REGISTER VIEWPOINTS: What happened to Sandusky's 2008?

It was just about a year ago we took a look in this space at what needed to happen in 2008. The previous year, we sai
Sandusky Register Staff
May 24, 2010


It was just about a year ago we took a look in this space at what needed to happen in 2008.

The previous year, we said, had been one of talking the talk. In 2008, we had to walk the walk.

Did we?

We'll rehash what we said Jan. 6, 2008:

-- "Many good things got underway in 2007. The Chesapeake condo project got tenants, and more people are buying units. Voters in Sandusky and Port Clinton gave the go-ahead to substantial reorientations of their waterfronts."

Chesapeake has people living in it. The developer disappeared from the Port Clinton project and secrecy and suspicion are a cancer on Sandusky's Marina District plans.

-- "Talks began in earnest to see how the area could benefit from an airstrip NASA Plum Brook wants to bring in heavy equipment for space environment testing."

And we're still talking. Huron County commissioners, anxious at the start of the year to not lose the county's airport, have at least said to the other entities in the discussion: "Show us what's in it for Huron County." They're at the table, and they deserve an answer.

-- "Sandusky and Perkins Township began talking, seriously, about locating their respective police departments in one building -- and combining emergency dispatch operations even sooner than that ... Really, how many of us could have imagined, a few years ago, Sandusky and Perkins Township would talk together about anything, as equals?"

Well, that's even more difficult to imagine lately, as suspicion and recrimination about that, combined with decades-old resentments and turf-guarding, helped cost two police chiefs their jobs. The good news: The idea of regional dispatch is at least still alive and there are two examples -- Huron and Margaretta townships and a loose alliance of townships in Huron County -- that show cooperating and communicating is not all that difficult.

-- "A common thread that runs through many of the projects that began, or at least began in earnest, in 2007 is the degree of regional cooperation they involve."

What helped stall 2008's promise? From here, it looks like the same old suspicion and resistance to change. It's true not all change is good, but resisting change for resistance's sake is at least as bad as embracing change simply for change's sake. To paraphrase a wise man, the future's going to get here whether we want it or not.

-- "Seeds were sown in 2007, seeds of cooperation and potential. These ideas need to be nurtured, championed, worked. They need strong leaders to continue the daily work to move them to completion. We can have a future, and these seeds can get us there, but they need focus and hard work to make them bear fruit."