Clyde kids to have a say in new skateboard park

CLYDE Plans are being pulled together for Clyde's skate park that was approved for constructio
Sarah Weber
May 24, 2010



Plans are being pulled together for Clyde’s skate park that was approved for construction in 2009.

Parks and recreation manager Jim  Mason said he is getting in touch with designers to start choosing challenges to include at the Gus Wolf Park.

Several students in Clyde have offered their suggestions.

At a meeting last month, six students offered the city a wish list of challenges they would like to see at the park. City officials invited students to provide input in the park designs since the kids will be the ones enjoying the completed product. The youth will meet with city officials again next week to prioritize the requests and to brainstorm rules for the new park.

“We looked online at other parks and we figured out what we wanted to see at this park,” said Seth Owens, a ninth-grade student who acted as a spokesperson for the group.

He said he was frustrated it took six years’ worth of petitions to get the park underway, but he is glad the city is allowing the students to share their ideas. He said many kids in Clyde enjoy skating, but right now they have to use parking lots.

“There is nowhere else for us to go,” he said.

The list of challenges the students requested include a mini half-pipe with a runway, a roll-in, a quarter pipe, a fun box with a hubba (ledge) attached to it, a concrete picnic table, a spine transfer, a set of three stairs with railing, a manual pad with a rail, and a long flat bar rail.

While some of these challenges sound like exotic and painful medical procedures, Owens said the ramps and ledges would be fun for both beginning and advanced skaters.

“We thought of three stairs and a little rail, a medium rail and a taller rail for beginning skaters and then advanced skaters,” Owens said.

The students also said they liked that the city chose to build the park at Gus Wolf Park, because it will give them easy access to refreshments at the nearby Miller’s Super Value.

Mason said the city will likely have to wait until mid-summer before the ground at the park is dry enough to lay new blacktop.

“There shouldn’t be any problem getting it completed next year as long as we get the funding,” Mason said.

The city council approved a $70,000 budget for the park.