Couples sue Border Patrol, Wakeman police over detainment

Four local Hispanic residents are suing the U.S. Border Patrol and Wakeman police for illegally detaining them and assaulting them, according to a lawsuit filed Thursday in U.S. District Court.
Jessica Cuffman
Sep 22, 2012

Four local Hispanic residents are suing the U.S. Border Patrol and Wakeman police for illegally detaining them and assaulting them, according to a lawsuit filed Thursday in U.S. District Court.

A Norwalk couple and a Sandusky couple allege they were illegally interrogated for 14 hours, following a 6 a.m. traffic stop in Wakeman on Feb. 23, 2011, according to the 20-page lawsuit.

The couples claim the agents and police violated their Fourth and Fourteenth Amendment rights.

Border Patrol agents detained the two men and two women until about 8 p.m., when they took them to the Seneca County jail. In that 14-hour span, the agents repeatedly denied their requests for attorneys and also threatened them when they wouldn’t say they were from Mexico, the lawsuit states.

Agents also threatened to take away their children and indefinitely detain them at the Border Patrol station, which at the time was in Sandusky, according to the lawsuit.

It’s still unclear if the couples were undocumented residents.

Read more on the suit in Saturday's Register.



@deertracker  a white woman refused to sit in the same car as my son in law and my beautiful granddaughter at cedar point. she was already in the car and when the operator sat them in the other half she got up and said i dont think so and got back in line!!! my granddaughter is 3  i hoped she never had to deal with  any racist crap but that is not our world

Phil Packer

 Would any of you drive around in another country with no ID, no passport, no "papers?" Are they THAT stupid, or maybe, just illegal?

The truth is that we are ALL here illegally if we're not native "Americans." 

Cracked Cherry

 La Migra!!!


No habla español.


No habla español.


What many of you are arguing are points of law but you are forgetting the very first points of this entire matter: 1. the lady driving had "NO license...just papers that she left at home" (her statement to the first officer). When he asked the men in the car, none of them had a drivers license either. 2. The men refused to answer any questions the first officer asked. "Where they were going, where they came from\, Where they lived". None of them would answer him, including the lady driving. That is why he called the Border patrol to begin with. This isn't rocket science. The police officer tried to get them to tell him and they did not cooperate.
That does not make me believe these people were citizens of this country. So they don't deserve to be treated as US Citzens which means all the arguments on their civil rights is moot. They have no US Constitutional rights at all. PERIOD. They can be detained, questioned and possiby deported by the Border Patrol if need be. They could have come into this country illegally by many methods. If, down by Willard, they were probably working the farms. Many of them come in illegally and then return to Mexico. They have NO rights or defense. This suit will probably be tossed.


Wiredmama, they are humans in America, they have rights and protected by the Constitution, like it or not.


Excuse me. The Constitution of the United States was written to protect AMERICAN CITIZENS. It does not protect those people who are NOT American citizens on this soil. Contrary to what YOU think, the constitution of this country does not protect people who are here illegally or visiting this country. The Constitiution is written ONLY for citizens and our laws are written to protect our citizenry only....they do NOT protect the people who come here to visit or come here illegally.
The woman ADMITTED she had "papers at home". Which indicates to me she had visas or papers allowing her into this country for a temporary time period. That does NOT make her a citizen of this country. She does not have access or rights to our laws, our protection or our legal system.
This lawsuit that she and her friends are filing will probably not even make it past the first hearing as they are not citizens only temporarily allowed to be here under a visa.
Had they all answered the questions they were asked truthfully they probably would not have been detained as long as they were and had they cooperated, they would have been released sooner. But apparantly they didn't. From the sounds of what I read, they were very uncooperative.
So do not confuse the rights of citizens with the righs of temporary visa workers with citizens. They have NO AMERICAN RIGHTS whatsoever. They are Mexican citizen allowed to temporarily work within the US with no US rights whatsoever.

There HUMAN rights were no violated anyway. They were not tortured.


Dear Sandusky Register..... I love the changes you've made. Makes things alot easier to follow in the comments section. (As soon as people comprehend that when you reply to a comment, you simply click "reply" and your reply will appear under the comment in question). Thank you


Illegal immigrants are not immigrants, they are criminals.


THANK you, richrs. That is EXACTLY the point.