Full video of Sandusky triple homicide press conference

Sandusky and Erie County officials hosted a press conference at 3:30 p.m. Monday to update residents on their investigation into the murder of Heather Jackson and her children. Police have arrested suspect Curtis Clinton, 40, of Sandusky.
Sandusky Register Staff
Sep 11, 2012


Sandusky and Erie County officials hosted a press conference at 3:30 p.m. Monday to update residents on their investigation into the murder of Heather Jackson and her children. Police have arrested suspect Curtis Clinton, 40, of Sandusky.

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Congratulations to the several police units that worked on this case together and made a fast arrest.  Nice work.  I hope this guy goes to trial quickly. 

Great work fellas.  Nice, fast and speedy.  Everyone can breath a sigh of relief that you caught the guy. 

Now, Mr Baxter.....get the death penalty....no plea deal.  A trial with no deal and a death penalty


I am so sick and tired of reading Wiredmama222's comments about the death penalty. While yes, eye for an eye is our natural reaction to such hideous and horrific crimes...we also have to put into consideration that it isn't "swift justice". It takes years and years, not to mention appeals process for a death row inmate's death to take place.

Just throwing it out there, since you seem to think that Baxter is responsible for that outcome...he is a kind and considerate prosecuter. So guess what Wiredmama222, when the families of murder victims don't want to go through the pain and torture of trials and testimonies...he LISTENS to them and relates to them. Why don't you think about that. Maybe Andrew Dunn's family didn't want to go through the years of trials and appeals just to put a man to death that would most likely die a natural death anyways. Maybe Julie was considering how IF...just IF he did get put to death, maybe she was considering the fact that her children would be grown and maybe she didn't want them sucked into the media and the emotional hardship.

So think about that and be more considerate with your comments. It isn't just his call. The family has a lot of influence on the outcome.

With that said, I believe in this case the family will not support a plea deal and I believe that Baxter will do everything to his fullest capability to see that justice is served. I agree that this is one case that should lead all the way to death row. But, if the family decides against it (I doubt they will), but if they do we as citizens should be supportive of their decisions to want a plea deal or not. They have a lot of suffering to do. You would be amazed how seeing the criminal who took your family memeber's life every single month, in a court room, while listening to bogus reports can take a toll on your emotional state.


@ Really Good.  With all due respect.  You have your opinions about the death penalty and I am certainly allowed to have mine. 

Personally, I think the death penalty is a good deternant to much of what is wrong in society today, especially murder. 

The Dunn family's decision to allow Kevin to take the plea deal was perfectly acceptable.  I totally understand that.  That isn't my problem.  My problem with Kevin goes far deeper than just THIS plea deal.  I will not discuss that on this site as it has nothing to do with this case other than to hope he does not do it again. 

I don't want to get into a discussion with you about Mr Baxter, however, because it isn't worth the verbage, nor is it appropriate here on this site.  It has nothing to do with this matter. 

As for what THIS man did, he deserves the death penalty. Oh, yes.  And he deserves the trial without any plea deal. 

I do not know how YOU know what the family will or will not support ,unless you are a family member?.  If you are, you have my sympathy. 

If Mr Baxter is willing to go the distance on this, good for him. Frankly, I will believe it when I see it.  Sorry, but I have seen one to many plea deals come out of his office and wonder why that is, instead of a real trial. 

I know.....you will argue that point....with everything you have.....that I am cold blooded, unfeeling about Mr Baxter, etc. 

I just don't feel the way you do.  I have known Kevin since high school.  I just have a different opinon of him than you.  Sorry.  It is what it is. 

I do know how upsetting and tiring and draining a full blown trial is.  I do know how awful it can be for all concerned and when done, you do not always feel better about the entire situation.  Closure is a myth with or without the trial.   

But there is justice at the end of the trial and THAT is what I want to see for the three who died.  And that means something to many of us out here and much more for the family....even if they do not know it right now. 

So if what I say in my postings bothers you, simply do not read them.  I have a right to say what I think and what I feel about this, just as you do.. I respect what you are saying, even if I disagree. 

Sorry if they make you uncomfortable or you don't like it.  Especially if my criticism of Mr. Baxter makes you mad or my expression of the Randleman trial offends you.  I understand the Randleman Plea.  And it isn't the only plea of which I speak for the final straw for many of us.

You go right on sticking up for Mr. Baxter.  He has a nice friend in you and that is great.  But you will just have to forgive me. 

I have a totally different opinion of good old Kevin.  It isn't that I hate him.  I don't. 

I just feel that sometimes, he and his office lets things get by him that he shouldn't.  

I am respecting your rights to have your opinions.  I ask that you allow me to have mine.  Even if you thik they are wrong, even if you know so.  Ok?     That sounds fair to me. 



My we just got one convicted of murder and not comes yet another. From what has been said we have one or more in the county jail on murder charges. Geesh Sandusky use to be a calm city but guess those days are done.

I think these plea deals are very common case. Look next door in Ottawa County with the man who brutally beat the man on South Bass Island and left him to die. These attorneys on both sides get into these preliminary hearings and then the judge and go into closed door meetings and out they pop with these plea deals. My client will plead this if you do this like save him from the death sentence etc etc. All of it happens not just in Erie County but in county after county in Ohio. Not a lot of folks who do murder another actually get the death sentence..........its sorta rare these days.





I would like to add something here.

I have had this happen in my family, my aunt was murdered in 1985.  The man that killed her had just been released from a prison stay of 10 years for MURDER.  He never made it to trial because he pulled a gun on a would be witness who was going to tesify against him, that witness shot him in self defense.  So death penalty or not, what Im saying is the monster who did this IS DEAD.  Yes, it gave my family some comfort, but  the demons this monster left behind for my family to fight will be a never ending battle.  It has been decades since this tragedy and when something like this happens such as with Heather, it has brought back flooding memories, emotions and anger.  You never get over something like this when it involves your loved ones.  You learn to live with it at best, some days are better than others, and some are not.  The emotional scars that this monster has left on Heather's family and friends will never be completely healed, no amount of counseling can ever take away the pain this monster has inflicted on all who knew the victims.  I pray that God will wrap his arms around this family and comfort them and carry them through this tragedy to the point where they can find some peace and if that means he gets the death penalty, then so be it.


It's not a matter of "your" opinion, it comes down to matter of facts. You don't just say "Hey Baxter, give this guy the death penalty!" And there it's granted. That's not how it works. Then go ranting on these blogs when a plea deal takes place. There is more that's involved in the process. THATS'S what I was saying. Any decision goes before a judge anyways. The judge could have very well said no to the plea deal as well. Baxter presents the case and fights like he$$ for justice. Deals are made and prestented to the judge, grand jury, family, etc.  I am all for the death penalty, and that's my opinion. But I also KNOW that it's a process that invlolves everyone. Not just the prosecuter.


@ really good.......With all due respect you are personally attacking me because I am speaking up against Mr Baxter and what I think is wrong. Like many others on here, we do not want to see this man who killed a young woman and two innocent kids walk away with a plea deal and a life sentence.

This time we would like to see a trial and a death sentence that is carried out.  I am not the only person on here asking for that.

But you have your knickers in a knot because I have the NERVE to speak out against Mr. Baxter by name. 

You PERSONALLY attack me because of that.  I have every right to speak my mind.  You bet I find offense with letting THIS man strike a plea deal.  Two innocent children died....for nothing.  And the whole issue of defending their deaths BEGINS with Kevin Baxter.  Their defense begins in the prosecutors office with HIM. 

This community wants justice for these deaths right alongside the family.  This animial killed these innocent people and stole from this community.  And the defense of their dealths begins with the prosecution of the meance through Baxter and his department and the judical system.  And we the people do NOT want to see a plea bargin or a term in jail.....most of us want a trial and a death sentence. 

Then you come along and say he has nothing to do with that, its out of his hands and the judge makes all the decisions and the family may not want a trial (how would you KNOW that?).....etc. 

And blame ME for ripping on Kevin Baxter.  Oh, please.  Defend him elsewhere.  I have more important things to do than listen to you rip on me for the likes of Mr. Baxter.  I know now what is going to happen. 

Thanks for the update.  You told me all I need to know. 


wiredmama222: The death penalty WOULD be a deterrent if we'd ever bother to impose it!

And for those who don't think it would be a deterrent (most murders are a crime of passion with no forethought; those that involve premeditation are typically committed by people who don't worry about punishment because they don't think they'll be caught), it doesn't matter. It would also serve to prevent the worst of the worst from ever hurting anybody again!

As far as plea deals are concerned, I usually don't support them. I understand families can feel victimized all over again, but this isn't JUST about justice or any much-vaunted notion of closure for them. It's about safety for the rest of society, combined with the appropriate punishment for the criminals (deterrence is just a bonus). I also know that prisons are overcrowded as are court dockets (did you know the U.S. has a higher percentage of its population in prison than RUSSIA does???) which can contribute to an inclination toward plea bargains as well. Maybe if we'd stop throwing the proverbial and misguided book at those whose crimes are minor and/or victimless, we'd solve the overcrowding and scheduling difficulties. It's a thought!

Meanwhile, where THIS case is concerned, I'm entirely with wiredmama222: NO PLEA DEALS. And YES, DEATH PENALTY ELIGIBILITY. If both his past history and the current allegations prove true, then it will be all too clear that Mr. Clinton is a clear and present danger to others and that he cannot be rehabilitated. He MUST be removed from society. The end.


@ Sam Adams......I agree with most of what you said.  The problem with the overcrowding in jail is pretty much as you said plus the problem with a rise in crime and more people doing time for stupid things and repeat offenders who just keep returning and returning for longer stretches. (some of them just can't stay our of prison). 

I never really believed in the death penalty until lately.  Not to eliminate the people in jail, but crimes of murder seem to be on the rise, and the more heinous crimes seem to be really on the rise.  That convinced me that the death penalty really needs to be re instated in every state in the Union.  People who are squimsh about it, need to visit the morgue and watch an autopsy of a victim of a really bad murder.  That would change their mind in a hurry. (if they could stand it). 

I cannot help but wonder if that isn't why this nutbar didn't try to kill himself.  He knew what was in store and he tried to end it.  I just wonder?  At any rate, I think the death penalty IS a deterrant when used in a State. 

And stop using jail as a place to put every tom, dick and harry for the minor stuff which is no deterrant at all.  There has to be a better way to deal with that group.  Like the chain gangs of old or something.  Work details or something more creative than this sitting around watching tv and eating candy and smokimg cigarettes all day. 

Seen it All

I couldn't agree with you ladies more!  There are too many SITTING in jail.  Love the chain gang idea wired.  Just think how much money our counties and cities could save if we didn't jail the father who snubs his responsibilities to his children and instead of incarcerating him, we make him clean and mow the parks.  Fill in the pot holes on our roads and streets, or even demolish the homes that have sat an eye sore too long.  No heavy  equipment required, just do it the old fashion way with manual labor.  What they earn would pay their support, and probably take another mother off the system.  I see it as a win-win! 

I also agree the death penalty in this case is the ONLY justice that could be served!  Maybe with the monster all ready trying to take his life, he will plead guilty to the charges against him, avoid a trial, and any appeals and save everyone a lot of trouble!  (I know, it's a pipe dream, as some defense lawyer will see that never happens).


@ seen it all,  that is the trouble with LAW..the lawyers always get tin the way....LOL  One can only hope, one can only hope.  LOl.  


Not attacking anyone. No knickers are in a knot. I am simply just saying that aside from the prosecutor, there is a legal process that includes MANY, not just Baxter. This isn't about opinion. It is about fact. That is all I am saying. Everybody is screaming death penalty, death penalty, death penalty. If only it were that easy. Personally I wish it was. But there are a lot of legal avenues to go down as well and the judge, grand jury, prosecutor, and family.

That is all, end of story. Good day to you.


Looks like a FACT is surfacing......the grand jury will meet later this month with a potential death penalty.  Looks like "really good"'s FACTS are beginnning to come to light.  Good for her. 

Now, if we get to trial, that will be great. 


re: ReallyGood  comment of being "sick and tired of reading Wiredmama's death penalty comments:

I agree with her. The laws need to reduce appeals, speed up the process, allow "ALL' evidence to be presented (instead of one person, a judge) selecting what is allowed and what is not. Any proscecutor or anyone working in the justice system who hides evidence needs to serve the prison sentence the criminal would get for the crime. I am tired of hearing jurors say, after the trial, that they would have found a preson guilty IF they hade all the evidence.

Wiredmama is right: their are certain crimes so revolting or committed on police, firemen and EMS members, that the criminal has forefitted their priveledge to live.

As for Mr. Baxter, has he ever been in a courtroom? Having lived throughout this country over many years, I have never read or heard of a proscecutor so willing to cut a deal. The defense lawyers in this county must love having to do "battle" with him.


Wiredmama222 wrote "Okay Baxter, now lets get the death penalty and no plea deals"

I am simply saying that it isn't just up to him. That is all. Calm down ppl. I really hope this guy gets death too. I wish a lot of criminals of the late would be on death row. BUT, it isn't just Baxter that makes that happen. And if the families of victims want to offer a plea instead of drawing out an emotional death penalty case...we as a society should respect that. THAT is what I was saying. It isn't just Baxter that makes these calls.


@Really Good.....at the end of the day, when Mr Baxter is in the courtroom with the defending attorney, it IS Mr Baxter's decision whether to accept, along with the judge, the offer of a plea deal.

I asked a lawyer friend of mine.  He said, yes.  Mr. Baxter DOES most definitely make that decision at the end.  He can ask the family if he so choses. 

The judge ok's it, but it is Mr. Baxter who initially is the one who has to decide.  He is the DA. 

So I am afraid that you are wrong about saying he does not make these calls.  He does, in fact, as the district attorney have a great deal to say about whether the case can be made into a plea deal or not.