REGISTER VIEWPOINT: Discuss, discuss, discuss -- but act

"This is a democracy,' said City Commissioner Dan Kaman. "We should let it run its course.' H
Sandusky Register Staff
May 24, 2010


“This is a democracy,” said City Commissioner Dan Kaman. “We should let it run its course.”

He was talking about what to do about a referendum petition to block waterfront development, the latest chapter in Citizens for Responsive Government’s opposition to the Marina District project.

We’re more in tune with what Commissioner Brett Fuqua said: Taking action “is something we should at least discuss. I believe the city’s economy needs this ... We should discuss all options.”

Indeed. But the city has been discussing, and discussing, and discussing. Now there’s a referendum vote brought by project opponents, the second vote we’ll take on the project.

As of today, there’s no telling whether this is an obstacle or the end of the road for the Marina District. But whether it applies to the Marina District or whatever is next, to kick-start an ailing local economy into new life, we offer this advice:

We are a democracy, yes, but a representative democracy. We select city commissioners by popular ballot to represent our interests.

There is a time to discuss, and there is a time to act. If it’s too late for the Marina District, let’s hope we can reach the “time to act” stage with the next project — and the commissioners know the right thing to do, whatever it is.