Hokey in the pokey: Details emerge on guard-inmate affair

EDITOR'S NOTE: Please be advised that some of the content in the documents featured along with this story may offend some readers. The misconduct between a Sandusky County jail officer and an inmate contains all of the elements of a classic romance novel.
Sarah Weber
Jun 3, 2010



EDITOR'S NOTE: Please be advised that some of the content in the documents featured along with this story may offend some readers.  


The misconduct between a Sandusky County jail officer and an inmate contains all of the elements of a classic romance novel. 

Capt. Michelle Kindred, a 25-year veteran of the force, falls for a suave 45-year-old inmate named Orlando Carter who is incarcerated for driving without car insurance. 

Over the course of Carter’s stay in the jail, from Jan. 18 to April 22, the two strike up a passionate and forbidden romance that will eventually be her downfall. 

In more than 20 hours of phone recordings and a dozen letters — revealed in the course of an internal investigation — the two murmured sweet nothings about love and intimacy, both of them eager for the day Carter is released.  They talked of the pleasure of sneaking kisses while going about their daily routines behind the locked doors of the jail. They laughed about details in notes they passed to each other while Kindred was on duty.

“You’re what I’ve been waiting for,” said Carter in one phone recording. “I will love you. I promise you.”

He told Kindred he wants to settle down with her —  that he’ll hold her, take care of her and rub her feet.

Because Carter got trustee status enabling him to leave his cell to help out with chores in the kitchen and laundry room, the two found fleeting moments to be alone together.

“You are so beautiful,” Carter cooed into the phone. “All my waking moments, I think about us.”

He admitted that he was a little intimated by the veteran officer’s authoritative presence at the jail.

“That’s when I’m there,” Kindred told him. “That’s because I have to be.”

She revealed a softer side to the inmate during their afternoon conversations, when Carter called the off-duty officer at her home during his allotted phone time. She said she was glad they were taking it slow and growing their friendship, but longed to be intimate with Carter. 

“I’m afraid when you get out of there I’m going to start kissing you and I won’t stop,” she told him. 

Records show that Kindred took several sick days immediately after Carter was released.

According to an investigation ordered by Sandusky County Sheriff Kyle Overmyer and performed by sheriff’s Det. James Consolo, the romance was revealed by Det. David Meyer. 

Meyer stumbled across one of the recorded conversations between Kindred and Carter on May 18 while reviewing tapes of calls made by inmates at the jail. 

The detectives alerted Overmyer, who decided with other department brass to initiate an internal investigation. He put Kindred on leave at 9 a.m. on May 21 and had her escorted from the building. 

On May 26, Kindred sat down with Consolo for a hearing about the inappropriate relationship. In the taped interview, Consolo explained to Kindred her rights and asked her to be honest. 

He said criminal charges of sexual battery — a third degree felony — were on the table as well as dismissal from the force. Under Ohio law, sexual conduct — consensual or not — between a corrections officer and an inmate can constitute the offense.

“Have you had any physical contact?” Consolo asked. 

“He tried to kiss me two or three times but I tried to stop him and tell him he couldn’t do that,” she replied.

Consolo asked if Carter, who was released a month earlier, now lives with her. She said he stays with her sometimes, but has his own room at a local hotel. 

Kindred denied having sex with Carter at the jail, but admitted to touching his genitals once in the basement of the facility. 

At that point, a union representative asked to speak with Kindred privately. When they reentered the room, Kindred is crying. She told Consolo she’d like to resign.

Overmyer said he discussed the situation with the prosecutor’s office, which did not recommend criminal charges be filed. 

The sheriff approved Kindred’s resignation on May 26. In response to the situation, Overmyer said he plans to review the staff policies and install more cameras in the jail. Corrections officers already get training on appropriate and inappropriate relationships with inmates. 

Kindred did not return calls seeking comment. 




It's sad that a career can be ruined because people have feelings for each other.  It seems to be this has been blown out of proportion somewhat.  The officer seems to have had limited physical contact before the inmate's release and what happened after is their own business.  I don't think the situation warrants charges or job loss, but Ohio has morality issues and many seem to make illicit things out of nothing.



A forbidden love.

Victimless offense, alas --

we love juicy gossip.


Julie R.

Hokey in the pokey----too funny!


Why do women make such poor choices in men? Are women that hard up that they will pick anybody as long as it is a man, any man? There are several books that discuss smart women and poor choices. Maybe some women are of the weaker sex mentally? Women stand by while boyfriends beat up on their children. Why is that? Do any of you ladies want to post some comments about women and poor choices?


Driving without car insurance. Hmmm, Instead of 'Safe-Auto" they should get a safe hide out!


why the double post?


You never know who, when, or where  Cupid's arrow will strike. I too believe they are making too much of a blossuming love affair that just happen to spark at the jail. Yes, she was wrong to a certain degree, but anyone who has fallen for another knows it's  d$#m hard to keep your loving hands off them. Disipline her yes, but don't throw away her 25 yr. career because she followed her heart. One more thing, he was in there for not having car insurance, a minor misdemeanor? Give me a break, at least she didn't hook up w/ some violent offender.


This Orlando is like a little boy. Orlando upset because he didn't get any letters on 04-01. Waaahhhhh! But the female captain reminded Orlando that she gave him two letters. Orlando must have a bad memory. The female captain tells Orlando that she can't wait to put Orlando's "friend" in her mouth. What was the name of the "friend"? Was it Little Orlando? Maybe it was R. G. Dun. I think that I am going to puke. This Orlando sounds like a very needy person and very immature. No insurance means Orlando has no money or he is such a terrible driver that no insurance company want to insure him. How did this female ever make captain? Orlando is nothing more than a little boy. What a loser Orlando is as is the female captain. They deserve each other. Does Orlando have a job or did he just want to sponge off of the female captain?

Julie R.

This guy was in jail from January until April for not having car insurance? Geez......what a waste of tax dollars there. Why didn't they let him out with an ankle bracelet like they do the ones that shoot into houses?


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