VIDEO: Triple murder suspect Curtis Clinton booked

Curtis Clinton, 41, was booked Monday afternoon at the Erie County jail on charges of rape and aggravated murder.
Sandusky Register Staff
Sep 11, 2012


Curtis Clinton, 41, was booked Monday afternoon at the Erie County jail on charges of rape and aggravated murder.

The above is the jail video recording of Curtis entering the facility.



 That;'s right, Anne.  And get rid of the suicide watch shell he was wearing during the hearing today and let him do us all a favor

Seen it All

He looks good in that gown.. they should of made him wear it until this is all over with, then send him to prison in it!!   :)

Philo Consult

We should remember the terror and helplessness of the children as each was held for 4 minutes with him staring at them clasping their throats and their last thoughts on this planet, of their lives, of the unspeakable theft of any love in their last pitiful moments; of the vile glint of pleasure in his eyes.

We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us.

 Give him a belt for that gown. Maybe he can put it to good use  and if he has trouble sleeping give him a couple dozen ambien. 


WHY DO WE HOUSE THESE PEOPLE ? OVER AND OVER ....i think they should put a video of heather the babies slide show on the wall in his cell and let him hear babies crying ALL DAY LONG 



I agree


No slide show he doesn't deserve to see their beautiful faces...But a recording of crying babies while in a straight jacket could work :)


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If they had not released him after he killed the first time this might not of happened, alot of unaswered questioned on why he was released after murdering the 18 year old.

Seen it All

JULYSTAR.. the questions have been answered.  His murder charged was reduced to involuntary manslaughter in a plea deal with wood county. That's why the monster was able to kill again!!!!!  The plea deals with these types needs to STOP!


He should have never received that plea in Bowling Green becasue it was murder and not involuntary manslaughter.  This is so devastating that they could be alive it the court system had not given him a plea deal.  There is no cure for rapist & they should never be let out.  He raped over two people in seven months before he murdered three people.


No, This case will never be about a race card but he is a Psychotic Killer which has nothing to do with his race.  So, No Al or the NAACP will be involved but he will get an appointed lawyer from the state just like any other person.  Some people have brain damage which allows them not to have a conscience.  I worked with children for thirty years that didn't have a conscience and they came in all colors.