Friends: Single mom was trying to get life together

UPDATED WITH VIDEO Heather Jackson was a single mother working two jobs as she tried to get her life on track.
Jessica Cuffman
Sep 11, 2012


UPDATED WITH VIDEO Heather Jackson was a single mother working two jobs as she tried to get her life on track.

She was starting fresh in a new home on John Street, where she moved a little more than a week ago, her friends and family said.

She couldn't come up with a security deposit to rent the home, and she was, in fact, still working to cobble together enough money for the first month's rent.

But homeowner Ted Steinmetz was still willing to take a chance.

He let Jackson and her two children, Celina, 3, and Wayne, 18 months old, move into his John Street rental unit.

Jackson's friends and family are still trying to register the surreality.

Her eyes red from crying, 22-year-old Amanda Thoren, of Port Clinton, stood at John and Prospect streets Saturday night, trying to come to grips with the fact that one of her best friends was dead.

Thoren said she and Jackson's 16-year-old cousin, Karlee Tomek, met up and headed to John Street to see if what they were hearing was true.

They'd both been to Jackson's new house only two days prior, playing with Celina and Wayne, who they called "Lil' Wayne" or "Fat Man," affectionately.

Jackson was proud that she had a place she could finally call her own, after moving out of her parent's Groton Township home.

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This is truly a tragedy. My prayers go out to the family and friends of these victims. To those posters who are dragging in everything from economics to lifestyles shame on you. SR needs to shut off comments, Period.

tired of stupidy



Very sad!  My prayers go up for her family and friends.....I hope you find comfort in the fact that they are all safe in the arms of God!  RIP =(


Even if this young lady WASN'T trying to get her life together, which she was by all accounts, she didn't deserve this.  Neither did her children.

My sympathy goes to her family and friends.  I hope they find the creep who did this and fast.  When they do, I hope they send him to He$$ where he belongs. 



The Toledo Blade story gave some insight into what she was dealing with. with interviews from relatives and friends.  It DOES matter who you hang with, even if you are trying to shake an addiction.  Drugs are not good clean fun, with only poor, addicted victims in the circle.  Wake up call!  Sounds like she was doing some things right, like the friend that called police for a check.  More networking and disclosure for families, women , and children at risk.  Less penalty if they confide in authorities.  If someone is stalking you or if you are feeling "weird" around someone at work or on your street, tell someone that can look into it.  Or confide to authorities, or a close relative or friend.  It isn't just you to be concerned about, it is your children.  A tragedy that didn't have to happen.


I read the Blade story.  IF it is true, she was in danger due to her previous addictions.


Getting one's life together does not always mean coming back from something bad or negative.   It might just mean getting on one's own and supporting your children, which she was doing.  Why are you taking it as negative? 

Tire of-  this is how you spell STUPIDITY

The Answer Person

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 Re: stupid answer person: You're really sick.


 RE: The Answer Person


OBVIOUSLY you DON'T know ALL the ANSWERS......

Not everyone who is a single mother is on welfare....OBVIOUSLY this yougn lady wasn't as it was stated she was working TWO jobs to make ends meet....

How UNTTERLY RUDE and CALLIOUS of you to write the things you did.....what a HEARTLESS person you must be to say such things.....

My prayers go out to this young lady's family and friends....NO MATTER what she did or did not do NO ONE deserves to have their life taken away at the hands of others ESPECIALLY young babies like hers....


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People stop and think before you post comments.  This young lady has a family that loves her and those precious babies also have family that love them.  Stop the name calling and rumor crap!  My heart aches for the family members.  Time doesn't heal all wounds but it helps. 


You know, it's really easy to judge others and what they should or should not do, but until you are in that person's shoes or have similar experiences, you have no right to judge or assume or even comment.  If you had similar experiences you would not judge becaue you would know that person had to make certain choices because of what happened in their lives.  Even working 2 miminum wage jobs does not allow someone to come up with $900 or $1000 for rent and/or security deposit.  Do you know how long it takes to save up that much?  I make $12 an hour and have trouble saving that much up quickly and I don't have two kids to buy stuff for and support.  Maybe her parents don't have money to hand out to her to start over.  Maybe she had to move away from parents to get away from an abusive boyfriend and start over.  Dad is probably a deadbeat.  Your comments are ignorant and far from compassionate as she may be dead because of such circumstances.  And even if that is true, she did not deserve that and neither did her children.  I commend the landlord for helping her out.

~~~There is no better way to discredit a person than to continually spread the same lie(s) about them until EVERYONE believes it~~~   BTW this is what is wrong with society today.
Second Opinion

The 911 call indicates that it was a good neighbor who called to report he found the bodies.

Im kind of in question as to the details being reported, all this time we've read the Sandusky cops found her but then the dispatcher stated that 'we JUST checked on her"    


Here is a more detailed videos from Cleveland. One contains the 911 call.


 Answer Person? Interesting. An Answer Person with out a clue. One of the articles say's she has an ex husband. What makes you think there should have been money coming in from the State for the children? If there is an ex, child support should have been coming from him. You are assuming she has no skills. You would know that how? She was working two jobs. She obviously had some skills, maybe not as a Brain Surgeon but then again you obviously do not posess that skill level either. Also why would you assume the parents would NOT help with rent or security deposit. Maybe they could not help with cash assistance.  Did they tell their daughter to have children she would be struggling to support? One article said she had recently moved out of her parents home into her own. Obviously they WERE trying to help if they gave her and her children a place to stay. This family will be struggling with this tradgedy for quite some time. Possibly for the rest of their lives. Why would someone put such unintelligible garbage out there for this beautiful girls parents to see? Not to mention the heartbreak they are suffering over the loss of those two beautiful children. You should be ashamed of yourself.


Good lord, people! A woman and her two very young children have been murdered, apparently in a particularly horrific and "hands on" way. Does anybody care to explain to me what difference it makes whether she received any kind of government assistance or not? Whether her parents helped her financially or not? Whether the father of her children was a "deadbeat dad" or not? Please tell me, because I think we'd ALL like to know how those things are material to murder! I'll wait.

There have been other stories in The Register where discussions about entitlements, generational welfare, deadbeats, druggies, or thieves are entirely appropriate. This story is not one of them.


Some of these comments are just ridiculous and mean spirited.  The fact that SR would allow some of these comments to remain posted is actually worse. 


I'm curious regarding the well being check.  Was it done or wasnt it?  Were police first to find the body or did the caller?


I can see calling the police on a senior citizen check but a young girl?  Something had to be going on that someone would be concerned about.  How does someone get into a home that was locked unless they had a key?  Details are lacking.

Most Wanted

I agree, some of these comments are getting out of hand.  I do not know any of these people but would like to reference that several times it has been stated that the father of these children is attending college.  It has also been stated that he is the ex-husband.  Instead of assuming the worst in someone, I assumed when I read this that this young man is in college to better himself so he could provide better for his children.  That even though he and his high school sweetheart couldn't make a go of it, he chose to go to college so he could get a better job to take care of his children.  In the meantime, I took it that Heather was doing what she could to take care of the children while he obtained his degree and found a wonderful landlord who understood the hardships of being young and agreed to help her out with her deposit.  Do I know any of this as fact?  No, but I like to look at the good side of things and hope I'm right, rather than thinking the worst in people.  This is a terrible tragedy that happened to this family.  Don't post negative "maybe's" and "what if's" just so you can be Nancy Drew.  It is heartless.


Who found the body?  That's the question.


My comments were not directed at the woman that was killed.  They are general comments if a young women finds herself trying to put her life back togather.  The Blade did quote people who indicated the young woman had an addiction problem, and the word cocaine was used.  You don't get drugs from a friendly, homemaker.  It is an under-society issue.  It happens too often.  IF a person with a young family finds herself in that situation, you have to be aware of the type of situation you are in and take steps to protect yourself and family.  Really sorry if you thought I was being judgemental or negative about the young woman and her children.  I can edit what I wrote, but I think it is important for people to not take for granted their sutuation just because they now want only good for their own life.  But realize that where they are could be a danger to them, and bring people into your life and situation that might be able to help.


well i hope they find the person who did this to heather and her babbies my payers go out to heathers family and friends heather was so full of life when i knew her she was always smiling and happy .......


 Are you telling me that this animal is still running loose among us. I have heard on the radio of police interviews going on. But i hope there is alot more going on behind the scenes. This has to be nightmare for all her freinds and family.

just sad just sad.


If the SPD needs any help with punishing the person responsible, I work for free. And there is a couple of you commentors that could use some punishment as well. That I will also do for free. I hope her family can get some closure soon, what an absolutely terrible situation.I dont care what the mom had going on, I'm not perfect and neither are any of you. But those children were! They are completely innocent in all this and suffered the consequences anyway.   RIP

R U Kidding me

I'm with rickross is there any susspects and is there a fast closure for this family