Mother, two children found dead in John Street home

UPDATED WITH VIDEO A mother and her two young children were found dead in their John Street home Saturday evening, the victims of suspected homicide.
Sandusky Register
Sep 11, 2012

UPDATED WITH VIDEO A mother and her two young children were found dead in their John Street home Saturday evening, the victims of suspected homicide. 

Police have identified the woman as 23-year-old Heather Jackson, and suspect the children are her 3-year-old daughter and 18-month-old son.

Sandusky police are investigating the deaths as suspected homicides, assistant police Chief John Orzech said.

A friend of the woman called police to do a welfare check at the home, 723 John St., after the friend hadn’t heard from the mother all day.

Inside, officers made a horrifying discovery.

The mother’s body was lodged between a mattress and a bedframe, and the bodies of the two children were found in a closet.

Officers don’t suspect any weapons were used against any of the victims, Orzech said.

Police are pursuing leads, but named no suspects Saturday night.

They waited outside the crime scene Saturday night for the Bureau of Criminal Investigation to arrive to process evidence in the house.

Family members of the woman screamed and cried outside the residence, as officers marked off the property with yellow crime tape.

They declined to speak with the Register.

Neighbors standing on the sidewalk refused to provide their names, but said the woman had only lived in the house for about a month.

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Westend Homeown

I agree 100% with sam adams the fact there was no weapon used just makes it all the more heinous. That means he/she personally put their hands on this woman and these poor defenseless children and most likely strangled or suffocated the life out of them and then placed the children in closet and she somehow ends up under the mattress. This person has got to be some sick sadistic scum of the earth that could never possibly get what they deserve.With the children in closet and the woman under it almost sounds like they was kinda hiding the bodies for some reason even if they didn't  do a good job of it,which is good so police could find them easily,but for some reason they felt compelled to.The article didn't say how long these poor souls had been gone hopefully not long cause the sooner the crime scene is found the better the evidence. God rest their poor souls and may they soar with the angels.


What makes this even more disturbing is that no one can blame guns, knives, the NRA, or George Bush. Just the stark realization the people kill with or without weapons. If we can save just one life, shouldn't we ban people? Do it for the kids.

Seen it All

My heart breaks for this young mother and her babies.  I'm just sick thinking of what their last minutes must have been like.  My prayers to them, and to all that loved them.  This is becoming all to common place in our society, and it is very scary!  i hope the monster is found quickly, and that justice is swift!

Westend Homeown

it took me three tries to get that message to go thru who knew they added typing the letters p and o and s together would trigger profanity filter now last time i commented it went thru for me and everyone else that day lol


My thoughts and prayers go out this this young ladies family and friends.  Do not know how some sick SOB could do this to these young lives. Who ever this monster is I hope that they find him/her soon and they get whats coming to them.  No one ever deserves to die in this manner or in any act of violence.  How can the person who did this think that they can live with themselves after taking the life or 2 young children and a young mother!! Once again sending prayers and condolences to the family. 


This sounds personal.  How can you even think of killing, especially kids....WOW!  R I P all!


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 sounds to me someone better turn themself in. cus if the public catches this person there will be one h e l l of a mess. prayers to the family. 


I am glad you live in another city bubbajep.  Please stay there. 


 I pray for their family and friends.  I hope they know that the mother and children are rejoicing together in Heaven.  It may not provide everyone complete solace, but they in better hands.



This was my family.. she wasnt perfect and she didnt deserve this nor did saline or Lil Wayne..  I saw where someone posted maybe ex hubby.  he was out of state at college.. They have someone in custody already.  And I hope he gets the death penalty


@webflowerz1.....Oh, for the sake of those who died, I hope you are right, that they indeed have someone in custody and that he or she is the person who did this.

My sincere smypathy to your family for your overwhelming loss.  This must be terrible for your family to absorb and to handle.  It is my families fervent prayer that you get peace and understanding through God and his mercy.

By the same right, I hope they have the person who did this and they can put them through the justice system swiftly and completely without too much grief to all of you.  They deserve the death penalty without any deals



I guess they do NOT have anyone in custody. Please don't post misinformation.




 @BytheBy... We also have to remember, LE said they found the body, when in fact they didn't, a friend did. They found the two babies. It makes you wonder who to believe sometimes, in cases like this. 

Not to mention, when you do a well being check, don't you check for vehicles, see if the Television is on, check if the door is unlocked? Etc... It's definitely a little weird that there wasn't more insight from that point of view, especially when no one had heard from the girl all day. That definitely shows that something was wrong. 

Such a horrible tragedy. Rest in Peace you beautiful Angels. 



Where does it say a friend found the bodies?  On a well-person check police enter the home if their is suspicion. They don't just let a person wander inside.


My prayers and condolences go out to the families of these  young souls.  May they rest in peace and the person responsible be brought to justice quick.


@webflowerz ... Please know that your family is in the thoughts and prayers of many, many people today! I did not know Heather or her babies at all but this is such a horrible tragedy it breaks my heart. It is just pure evil to be able to do this to this young mother and her beautiful children. The death penalty is too good for this horrid monster! God Bless you and your family and I will personally be praying for you to all have the strength to make it through this!

Sandusky Register Reader's picture
Sandusky Regist...

In years past I had such a compassion for people that I didn't favor the death penalt and worked on the defense side for the criminally accused.   I'm still all for righting the wrong of a falsely accused but over the years my passion has wained as I have come to see just how evil some human beings are and human nature can be and I now agree with concernedtruth  who says it's

Time to bring the real DEATH PENALTY back to the state of Ohio (USA) and follow thru with it for the guilty parties in this (AND ALL HEIINOUS) crime(S).


I agree wholeheartedly ... a person capable of this truly is evil to the core of their soul! This is what the death penalty is there for.


What is happening in Sandusky?  Where is John Street?  Which side?


What a strange, cruel irony.

The largest symbol of lifesaving that we have in the area is Firelands Hospital yet 2 brutal events have recently happened within view of the building. 

Heartfelt thoughts to the inocent. 



 This is very disturbing. I believe there is a special place in hell for people that harm women and children. I do not support the death penalty in cases such as this. I  think they should be thrown in a hole and barely kept alive to suffer. But that would be inhumane. They act like animals and then cry when their rights are violated. My thoughts and preyers go out to the family. I hope you get the justice YOU seek. 


 Webflowerz1... I am so sorry you have to go through this I am heartbroken for your family and no words can take away the pain one is perfect but no matter what they didn't deserve this...people stop speculating your not detectives wait till the facts come out and in the meantime ...pray for this family because nothing is making sense to them right now 

Most Wanted

Webflowerz1, prayers to you and your family.  None of us are perfect.  No one deserves what happened in that home last night or what you and your family has to go through because of it.  I am so sorry you all have to go thru this.



How about a little respect for this young lady, her children and the family left behind! Im sure they would enjoy reading your comment and you comparing their loss to a bugs life! R U Serious!




How sad.  My sympathy to the family and friends.


Beautiful children ,  how could anyone look at them and then murder them....... that is really a psychopath..... they werent [things] to dispose of , they were  living,breathing,feeling  beautiful children,with a life worth living.      no one has the right to take that away ...nomatter what they may have thought of the mom.  Hang em high...N.o mercy.    My heart goes out to the family


 My condolences to this family . What did these babies do to deserve this. I dont know Heather but i do hope someone comes forward and if they do haver someone arrested i just hope it is the right person and they are rightfully  convicted


All eyes must be on the baby-daddy or daddys. 

Yes, it may be speculation but a friend called to have the police check on the house.  Seems to me that the caller must have known there was a potential threat such as a volatile relationship.


Where is the ex (?)  husband / or  boyfriend...look to them... this sounds like a case of  if he can't have them  NO ONE will type of crime.  Or some  type of revenge.  Poor kids.


The  hospital  being close, doesn't mean anything .. it's in close proximity of   apparently  not a great area.   It  can't control what goes on   in someone's  home or people who visit there.     Isn't  there child endangering case involving this same family?  

Time  to fire up   Ole  Sparky for this one, and baby Owen!