Triple murder suspect has violent past

Curtis Clinton had no trouble with Sandusky police in the seven months since his release from prison - until Monday.
Emil Whitis
Sep 12, 2012

Curtis Clinton had no trouble with Sandusky police in the seven months since his release from prison — until Monday.

Sandusky police records show officers may have been unaware the 41-year-old convicted killer was living in this area.

Apart from his regular check-ins with the Erie County Sheriff’s Office, as he’s required to do as a registered sex offender, Clinton seemed to fly under the radar.

One week ago, a 17-year-old girl told Sandusky police Clinton had forcibly raped her at his Campbell Street apartment — the same apartment he used as his address in the sex offender registry.

On Monday, Sandusky police arrested him as the sole suspect in Saturday’s triple homicide on John Street.

It appears as if Clinton didn’t change much in the 13 years he spent in prison, locked behind bars on the maximum sentence for involuntary manslaughter and two assault charges, for which he was convicted in 1999.

He was originally charged with murder for the 1997 killing in Wood County of 18-year-old Misty Keckler, according to Toledo Blade stories during court proceedings at the time.

Keckler’s naked body was found in a bathtub, her feet and hands tied behind her back, according to court records.

Investigators later determined Keckler was killed before Clinton submerged her body in the bathtub.

His attorneys said she had died while the two were having consensual sex — Clinton had accidentally choked Keckler to death.

Sandusky police suspect Clinton strangled Heather Jackson, 23, and her two children, Celina, 3, and Wayne, 18 months.

Jackson’s body was found naked under a mattress. Autopsy results due this week may confirm investigators’ suspicions.

Police said there are no signs Jackson was sexually assaulted.

The autopsy report may provide further details on that, too.

In the Wood County killing, defense attorneys said there was no way to prove Clinton had deliberately killed Keckler, according to the Toledo Blade story. 

At the time, prosecutors said if the case had gone to trial, two of Clinton’s former girlfriends were prepared to testify that he choked them or was otherwise physically violent during sex, or when they refused to have sex with him.

In 1999, Clinton pleaded guilty to the lesser charge of involuntary manslaughter.

He was also convicted of two counts of assault on a police officer after allegedly attacking jail guards when he was behind bars, awaiting trial for killing Keckler.

In a separate case — before he was ever indicted in Keckler’s death — Clinton pleaded guilty to unlawful sexual conduct with a minor  for an incident involving a 14-year-old girl.

He was 27 at the time.

For that crime, he was labeled a registered sex offender and sentenced to 16 months in prison, which he served while awaiting trial in Keckler’s death.

He was finally released from prison in February.

He immediately returned to Sandusky, the town where he grew up and  has family, assistant police Chief John Orzech said.

He registered his address within three days of his release, as required by Ohio law.

Until last week, he had had no run-ins with police.

Neighbors at his Campbell Street apartment, where Clinton rented a second-story unit, described him as a seemingly nice guy, although he had a penchant for using his white Cadillac to lure young girls.

One neighbor, asking to remain anonymous, called Clinton a “loner.”

He said Clinton would offer a smile and wave, but he never conversed much with other residents.

Downstairs neighbor Gene Eck, 51, agreed — he said Clinton always seemed too busy for more than an exchange of pleasantries.

Clinton’s mother, who identified herself as Mrs. Cole, said Clinton was a busy man. She said he held down three jobs, working at American Quality Stripping, the Thirsty Pony and Krunchie Pickle.

An unidentified bartender at the Thirsty Pony remembers Clinton as a “really nice guy.”

She said she was shocked when she heard he’d been charged with murder.

The bartender said a co-worker ran into Clinton a few days ago at the mall. Clinton made friendly small talk about getting fired and then walked off, the bartender said.

“It’s just crazy,” she said. 

Thirsty Pony owner Mike Sortino, on the other hand, couldn’t remember much about Clinton, who worked at the business for less than a month before he was fired.

Sortino wouldn’t say what Clinton did to get fired, and he refused to comment further.

“Nobody wants to be associated with something like this,” Sortino reasoned.

Meanwhile, Cole said her son is a “loving and caring son” incapable of killing someone.

She said she’s outraged by the allegations.

“I’m pissed off,” Cole said. “This whole situation is unexpected.”



Wow. His mother is pissed off? What about heathers mother? What about heathers father? What about her entire family? This whole situation is "unexpected"? Really? How is it so unexpected? Didnt he just get out of prison for this same thing in February? Obviously not a loving and caring man if he can put his hands around a humans neck and hold until there is no breath left. Especially 2 innocent children. How would "Mrs. Cole" feel if someone had taken her sons life away at such a young age? Would she have been a little more "pissed off" then? For her to have any empathy for this psycho path makes her just as sick and twisted. Heathers family has the right to be "pissed off", the community has the right to be "pissed off", his mother? Not so much. I, along with the entire community Im sure, hope he gets exactly what he deserves, which is not compensation enough for what was lost here, but maybe then his mother will understand just a small amount of pain that Heathers family is feeling. RIP Heather and your beautiful babies. Now you can keep them from all evil.


The print edition described it as a "violent attack".  What's the difference between violent and brutal? She refused to "press charges" not cooperate.  There is a difference.  LE blew it on this one.

Dumpster _Dive_...

Hmmm .... Looks like the monster is wearing a bullet proof vest in the photo. (above)

In a court room,  surrounded by police officers,  the monster wears a bullet proof vest to keep this monster safe? 

--->The court should allow the Brother of Mrs Jackson ( 5 ) - minutes alone with this Monster. The Brother could replay the "Hand and Neck Manuver "  with this Monster.  

---> It would  prevent the Jackson family from having to re-live this whole nightmare (for years to come) when they sit through this trial.

---> Justice would be SERVED!

Open memo to Mama of the Monster ----

Upholding your son for these brutal murders is right down sickening. Shame on you! 

( wondering where is the Monsters Daddy?)


Seen it All

@ wired.. I'm sorry but your comment that he reported to the Sheriff and NOT SPD, therefore, they had no idea just don't hold water due to the simple fact any joe blow with a computer can find out this man's criminal history.  And if the SPD brought his name up on their computer, I'm sure they would have MORE detailed info on him than any of us could ever get!


With this all connected and wired up world, your logic sucks, wiredmoma222. I call BS on your part and the SPD, as well..


@ Kaeme.....those rapes you are talking about came up AFTER he was arrested, not before. Don't you find it odd that they were not mentioned prior to his arrest?  I do.  And I am NOT defending him,  Just find it odd that these girls didn't mention them prior to his arrest.   There was ONE call to his apartment, not several and the police don't do a FULL BACKGROUND CHECK when they come to a call, just a LEADS check which is basic.  

Justme and luvblues.  Yes, any fool with a computer can get anything on an arrest or a sex offender.....when that is what you are looking for.  But that isn't what they were looking for.   THINK.  That does not pop up if you are not looking for it.  

The SHERIFF is responsible for taking in all the sex offender registrations.  His office is then to notify all other offices where that person lives.  NOW.  Either his office didn't do it, or the Sandusky PD didn't do anything about notification to it's officers.  Either way...someone missed the ball.  

But until they find out WHO, you cannot single out JUST the SPD.  Did tthe sheriff not notify the SPD?  Or did someone down at the SPD not notify the officers?  

Either way you cannot just pull that up on your computer at the office folks.  That isn't how the SPD computer works.  So don't tell me that is how the SPD computers get their info....not by a long shot.  

As for the SPD being able to prevent this murder...that is just STUPID.  This is a tragic situation and it couldn't have been prevented by the police any more than YOU could have sprouted wings and flown round your house tops. 

Shame on the SR for printing such a story.  And shame on people for believing it.   


@ Wiredmama, it shows character to admit you have been wrong.  But of course, you wont.  But naturally you will contradict. 

One of your posts says SPD could not do anything to get Clinton off the street and in another you agree that LE missed the ball.  

LE databases carry an unbelievable amount of information about you, especially in the event that you have ever been arrested and or convicted of a crime.  And even more reliable, these data servers are all linked together.  Yep, these are not regular "computers at the office, folks".  These are your standard law enforcement information sharing databases. 

If you have a warrant in another state, it comes up. 

If you are known to carry a weapon, it comes up. 

If you have ever been in possession of drugs, it comes up. 

If you are registered as a sex offender, BOINGO!! comes up! 

Just by running the name. 

Thats it!  

Easy, Peasy, 1-2-3's-ee!!

             "As for the SPD being able to prevent this murder...that is just STUPID. This is a tragic situation and it couldn't have been prevented by the police ...."

Is the point NOT to arrest violent criminals and get them off the street in order to prevent them from committing MORE violent crimes?? Or did we have a meeting to stop doing this? 

If he had been arrested and the judge had been made aware of his criminal past and the fact that victim of the choking rape was in fear of retaliation from Clinton, he would have most likely been held in jail with NO BOND (or 3 mil, what have you) and three lives would have spared.  No matter how you slice it.  It doesnt take a crystal ball, tarot cards, psychic readings, tea leaves to know that if he had been off the street he couldnt hurt anyone else.  This IS how we do it!!  THIS COULD HAVE BEEN PREVENTED!! 

Did they HAVE to know he might MURDER 3 people?

NO!! But he could have RAPED AND CHOKED 3! 

And finally, re: SR printing a story that suggest that LE dropped the ball.  I didnt see it and I couldnt find the one you might be referring to.  Some of us do not to be led to the water, wiredmama.  Some of us simply needed to be aware that Clinton was implicated 5 days prior for a rape of a 17 year old girl.  And 5 days later he remained out walking the streets free to commit murder.   

It was a mistake.  An unfortunate mistake that cost 3 people their lives. 



I have heard countless times on my scanner local LE agencies running a persons name for a traffic stop and they advise the officer that the person is a registered sex offender right away. If SPD did their due diligence when they went to his apt. to check on the noise complaints they would've known who he was and what he was about.



Really, wiredmama222? I can set my computer up to alert me for an email or a PM or even this website. Are you trying to tell me the SPD can't do the same?


Edited for content.


his mother is a joke! how can you not believe your son is capable of killing after he already killed someone else in the exact same way? and then put her in a bathtub with her hands and feet tied behind her back! are you kidding me? she should have known, since hes been doing this his entire life! even back in the day before he raped and killed that other girl! please! too bad nick didnt get ahold of him first! and all of you people defending him and talking crap about heather should also have a run in with nick! get your stuff together! too many losers commenting on all of this! get a life!

Seen it All

@ wired... re: 

@ Kaeme.....those rapes you are talking about came up AFTER he was arrested, not before. Don't you find it odd that they were not mentioned prior to his arrest? I do. And I am NOT defending him, Just find it odd that these girls didn't mention them prior to his arrest.  

PLEASE stop blaming the victims here!  Those rapes were reported PRIOR to his arrest, and it is NOT the victims fault that they are now just being investigated!!!!!  Think about it.


The other rapes were mentioned PRIOR to his arrest.  The girls could not identify Clinton until the mugshot was shown AFTER his arrest for the murders.  The description of the incidents were similar to each other.  In this case, the local LE could not do much to investigate these rapes because the attacker was not able to be identified, which says that he does not only rape acquantances.

In this situation it is too bad that the girls were not able to look through a databook of mugshots of all sex offenders from the area.  Of course, if the information regarding Clintons registered sex offender address was not forwarded through the proper channels, he would not have appeared.

stop the madness

Out of respect for this case I have kept quiet until today however since the Register ONLY likes to point out facts that they have no concrete information on, I feel compelled as a family friend to the minor victim and her family, to point some of these out and than maybe some of you can quit judging the SPD as well as the victims. After I point these out I will decide who's ignorant comments I would like to touch on.....

SR- Showed up at Bellevue hospital and medical staff collected a rape kit as well as DET picking it up from the Bellevue hospital- FALSE Small town hospitals do not have the means to complete full rape kits. Victim's are sent to bigger city hospitals.

SR Said that the victim was talked to on 9/5 by child protective services - False, meeting was not held until 9/6/12. However the victim and her family cooperated from the start. The visit to the hopsital was willingly, the reporting of the rape was willingly, ALL THE MEETINGS that is required to be completed was done willingly. Who would have known within a day the monster would murder a family and cause even more damage to lives? The last I checked a victim taking a day to think about it does not typically reflect as such a tragic outcome. The law nor the 17 yo is to blame. HE IS!!

SR ( in todays)- Clintons neighbor told the register he regulary had young women and girls in and out of the apt and the register has a side note underneath with "One of those girls are likely the 17 yo girl"- FALSE for your information that girl had just met that MONSTER that day through a childhood friend who until that week had no contact for years due to the "friend" moving...a friend that proves  to not really be any type of friend.

SR ( in todays)- Through Clinton's gf the victim had learned of his past and the SR gave details of the tragic death in 1997 of Misty Keckler- FALSE The victim had no informatiom of the brutal murder that had taken place. After the rape was reported and a name given a family member searched him in the offenders list which he did NOT come up with in the  name search, it was only through address search. The family inquired on the inv. manslaughter charge and asked if it had anything to do with the assult and corruption of a minor and was told it would be checked.After the tragic murders of the Jackson family the victim and her family were informed of the brutal murder that took place in 1997. Which in that case also  a friend was who introduced the poor victim to this MONSTER

Now onto the ignorant comments made by a couple of spectator's

Wired Mommma 222: Secondly, it was not a "brutal" rape as any of you are saying.  I don't know where you got that informtion, but it isn't in any of the paperwork I saw so far.  It was listed of other, but not about her.  She simply said it was "rape".  REALLY you were there??? When a victim still has strangulation marks on their neck 4 days after the rape and the police were still able to very much so see these. I am thinking strangulation of any type to anyone is BRUTAL!!

Dumpster Dive: The 17 years old girl is still a minor. What about her parents? Most responsible parents would want this Monster-boy  to be brought to justice at any cost.? Right? You are right most responsible parents would and that is exactly WHAT her mother did immediately (and without giving away private details that is really none of your businesess) upon finding her battered traumatized child.

And for the general statements suggesting this girl was a prostitute, a druggie and he had what she needed, ummm let me think of what else OH yeah at the least she consented to sex.... Please do not speak to things that you are judging someone who came across the path of a monster. She is completly opposite to all of these statements. One more thing for all of you saying even if it was consensual he could have gotten statutory rape...check your law book ( or degree) the law was changed in 2010 and the age of 16 is consent. Howvever that is NOT the case here and the fact of the matter is for those of you that want to judge the girl.....all I can say is watch your kid when a childhood NEIGHBOR appears on your door step after 3 years of being away. That same girl may bring a monster in your child's path!

Now I know some of you will still want to see it your way and feed into the "headlines" but hopefully you never have to stand in anyone of these victim's shoes.




Bellevue Hospital is  one of the biggest in a  4 county area.  It serves Bellevue , Clyde and Fremont  etc.  Why no full rape kit? 

Makes no sense

stop the madness

I am not sure why Bellevue would be incapable of doing a rape kit however they are, that my friend is a fact. Call Bellevue and ask them why they do not have a rape crisis center. I am sure if Clinton would have been out longer than 7 mos there may have been enough victims to start a dept and not send victims 45 miles away. The bigger city hospitals (not county) have a special department with nurses and doctors that specialize in rape.


  useless bigger


 Sentence that worthless piece of crap to the death penalty!

Seen it All

@wired.. sorry, I have call *BS* on your recent statement:

All along I have been encouraging everyone not to blame her or hold her accountable about any of this. (had she had him arrested, the other girl would still be alive was the accusations. I kept saying don't blame her).

The story about the teen broke at 9:00 am on Tues, and before 9:30 you had this to say about it:


The girl was raped but didn't want to press charges????? She let this go????? OMG, had she pressed charges on this guy, the three would be alive. WHY did she hesitate?

And they can't do anything because the is of consenting age.....sh39

Your words wired, NOT mine!   And perhaps if the detective who was handed the first rape case done his job, the second rape, and even this young 17 yr old would not of been violently attacked! 

You appear to feel very indifferent to rape victims. Perhaps you should volunteer at a rape crisis center, and see how truly horrible these crimes are, and how devastating they are to girls who have endured such an awful thing and educate yourself.  I hope it never happens to someone you love!


@ seen it all......I will answer both your questions.....first of all, I am NOT indifferent to rape cases nor victim...I was one.  I learned the hard it.  You NEVER let the person who raped you get away with it Missy....never. No matter how hard it is to tell what happened you NEVER let that person get away with it.  I am not indifferent to it, I have been there, done that.  So do not speak to me about what you don't understand....EVER. I have no patience with woman who have been raped and then stand there and use ever excuse under the sun to NOT report the rape that has happened.  I was 17 when it happened to me.  The hardest thing I ever had to do was tell.  But I did and it wasn't fun.  But it kept someone else from going through what I went through. 

When I first heard it about this girl,  I thought like everyone else.  Then I had time to think about it and realized no one should blame her. And started defending her.  SOOOOOO, I did.  Is that a problem for you?  It should not be. You and I seldom see eye to eye.  I expect we never will. 

Oh, yes, he would have been in jail for awhile, and then out.  He would NOT have relaliated against her. That is what I meant.  For a short time he would have been away from her. Then, when he got out, the police would have made SURE he was away from her.  That is what I meant....and YOU KNOW IT.  So don't be so smug and picky with my words.  You know exactly what I meant.  Why ask. when you knew the answer.. 

If I sound like I am impatient with women who are raped, I am with those who hesitate to report and press charges.  They only allow men to do it to someone else.  Yes, you are scared.  Yes, you think no one will believe you. 

Rape is not about sex, it is about POWER.  And YOU have the power. YOU have the right to stand up for yourself.  It made me stronger and made me understand that no man has the right to EVER, EVER take away your dignity, your honor or yourself from you.  Ever woman on Earth should learn that, but not at the hands of a rapist. 

So you can call your BS all you want. That is your right.  It just isn't correct. 

ok whatever

Wow wired you sure are fired up...however I do agree you go back and forth. And if you would read and let it sink in the girl DID report the rapes the same day it happened. I am not taking away from your own "alleged" rape, because really how do any of us really know it happened since it is only coming from you?? What I am saying is maybe you were not as afraid because on the other end was not a man obviously NOT afraid to murder. You say he would not have retaliated against her? Awww yes I must have missed where this man has any compassion and would have just left her alone. Maybe your rape wasn't as traumatic which to me any would be but since you seem to feel that all victims should feel as you did, than maybe there was a big difference in the two.

Seen it All

@ wired.. Here's another one that has me calling *BS*.  Tonight you say:

So answer me....why didn't she file charges since you know so much???? And please, not this "she feared retalitation"....he would have been in jail!!!!

And yesterday you said this:

Please do not tell me that by arresting him for raping that girl, he would have been in jail. Because he would have been right out on bail again within days. So that does not cut it.

I'm confused, would he have been in jail, or would he have been out on bond?  You can't have it both ways!

Enlighten us with your wisdom please...


How about putting some of  the blame on the  mother for letting  this  guy into her home that late at night.  There was no forced entry,  was there?    When her kids should have been sleeping.    Was she high or impaired?    She  was  drug addict , wasn't   she?   Why did she have custody  in the first place?      Valid questions.    Like it or not she bears  responsiblity,   too.     

It   doesn't mean I want him to fry any less.  but really,  she did nothing to protect  her kids or herself.     Sad fact.



@starryeyes....those are valid questions but wasn't she trying to stop the drug thing?

Seen it All

@wired.. I'm sorry if you feel under "attack" as I have never attacked you or anyone on this site. (Unless it was a family member/friend who just opened an account to defend the indefensible)  I was merely pointing out you have differing opinions about the same subject depending on if you are defending the SPD or attacking the victim.  And yes, you WERE attacking her, as she is already in a vulnerable state both emotionally and mentally.  You, being a survivor of rape should understand that more than anyone.  All 3 of these rapes WERE reported, so I don't understand why you keep going on about ALL rapes should be reported.  But after reading some of your comments about the "alleged" victims, it's easy to see why most rapes go unreported.

 I see you constantly questioning others opinions on here.  Do you feel as though you are attacking them when you do?  I hope not, as that would just be mean.  And for the life of me, I don't understand how you can say I attack you with regularity, as I do not comment on too many stories.  I've never felt the need to share my opinion on every article or topic.  But when it comes to a child being abused, or worse, I'm going to be here with my very opinionated self.

We ALL have opinions, that is what this comment section is for.  I guess I was just trying to figure out what yours was, as you did not make them clear with all the contradicting.  And one last thing, I don't know how on earth I, or anyone else is suppose to KNOW what you meant (as you stated I should) when you keep doing this.

I'm not here to fight or argue with anyone, just share my opinions like everyone else.  If you take those as a personal attack, I am sorry,  as they were not. I am just trying to figure out what your opinions REALLY are.


@seen it all.  Oh, yes.  Two sites, you posted he same thing!  You definitely attacked me.  You have done this before.  I told you.  I changed my position on her situation.  But that wasn't good enough for you.  You just kept right on going with it.  You couldn't accept that.  No, that wasn't good enough for you. One site wasn't good enough to make your point, you had to do it on two with your snide comments and your nasty remarks.

And you don't take that as a personal attack?  I do.  I don't do that to you and i dont attack others like that. 

I may state an opinion that goes contrary to others but I don't make snide comments like that one and I sure as heck don't go to two sites and make them like you did. 

When someone does that, it becomes personal.  So as far as I am concerned, it is personal.  I will remember that you DON"T understand rape victims one little bit.  You don't get where they come from or how hard it is for them to forget it.  Each person reacts differently. 

Yes, I do think all rape victims should report and file against their attackers.  It is the first step to healing.  Any good counselor will tell you it is the first step to getting your dignity back.  Maybe you don't know that. 

I am sorry that I changed my mind.  That I was wrong and said so.  Geeze.  I guess I should never had admitted that made a mistake.  How terrible of me. 


Mrs. Jackson very well may have been trying to stop the drug thing.    But,  you don't keep associating with  drug users  when you have children.    Why would you?  

Frankly, I  too,   wondered why she had custody of the kids  because of the drug usage.


Many lessons to be learned from this.   And from   Baby  Owen.

czechurself occurrs to me that no where in this text do I read where you PRESSED CHARGES.  Could you clear these things up for me? 

>>@ seen it all......I will answer both your questions.....first of all, I am NOT indifferent to rape cases nor victim...I was one. I learned the hard it. You NEVER let the person who raped you get away with it Missy....never. No matter how hard it is to tell what happened you NEVER let that person get away with it. I am not indifferent to it, I have been there, done that. So do not speak to me about what you don't understand....EVER. I have no patience with woman who have been raped and then stand there and use ever excuse under the sun to NOT report the rape that has happened. I was 17 when it happened to me. The hardest thing I ever had to do was tell. But I did and it wasn't fun. But it kept someone else from going through what I went through.

Are you suggesting in this next paragraph that you are just as close to the situation as a close family friend because you read it in the paper? LMAO

>>You stated you are a family "friend'. Were YOU there, or are you getting your information second hand, like the rest of us. We got ours from reports from the very paper you are telling us NOT to follow. You got yours from the mother of this girl, I would think

And could you clear this up also: Is fear of retaliation not an acceptable answer for you because you believe Clinton would have been in jail and the murders would not have been preventable because he would have gotten out of jail the next day?

Seen it All
Ok wired, you just feel the need to argue don't you?   First, I take offense to this statement you made '' I will remember that you DON"T understand rape victims one little bit. You don't get where they come from or how hard it is for them to forget it. Each person reacts differently."   Just because I don't come in here and spout off to the world that I was a rape victim doesn't mean I am NOT, and NOT understanding of them! I call that an "attack" on my character, because if you look through the stories on this subject, you will see that I have been NOTHING but compassionate towards all the rape victims. You, however, cannot say that you have. I remember you questioning if the other two were EVEN raped, let alone by THIS man, and some how wanting to make some sort of claim to fame with it now.  Even though their rapes were reported long before Clinton's arrest.  Next to the horrendous crimes themselves, this is by far the SICKEST thing I've read on these articles. And you wonder why women/girls don't report and press charges. REALLY?  After those comments, can you blame them?.   As you just stated, everyone handles it differently, yet you won't let a 17 yr old sleep on it without attacking her for not immediately pressing charges. GET REAL WOMAN!!


Seen it All

@ czechurself.. I found your posts to be VERY enlightening, unfortunately you are wasting your typing skills on wired. Although she does not want us to think of the SPD as GOD or in possession of a crystal ball. She, however, does not view them as HUMAN and capable of making mistakes, as all humans do make them.

  To hear her tell it the SPD didn't know he was a sex offender. I guess after they got Clinton's name, and ran it on their 1995 compaq computer with dial up access they are still waiting on his criminal history and sex offender status to come up. ????