Romney creates it - it's GREAT, if Obama creates it - it's the devil.


coasterfan; You are listening to to much Obama fanfare and the media. Check things out on your own and find out what really is happening, just don't listen. All the garbage that comes out of Washington is mostly a bunch of lies, either side has same problem--telling the truth. Romney did it last week when he said 42% of people on entitlements will not vote for him. Not a good thing to say but its the truth. On other hand lets just look at Mr. Reid and his saying Romney hasn't paid any income tax in last 10 years, oh and he got that from a unamed source. I think Romney set him up so he run off at the mouth and dig his hole a little deeper, then he comes out(at his timing) with the last 12 years and he has averaged over 20.2% per year and has given of 3 million each year to charities. In light of that Mr. Obama woul;dn't even give his Ambassador any thought or time, no he wanted to go to Las Vegas for a fund raiser. Then he lies for days and says its all over a movie which none has seen. Even lies about it after it had been proved that it was a planned terroist attack. Nice of him


When did Romney give out 12 years of tax returns????


@ sanduskysteve:

How about new legislation that would require ALL members of Congress to release their tax returns annually?

Level the playing field.

7 of the 10 richest members of Congress are Democrats - let's see their tax returns!


I would have no objection to this. I didn't say that only GOP members are the bad ones. I suggested - if you would just read before reacting - that we eliminate all deductions and institute a flat tax. That would level the playing field. It would need to apply to democrats as well as republicans. It would also elminiate the need for that inflated IRS.


Romney paid 13% to 15%, not 20%


rec, I don't know where you are getting your information, but most of what you have said in this blog is inaccurate...perhaps you need to go back and re-read/check your sources on all of this.

Swamp Fox

Taxi business must be bad...

The Big Dog's back

Someone needs to tell the Register that Rmoney already came out and said he was for the top 1%. Oh, that's right, he erased his etch a sketch and is starting over.


Y'all need to read this. Hits the nail; on the head.

Swamp Fox

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4-wheeler al

in 2005 bush and the repulbicans told china if they wanted too bid on making auto parts they have to use us grade bush let china in and they grab up all steel in the us andtook it to china.6 months later us steel plants closing lost. when the gulf war the repulbicans gave turkey the tank tracks contracts for the use of air stripes. port clinton 300 jobs mic.2000 jobs.look it up bush sent over seas to counties that was againt us.billons.last repulbican that ran for president 08 him and his wife went over seas sold all thier stocks and investments befor running for pres.job.we need national health care all the other countrys have itor going to it.repulbicans saying ohio lost88,000jobs under obama better ask ohio gov.last year ohio gov. bal. the books he cut 1000s ofjobs and cut pay down on other jobs. then gave law makers a pay raise. ask your rep. he or she will tell you.the money he spent on stimulus jobs gov. got back in taxes from workers and conpanys.public records dont lie.


might as well not speak the truth because republicans don't want to hear it unless it will benefit them and their rich buddies. What you say is correct - but it is falling on deaf ears in the GOP. They ask why we are against Romney - what you said are some of the reasons as well as the really big ones that he has already created for himself.