LETTER: High-caliber people at animal shelter

When times are good, we need good people, but when times are bad, we need even better people and they are there. When my moth
Sandusky Register Staff
May 24, 2010


When times are good, we need good people, but when times are bad, we need even better people and they are there.

When my mother passed away early this year, not only did I have many decisions to make, but many items to relinquish. Many of the possessions were of sentimental value, as I had lived in the home since being adopted as a baby by Arthur and Regina Taber. I wanted everything to go where it would do the most good and be appreciated, as I know that is what "Mama T." would want.

I decided to donate to several organizations; clothing and some furniture going to charities to be used by others, and many items going to the Erie County Humane Society to be sold at one of the many fund raising events.

While stopping to make a donation of supplies, Amy Porter, manager of the shelter, asked if she could return something without upsetting me, upon returning from her office, she handed me items that were found in the donations. There were several credit cards, drivers license, and a soft cloth pouch. Looking in the pouch, I found something unexpected: some jewelry of my mothers, a diamond ring, ear ings, and a bracelet.

How great it is to know there are good, honest, and compassionate people in the world and how blessed we are to have this caliber of people caring for our homeless four legged friends.

Boyd A. Taber


Cowardly crime

On Dec. 12, my mom shopped at the Kroger store on Perkins Avenue. She was parked in a handicapped parking spot. While she was unloading her groceries, some desperate low-life stole her purse. She was told by Kroger that security cameras don't reach that far in the parking lot. (I don't understand that either). She had to go to the police department to file a report.

Now mind you, my mom is 78 years old. (Sorry Mom). It wasn't just the cash that was stolen, it was credit cards, identity papers, her cell phone, Medicare card and personal belongings. If the thug would have just taken the cash and left the purse, that would have been fine. He could not have used anything else anyway, since all were canceled. What a great inconvenience it was for my mom and daughter-in-law to take care of this mess.

So Merry Christmas to the creep who stole the purse. I hope the cash was used to buy a present for someone in the spirit of the season. To other ladies, please be watchful of your purses and surroundings. Please don't let yourself become a victim of this cowardly crime.

Deb Hasenmeier