Candidates fight for working-class voters in ads

The presidential candidates are criticizing each other in new television commercials aimed at winning working-class voters who could help swing the election, pitting Republican Mitt Romney's wealth against the loss of American jobs to China on President Barack Obama's watch.
Associated Press
Sep 24, 2012

As Romney dispatched running mate Paul Ryan to kick off a three-day bus tour in the critical battleground of Ohio, Obama began running an ad in the state trying to use his GOP rival's own words against him.

It's the campaign's first spot using Romney's comments that 47 percent of voters pay no income tax, and believe they are victims and entitled to government assistance. The 30-second ad also points out that Romney paid just 14.1 percent in federal taxes last year on $13.7 million in income and refuses to release his returns before 2010.

"Maybe instead of attacking others on taxes, he should come clean on his," the ad says.

Romney is trying to shift the debate off his personal wealth and private comments to donors to worker resentment over jobs moving to China. His new ad released Monday is his latest salvo in a string of criticism against Obama's handling of the rising Asian power.

The commercial showed a photo of a shuttered factory and says fewer Americans are working as China steals the country's ideas and technology. "Obama had years to stand up to China. We can't afford four more," the spot concludes.

Six weeks out from the election, Obama holds a slim lead over Romney in most battleground states. The Republican is seeking to right his campaign following a rough stretch that included the release of his secretly recorded remarks about the 47 percent and criticism that he's not campaigning hard enough for the White House.

Romney acknowledged Sunday that he was trailing the president in several key states. But he promised to spend less time courting donors and more time with voters.

"I know that in the coming six weeks they're very unlikely to stay where they are today," Romney said of the polls.

The Republican was scheduled to campaign Monday in Colorado, where aides added a rally in an attempt to deflect the criticism from within his own party. Romney was to join Ryan in Ohio on Tuesday for the final two days of bus tour.

Obama will spend Monday and Tuesday tending to official duties at the United Nations. But his condensed schedule at the annual gathering of world leaders underscored that his focus is largely on the campaign.

Voters in more than two dozen states are already casting ballots in early voting for the presidential election, meaning everything the candidates do now could influence votes already being cast.



Licorice Schtick

Romney for the working class???


Best. Troll. Article. Ever.


RIGHT! So, it must be the part of the working class that is not in the
47% that he has written off. Or, it must be the working people in his definition of the "middle class" that makes around $200,000/year.


This is Romney's mindset: Hooray for me, to hell with you!


Well Obama sure does have this country flying high. ....o wait, thats all the other countries he's pouring money into!

Swamp Fox

Tax penalty to hit nearly 6M uninsured people

Nearly 6 million Americans - most of them in the middle class - will face a tax penalty for not carrying medical coverage once President Barack Obama's health care overhaul law is fully in place, congressional budget analysts said Wednesday.

Associated Press & Sandusky Register

Sep 20, 2012

Another example of Obama and his treatment of the working middleclass....


Six million is like 2%. And those are people who should be able to afford to buy insurance but choose not to, yet if they got REALLY sick, would end up on Medicade on the public dime. And it's a small penalty. No injustice in this.


@ Factitious:

It ain't that 'simple.'

The Ponzi scheme known as "Medicaid" is goin' broke.

Most of nursing home residents care ($70K plus annually) is paid for by Medicaid.

Just wait until the 78 million baby boomers start gettin' 'really' old - YIKES!!!


Medicaid is in trouble, no doubt. About 70% of nursing home residents' care is paid for by Medicaid. Skilled nursing home care is very expensive...I would say higher than your estimate. In-home care is much less expensive and Medicaid will pay for that. Medicaid also will re-coup as much as they can from the estate of the person whose care was paid for through Medicaid, once the person is deceased.
Being old and needing care is very expensive. I don't believe that getting rid of the support of Medicare and Medicaid is the solution, unless we are okay with just abandoning the elderly. Got any reasonable solutions?


@ reese: $70K plus annually is a local goin' rate - I know personally.

To my knowledge, those on Medicaid have already exhausted all their assets before they qualify.

Some states have filial laws on the books to go after the assets of the family. OH is one.

Nope, no solution. When Ponzi schemes unravel it's messy. Maybe the U.S. defunds the military?


You can qualify for Medicaid and still keep your personal residence. When you die, Medicaid files a claim for reimbursement for the cost of the care provided through Medicaid.
From my personal experience, my mother's nursing home care cost $102,000/year. She was not on Medicaid. We moved her to assisted living and brought in Hospice Care for the last year of her life. It cut the costs in half and she was much happier. Hospice was covered through Medicare.


@ reese:

Based on the current situation, we need to know little about Medicaid reimbursement. I know only second hand from the experience of others.

At the nursing home with which I am familiar, I was informed that over 90% of the residents were on Medicaid.

Also, quite familiar with hospice. It is not an option.

Thanks for sharing.


i know that most dems will not understand this but will give it a shot!

"Fathom the hypocrisy of a government that requires every citizen to prove they are insured... but not everyone must prove they are a citizen." Now add this, "Many of those who refuse, or are unable, to prove they are citizens will receive free insurance paid for by those who are forced to buy insurance because they are citizens."

prez o supporters are........nuts!


Illegal immigrants will not be able to receive free insurance and will not be covered under Obamacare. Where did you get that idea?
Those who refuse to purchase insurance, will pay a penalty/tax for not purchasing insurance, because both groups of people will still receive medical care when they need it, and someone has to pay for it...doctors, nurses, hospital administrators and other staff don't work for free. The supplies and technology that are used, still must be paid for.

More people will be contributing toward the cost of healthcare in this country, more people will be taking responsibility for the cost of their health care because it will be more affordable to lower/middle income people, so there will be less of a burden on those who have always paid for their insurance or their healthcare, which essentially was always paying for everyone else who didn't.

Are you not for more people taking personal responsibility for their health care? Are you not for more people having access to preventative care, which will reduce healthcare costs by preventing disease or catching problems before they reach the point where the care for it is very expensive?


Excellent, Reese. To add, the penalty will NOT be paid if a family/person is at or below the poverty line. Its a good idea if people would read facts and understand policy before they say things they are not correct about.


has someone told the states of california, arizona and texas that illegals won't get free medical care? probably not because right now the medical cost is bankrupting california and arizona is right behind.

lmao at people taking responsibility for their healthcare. have you been to the store lately? have you noticed the junk people are eating? the majority of all people who will be participating will have their premiums subsidized so just who will be paying their premiums? as a small business owner that provides health benefits to my employees, i have put them on notice. it is unfortunate but the plans thay have are "cadillac" plans and will be subjected to penalty/tax. not this boy as i already pay to much to the feds.

the best thing the gov't can do for preventative health care is to severely limit what people on the food card can purchase! they now have almost unlimited range on foods, can use their cards at many fast food places etc. this is a two fold problem. one, the people are not getting nutritional foods which #2, then leads to bad health. guess who gets to pay for that!! nah, people won't take responsibility. they don't have to as long as prez o continues to be santa claus!

no, obamacare is not the answer.


mikel's complain seems to be about economic justice. Are we to believe that the Republicans are better at economic justice than the Demoncrats? That's absurd. Republicans sneer at the idea of economic justice for the working class and call it communism, but shreek when the wealthy are asked to pay their fair share.


i have asked many of times and NO one has answered. so, here we go again! just what is the "fair share" the wealthy should pay and why? if they make $2 mil and are taxed at a rate of 35% that is $700,000. that is not fair how?

bored reader

Illegal aliens will receive free care. They need only show up at the ER where they'll be fixed up at our expense. Either way, the taxpayers foot the bill.


Perhaps. But not because of Obamacare, and not because of Obama.


Oh, cut it out, mikel. "If you don't agree with me, you're ....nuts!"


Swamp Fox

mikel did you realize that Democrats required all DNC delegates to show photo ID to participate at the Democratic National Convention and yet they fight any attempt to mandate photo ID at the polls.


Really, you don't know the difference?
Of course there were security measures in place at the DNC.
The photo ID requirement for voting is a deliberate attempt to suppress voting. Limiting early voting is a deliberate attempt to suppress voting. Purging registered voter roles is an attempt to suppress the vote.
If someone could figure out a system that would require positive identification of a person who wants to vote that would be equally accessible to all who were eligible to vote, I'm sure that there would be more support for it.

But, since the intent was to suppress the vote, the Republicans have not come up with an ID system that is easily accessible to all and would not suppress the vote. It shocks me that so many Americans who are so concerned about their "rights as Americans" would support actions that so blatantly attempt to take away the precious right to vote of many fellow Americans.


really reese? suppress voting? you need a photo id for living your life! drivers license? car insurance? want a beer? a plane ticket? use a credit card? write a check? open a bank account? get a fast cash loan? rent a car? many pharmacies card. the list goes on and on. voter suppression is a bull_shit excuse and you guys know it.


Republicans have already admitted voter suppression is the intent of the voter ID laws. They understand that many low income people, seniors, college students, and high school students don't have access to the appropriate photo ID's...some don't own cars, don't have driver's licenses, don't have credit cards, don't write checks in stores where they would have to show ID's, don't have bank accounts, don't buy beer, and don't get fast cash loans, rent cars or fly in airplanes. Yes, and they get by without doing all those things.


The last thing we need is someone showing ID to vote. How would Libocrits pull off stuff like this:

Wendy Rosen, the Democratic challenger to Republican Rep. Andy Harris in the 1st Congressional District, withdrew from the race Monday amid allegations that she voted in elections in both Maryland and Florida in 2006 and 2008.

Because as they have told us time and time again, THERE IS NO VOTER FRAUD!


Well, Pete, you have found one instance of voter fraud. Good for you!


@ reese:

Voter fraud is like cockroaches - if ya see one, there's hundreds more in the walls somewhere.

Harry Reid once referred to illegals as "undocumented Americans." Who needs "documented" voters right?


reese - really? those who only want to complain won't get an id. a college student without a valid id? yeah, right. my poor, poor mother! she doesn't have a drivers license nor a car, uses either a walker or a wheelchair, doesn't get out of the house exception of doctor appt, dentist, church. but, she DOES have a valid id!! really, reese, it's not that hard. the people that don't have one are to lazy and would rather sit their a$$ at home watching tv or feeding their face. there is no excuse!


Good for your mother! There are many other seniors who don't have transportation. Many don't even know they won't be able to vote without an ID. It is difficult for them just get to the polls to vote. New voter ID requirements just throw up one more barrier.
Republicans understand the hardship they are creating for these groups of people. That is why they are doing it.


If it is such a hardship to get to the polls, then why don't they just vote by mail?

Isn't that what it was designed for?

Any qualified elector may vote by absent voter’s ballot for an election.

How do I apply?

· You may appear in person at the Board Office, apply and vote approximately 35 days prior to an election.

· You may print and complete the application for an absentee ballot available online and mail it to the Board of Elections.

· You may call the Board of Elections and request that an application for an absentee ballot be mailed to you.

· You may write to the Board of Elections and request an absentee ballot, giving the following information :

Seems they can do this with a simple phone call or letter to the board of elections.