BGSU Firelands salaries behind the curve

BGSU Firelands educators face a frustrating formula -- one not even the university's top mathematicians can decipher.
Andy Ouriel
Sep 23, 2012


BGSU Firelands educators face a frustrating formula -- one not even the university's top mathematicians can decipher.

Even with comparable degrees and qualifications, many Firelands professors and employees earn considerably less than their counterparts at BGSU's main campus, according to a Register analysis of the university's recent payroll data.

The Register reviewed gross pay earned by the university's nearly 3,200 employees last year. Collectively, the group earned $138 million.

Athletic coaches at the main campus are among BGSU's highest-paid employees.

Head football coach Dave Clawson is BGSU's highest-paid worker -- he raked in about $352,000 last year.

To ensure an apples-to-apples comparison, the Register reviewed the salaries of employees in the same departments or offices at either location -- the main campus in Bowling Green, or the Firelands campus in Huron Township.

The finding: The average salary of an employee at the main campus outpaces the Firelands employee in every case except for one.

The typical history educator at Firelands, for instance, earns about $24,400 a year, or roughly half the $45,900 that a history educator at the main campus earns.

At $157,000, BGSU Firelands Dean Bill Balzer earned more than anyone else at his campus last year.

Still, at the main campus in Bowling Green, 31 officials received more money than Balzer.

Read more about the salary gap, including the status of union negotiations, pick up Sunday's Register.


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It is pretty sad that the university claims it is in a financially hard spot at the moment because of cuts on state funding, yet they have a $352,000 a year football coach.


I expect that bulk if not all if the football coach's salary is from the athletic budget (gate revenues, broadcast rights, etc.) rather than from general funds (state appropriations, tuition & fees, interest on investments, etc,). However, if the coach is a member of the faculty and thus expected to teach classes or has administrative duties, that's another story.

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Who says they are underpaid???
Maybe the other staff is OVERPAID!!!
When is enough ever enough???

real talk

BGSU main campus is on par with other universities as far as pay goes. Firelands is far below that. Main campus treat staff as second class citizens just as they treat the students.


As like most schools the wages and benefits of teachers make up the majority of the cost of going to school. Local school systems budgets are at least 80% based on wages and benefits.

Pay the teachers for more college. It's pretty simple.

Firelands is a great start for college students and teachers. If you want more you have to move on.



You have it just about right. I have had several family members take classes at Firelands; all moved on to places like the main BGSU campus, Capital University, University of Toledo, and The Ohio State University. All made the transition to the larger schools very easily. For me, I have moved from teaching in smaller then larger high schools then to smaller universities until I'm now a full professor as well as an administrator at a Big 10 school. All positions required a significant change of location

Any move I made required more professional expertise/experience, higher academic degrees, and greater teaching/research ability. I did not make those moves for the same pay!