Mother, two children found dead in John Street home

UPDATED WITH VIDEO A mother and her two young children were found dead in their John Street home Saturday evening, the victims of suspected homicide.
Sandusky Register
Sep 11, 2012


UPDATED WITH VIDEO A mother and her two young children were found dead in their John Street home Saturday evening, the victims of suspected homicide. 

Police have identified the woman as 23-year-old Heather Jackson, and suspect the children are her 3-year-old daughter and 18-month-old son.

Sandusky police are investigating the deaths as suspected homicides, assistant police Chief John Orzech said.

A friend of the woman called police to do a welfare check at the home, 723 John St., after the friend hadn’t heard from the mother all day.

Inside, officers made a horrifying discovery.

The mother’s body was lodged between a mattress and a bedframe, and the bodies of the two children were found in a closet.

Officers don’t suspect any weapons were used against any of the victims, Orzech said.

Police are pursuing leads, but named no suspects Saturday night.

They waited outside the crime scene Saturday night for the Bureau of Criminal Investigation to arrive to process evidence in the house.

Family members of the woman screamed and cried outside the residence, as officers marked off the property with yellow crime tape.

They declined to speak with the Register.

Neighbors standing on the sidewalk refused to provide their names, but said the woman had only lived in the house for about a month.

Pick up Sunday's Register for more on this story.



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My thoughts and prayers go out for everyone. If something like this can happen in Sandusky, it can happen anywhere. No one is safe anywhere anymore. It's all part of the downworld spiral leading to the end time. As for people being killers, WE ARE ALL KILLERS. Have you ever stepped on a bug, hit an animal with your car, hit bugs at night with your car that fly into the headlights? YOU TOOK A LIFE. That makes you a killer...


Ru Killing Me...stepping on a bug or killing an animal for food or in self defense is nothing like killing a human.    Don't lose sight of the fact that humans are different than animals and not the same at all to a bug etc.  You have been brainwashed by some teaching or a cult.

Only on the beach

I was thinking the same as you "commonsense"   When I read that post I thought is this person the killer trying to justify what he or she did? 



Just click on "innappropriate" under these offensivie posts. The SR will review them and determine if they should be deleted.


I wasn't pointing fingers, just stating the fact that colleges don't hold classes on weekends and the fact that the SR didn't mention she had a husband.  I also stated that I didn't know anything about it.  So, I am sorry you are upset but don't take it out on me.  I am not judging anyone. I hate that this happened.  It makes me sick and I hope they catch the perp quickly.  And by the way, a family member or at least a claimed family member said they had someone in custody which the PD said they don't.  Now who do we believe? May God be with the family and may He put His loving arms around them as they rest in peace. 



1723 John St or 723 John St ????




Jessica Cuffman

Thanks Kimo, the address has been corrected.

God Of Thunder

It's 723 John...there is no 1700 block..



Where is John St.?


HORRIBLE to hear this.. I knew the mother :'(


Just went by there, crowd hanging out but i hope they find the SOB that did this!  Who kills women and children??


@PaulYall.. John St is located behind Firelands Hospital 


So sad..My heart goes out to her family & close friends..I hate to say it, but I think Sandusky is getting as bad if not worse then Cleveland..


Very Sad

I dont care if or what this young lady was involved in, if anything at all, but 2 children killed.  Prayers go out to the families and SPD find out who did this and take care of it.  No questions asked.


Very Sad

I dont care if or what this young lady was involved in, if anything at all, but 2 children killed.  Prayers go out to the families and SPD find out who did this and take care of it.  No questions asked.


Very Sad

I dont care if or what she may of been invovled in, but two children.  Prayers go out to her family.  SPD find out who did this and take care of it.

UNregisturd's picture

My thoughts & prayers go up for these lost souls & the friends & family! God bless & keep them. 


how sad. ive known this girl since she was in kindergarten. shes my daughters age.  makes me ill to hear this.   God bless their souls, comfort her family.      smh......


Nobody deserves to die like this especially a woman and 2 children..prayers to the surviving family and I hope they catch this SOB..what a monstrous act and so heartbreaking to hear..I hope people show some respect and remember this was somebody daughter and grandchildren ..RIP bless all 3 of you...


This is just awful.  I agree, no one should kill children and I don't care what this woman did, she is their mother and didn't deserve this. 

But how did they die if no weapons were used?  Please don't tell me someone strangled them all or suffocated them all to death.  That would make me as sick as if they were shot to death. 

Whoever this monster is, I hope they get him and there is still another murder case going on. This one doesn't get a plea deal.  OK?  This one goes to the chair as there are kid involved.  

Get him quick

My prayers to the family and friends for your terrible loss. .   


omg  this makes me just wanna throw up, how can anybody wanna kill 2 kids and a mother? i really really hope the cops find this monster and make this person suffer a slow and very painful death im just so lost for words right now ....... btw  paulyall  if you go into firelands ER parking lot in the back off of decater st go past where the chopper lands and look stright ahead you will see all the crime tape


omg  this makes me just wanna throw up, how can anybody wanna kill 2 kids and a mother? i really really hope the cops find this monster and make this person suffer a slow and very painful death im just so lost for words right now ....... btw  paulyall  if you go into firelands ER parking lot in the back off of decater st go past where the chopper lands and look stright ahead you will see all the crime tape


I agree. Whatever this young woman did or didn't do, there's absolutely nothing to warrant an act like this! And if there was no weapon, that only makes it worse because that means it was a very, VERY hands-on act of violence. Someone who would do such a thing continues to represent a very real and present threat to everyone in the community.

The police cannot catch this monster soon enough for me! And when they do, and when s/he is convicted, whatever punishment is meted out can't possibly make up for an act that's THIS heinous!

To the family and friends of the victims, I will only say that I am deeply sorry for your loss. I know that there is nothing anyone can say or do that will make things better for you as you deal with such a tragedy. But I hope that when all of the evidence is processed and somebody is brought to justice, it will be of some small comfort to you.


 may their souls rest in peace and may justice be swift and painful.


 Time to bring the real DEATH PENALTY back to the state of Ohio and follow thru with it for the guilty parties in this crime.



I agree, concernedtruth.  Time to start making examples of killers.


I could not agree with you more!


Evil knows no boundaries.

Westend Homeown

I agree 100% with sam adams the fact there was no weapon used just makes it all the more heinous. That means he/she personally put their hands on this woman and these poor defenseless children and most likely strangled or suffocated the life out of them and then placed the children in closet and she somehow ends up under the mattress. This person has got to be some sick sadistic scum of the earth that could never possibly get what they deserve.With the children in closet and the woman under it almost sounds like they was kinda hiding the bodies for some reason even if they didn't  do a good job of it,which is good so police could find them easily,but for some reason they felt compelled to.The article didn't say how long these poor souls had been gone hopefully not long cause the sooner the crime scene is found the better the evidence. God rest their poor souls and may they soar with the angels.


What makes this even more disturbing is that no one can blame guns, knives, the NRA, or George Bush. Just the stark realization the people kill with or without weapons. If we can save just one life, shouldn't we ban people? Do it for the kids.

Seen it All

My heart breaks for this young mother and her babies.  I'm just sick thinking of what their last minutes must have been like.  My prayers to them, and to all that loved them.  This is becoming all to common place in our society, and it is very scary!  i hope the monster is found quickly, and that justice is swift!

Westend Homeown

it took me three tries to get that message to go thru who knew they added typing the letters p and o and s together would trigger profanity filter now last time i commented it went thru for me and everyone else that day lol


My thoughts and prayers go out this this young ladies family and friends.  Do not know how some sick SOB could do this to these young lives. Who ever this monster is I hope that they find him/her soon and they get whats coming to them.  No one ever deserves to die in this manner or in any act of violence.  How can the person who did this think that they can live with themselves after taking the life or 2 young children and a young mother!! Once again sending prayers and condolences to the family. 


This sounds personal.  How can you even think of killing, especially kids....WOW!  R I P all!


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 sounds to me someone better turn themself in. cus if the public catches this person there will be one h e l l of a mess. prayers to the family. 


I am glad you live in another city bubbajep.  Please stay there. 


 I pray for their family and friends.  I hope they know that the mother and children are rejoicing together in Heaven.  It may not provide everyone complete solace, but they in better hands.



This was my family.. she wasnt perfect and she didnt deserve this nor did saline or Lil Wayne..  I saw where someone posted maybe ex hubby.  he was out of state at college.. They have someone in custody already.  And I hope he gets the death penalty


@webflowerz1.....Oh, for the sake of those who died, I hope you are right, that they indeed have someone in custody and that he or she is the person who did this.

My sincere smypathy to your family for your overwhelming loss.  This must be terrible for your family to absorb and to handle.  It is my families fervent prayer that you get peace and understanding through God and his mercy.

By the same right, I hope they have the person who did this and they can put them through the justice system swiftly and completely without too much grief to all of you.  They deserve the death penalty without any deals



I guess they do NOT have anyone in custody. Please don't post misinformation.




 @BytheBy... We also have to remember, LE said they found the body, when in fact they didn't, a friend did. They found the two babies. It makes you wonder who to believe sometimes, in cases like this. 

Not to mention, when you do a well being check, don't you check for vehicles, see if the Television is on, check if the door is unlocked? Etc... It's definitely a little weird that there wasn't more insight from that point of view, especially when no one had heard from the girl all day. That definitely shows that something was wrong. 

Such a horrible tragedy. Rest in Peace you beautiful Angels. 



Where does it say a friend found the bodies?  On a well-person check police enter the home if their is suspicion. They don't just let a person wander inside.


My prayers and condolences go out to the families of these  young souls.  May they rest in peace and the person responsible be brought to justice quick.


@webflowerz ... Please know that your family is in the thoughts and prayers of many, many people today! I did not know Heather or her babies at all but this is such a horrible tragedy it breaks my heart. It is just pure evil to be able to do this to this young mother and her beautiful children. The death penalty is too good for this horrid monster! God Bless you and your family and I will personally be praying for you to all have the strength to make it through this!

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Sandusky Regist...

In years past I had such a compassion for people that I didn't favor the death penalt and worked on the defense side for the criminally accused.   I'm still all for righting the wrong of a falsely accused but over the years my passion has wained as I have come to see just how evil some human beings are and human nature can be and I now agree with concernedtruth  who says it's

Time to bring the real DEATH PENALTY back to the state of Ohio (USA) and follow thru with it for the guilty parties in this (AND ALL HEIINOUS) crime(S).


I agree wholeheartedly ... a person capable of this truly is evil to the core of their soul! This is what the death penalty is there for.


What is happening in Sandusky?  Where is John Street?  Which side?


What a strange, cruel irony.

The largest symbol of lifesaving that we have in the area is Firelands Hospital yet 2 brutal events have recently happened within view of the building. 

Heartfelt thoughts to the inocent. 



 This is very disturbing. I believe there is a special place in hell for people that harm women and children. I do not support the death penalty in cases such as this. I  think they should be thrown in a hole and barely kept alive to suffer. But that would be inhumane. They act like animals and then cry when their rights are violated. My thoughts and preyers go out to the family. I hope you get the justice YOU seek. 


 Webflowerz1... I am so sorry you have to go through this I am heartbroken for your family and no words can take away the pain one is perfect but no matter what they didn't deserve this...people stop speculating your not detectives wait till the facts come out and in the meantime ...pray for this family because nothing is making sense to them right now 

Most Wanted

Webflowerz1, prayers to you and your family.  None of us are perfect.  No one deserves what happened in that home last night or what you and your family has to go through because of it.  I am so sorry you all have to go thru this.



How about a little respect for this young lady, her children and the family left behind! Im sure they would enjoy reading your comment and you comparing their loss to a bugs life! R U Serious!




How sad.  My sympathy to the family and friends.


Beautiful children ,  how could anyone look at them and then murder them....... that is really a psychopath..... they werent [things] to dispose of , they were  living,breathing,feeling  beautiful children,with a life worth living.      no one has the right to take that away ...nomatter what they may have thought of the mom.  Hang em high...N.o mercy.    My heart goes out to the family


 My condolences to this family . What did these babies do to deserve this. I dont know Heather but i do hope someone comes forward and if they do haver someone arrested i just hope it is the right person and they are rightfully  convicted


All eyes must be on the baby-daddy or daddys. 

Yes, it may be speculation but a friend called to have the police check on the house.  Seems to me that the caller must have known there was a potential threat such as a volatile relationship.


Where is the ex (?)  husband / or  boyfriend...look to them... this sounds like a case of  if he can't have them  NO ONE will type of crime.  Or some  type of revenge.  Poor kids.


The  hospital  being close, doesn't mean anything .. it's in close proximity of   apparently  not a great area.   It  can't control what goes on   in someone's  home or people who visit there.     Isn't  there child endangering case involving this same family?  

Time  to fire up   Ole  Sparky for this one, and baby Owen!



An earlier post said that her ex is out of state in college. Let's not be so quick to jump to conclusions. Let LE do it's job and find the scum bag who did this.


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 We All Know how This is going to play out. The Cops will find the person responsible-but then that person will hire a scumbag attorney(like the one who represented Randleman or the guy who stabbed his ex-wife with a screwdriver) and they will claim mental illness.  Then the state and county will spend taxpayer money trying to convict this person of murder-but he/she will get spared the death penalty due to the efforts of the scumbag lawyer. That is NOT Justice! 


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No weapons used could also mean poison was used.


I will keep this family in my thoughts.  I feel for you all...

I have heard things about this.  I don't know if they are true or not so I won't get into specifics.  If what I am told has any truth to it, everyone here is leaning in the wrong direction.

I am going to listen to my own advice:  Believe half what you see and nothing what you hear.....

he said she said

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@  eightball cuet 1

Okay but I  posted ex or boyfriend.     Please don't single me out;  there  are  others saying the same thing.

"Nuff said.

 My Last post on this one.


 I'll sit back and read what everyone else  starts posting.


One question though,   I"ve only been up  at FR once or twice  ( old Good Sam right?)...  what is the area like there, good neighborhood, bad,  what?






  Fire  up  Ole  Sparky!!


starryeyes...I've never lived in that neighborhood but it really doesn't seem to be all that bad..The house is situated next to a parking lot of Firelands Hospital. There aren't many houses on the street...and I would guess that the street is pretty well lighted due to lights in the parking lots.


Webflowerz1 you and your family our in our prayers. This brings back the episode with little Owen Barker who could do such a terrible thing to children even their mother. I hope this person gets ole sparky if they still use it if not make sure the needle has enough stuff in it to put him out like in 1 minute.


I did not know this little girl, but it is certinally a senseless crime.  If they have someone in custody can they please tell us so we can all rest easier tonight...... not worring there is a murderer on the loose.  Rip to heather and her beautiful children. 


For all those that are trying to figure out what happened.  The mother had her issues but definetly did not invite this to happen, the father was away in another state at college, There was no revenge or anything involved here.. Just a monster that went after Heather.  Hopefully the truth will come out soon.  And as family to all 3 victims and the father I would appreciate if people wouldnt just start pointing fingers.  Everyone has an opinion but know one will no untill the investigation is complete.. Just continue to pray that there is swift justice here.

grannie G

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God Of Thunder

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grannie G

she said she was family? who is this family person? mother ,father,sister,WHO ARE YOU? you get a grip you fool !!!! I can say i am family too! never met this beautiful mother or her babys but i am family?

God Of Thunder

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 who ever did this may you meet your maker sooner than later. rot in pieces! prayers to the victims family


grannie g

GET A LIFE!!!!! These people lost 3 family members!  Doesn't matter what the relationship is. Show some respect for the dead.

If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all!


 A total shock to see these 3 Beautiful human beings die this way.


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who are the parents of Heather?  I didn't get a Sunday paper today.  Any other info in there?  I am worried it might be a random killing, or a social media contact who killed them.


Some people are just plain sick!!!!!!!!!! sounds like maybe a dead beat dad that didn't want to have to pay child support or maybe a jealous ex?  i hope they get who did this and they get the death penalty. some people are just sick!!!!!!!!!!!



I'm with you completely! I did read the paper today, and there wasn't much info... I'm not sure who her parents are either. I do know she graduated from margaretta in 2007, so maybe from Castaila??


Dear Sandusky Register,

Could you be so kind to delete the comments made by "grannie G says" and please block this person for the sake of the deceased families.  Thank you for you kindness.


Some interesting additional info including 911 call and the fact the body was found by friends not police.

The Answer Person

So where is her husband?


please dont hate me people when i say this i seriously mean NO disrespect at all, atleast the mother and her 2 babbies are still together in hevan ... i dont care what the girl did or didnt do but theres NO reason why the children had to suffer like this it makes me sick to my stomach to think any kind of person could put there hands on these poor innocence babbies  i seriously hope they find the person/monster who did this and make them die a very slow painful death im sorry but i dont feel like a person who could pull a crime like this should rot in jail  they should really make him/her suffer slowly and painfully


to all the family and friends out there im very sorry for your loss my family prayers are with you all


 Obviously people cannot read..why do you have to come to this site and post such negative comments about people you don't even know ? A beautiful young woman and two beautiful kids are savagely taken and you people have the nerve to speculate she was a bad person ? Would you feel the same way if it was YOUR daughter or wife and kids..sister..niece  it can happen to your family to your not above being in the paper one day so maybe you could try some empathy and quick to rush and judge why don't you be greatful enough that your name isn't the one in the paper...and respect the innocent lives taken say a prayer for their loved a decent human being....and read before you post...the family members already stated the man is at school not in the area...try to imagine how horrible that call was to receive before judging every person mentioned good lord...You don't know anything more than the next ...smh...

cherrie perry

im still not sure this is who they are saying it is. i did not know her married name but i think i know her and who her parents are and her maiden name.

we have lost touch in the last few years so...

i am looking at a pic of her and her sister now when they were young, as her own children were.

family...(h.l. and j.l.) im so sorry for your loss and cant imagine what you are going through as a family if this  is indeed your girl.

i was told by my husband walter perry, who lives in CT. by text this morning so i assume its true.

God only knows i hope its not.


Oh brother.  Who said she had a husband?  I didn't read that on here or in the paper.  Also, college does not hold classeds on weekends.  Hmmm....interesting.  I know nothing about this and all I can do is pray for the family.  This is horrendous.  I am scared to live here anymore.  First chance I get, I am out of here.  Rest in peace. lovely lady and your babies.


She has a husband and he didnt have college on the weekends he was OUT OF STATE at college so dont point fingers when you don't know the facts. Im family and it sickens me that you can all be so quick to judge when all you're doing is reading what journalists have to say when they assume things and take everything that anyone says in.

GooseyGrandma's picture

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 I hope it's true that a suspect is in custody. I also hope since the crime scene is so close to the hospital's parking lot that there are also security cameras that may have picked up something on that house & video can (or already has) been reviewed, as was when Andy was murdered. 


I don't understand why many people keep assuming that Ms. Jackson might have had some responsibility for what happened. Not only on the SR site, but elsewhere, I see lots of comments such as, “it doesn’t matter what she did, she didn’t deserve this,” “no one is perfect,” “she wasn’t perfect,” “I don't care what this woman did, she didn't deserve this,” “I don’t care what she may have been involved in,” etc. I haven’t seen anything in the news articles I’ve read that indicate she was doing anything more than working to pay rent and at home that night with her kids. Am I missing something?


 Her (ex)husband wouldn't have it in him to do something like this, even if he had been in town at the time. He loved Heather. And despite everything that had happened, he still loved her. 

But it's scary to know that the person responsible for this is still walking the streets. It takes a real monster to kill to innocent children. 

I didn't know Heather very much at all. And I didn't know her children. But my heart aches for this family. 

Super Judge

 MBR please read the Toledo Blade artical  .   I feel for the loss of these 2 inocent children!


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 Really bornansraise44857...that was necassary to talk about her like that doesn't matter at this point it matters she and her kids are rude to just put her business out there..she was trying to get her life together that's the important thing...if you knew her you must not have been a friend because friends don't go spreading the worst of you in the wake of a tragedy...she was 23...guess what a lot of 23 year olds are not perfect but shame on you for gossiping like that nobody deserves to die like this what do you gain from telling all of is she was into drugs if she just got her kids back she couldn't have been on drugs they drug test you before they give them back so she was trying and that is so wrong to wipe out all her progress with that. 


I didn't mean to come across like she doesn't matter, she very much so does. No person deserves what happened to her. But reality is reality. Shouldn't the town of Sandusky have the right to know that this heinous crime was most likely not random? And no gossip, like I said truth, is truth. You people have no idea.... anyhow, it has been reported by friends, and family already.  Too many people are speculating, so whats wrong with speaking truth instead of painting a different picture?! We are all in charge of our own legacy.


 Now the thugs figure, "Hey, If you can get away with killing a cop in Sandusky & walk away with life in prison, civilians are  no big deal". Now they'll be running rampant like savage, soulless animals (oh wait, even animals don't kill their own kind), skip that last part.

This happened a little too close to my neck of the woods. Lock your doors & windows & get a weapon!


Well i knew heather and she was a great mother and who ever did this is a monster and thoes little kids didn't deserve what happen to them i hope they catch who ever did this to her and 2 little kids it is so wrong ... my payers go out to heathers family she was a good women and a great mother......


 All im saying is noone knew about the custody from the news and the paper and now since that was put up these judgmental people will start to form an opinion truth or not...not everyone needed to know that and thats what gossip is this should be a time of healing and respect for the family members not a spotlight for every wrong shes  ever done I don't know her don't care what her problems were I care she was murdered along with her 2 children nothing else matters god bless 


You are right. I guess my reasoning behing posting that is because the sytem is so broken. There just really needs to be more screening for future tragedies, and accidents. Maybe one day these types of nightmares can somewhat be prevented. Kids do not belong with addicts, they just don't. I am very saddened by this, but also angry too! My heart bleeds for the loss of them. It is the sickest thing I have ever heard.


 BornAndRaised..... SMH at you. Go away with that. Who cares what her past was!!! What matters was how she was setting her present and future!  Also... Whether or not she was what you say, she still loved her children dearly. ***please everyone read this correctly because I am NOT judging this young lady*** I came from a drug addicted mother, she got her life straight, struggled just as anyone else would have in my moms situation. But my mom raised me right, loved me, supported me. One of the best things my mom EVER gave me was the knowledge of what drugs do to you. Because my mom went through that struggle I didn't have to. That is one of the biggest postivies that came from being a child of a recovering addict. The know how of not becoming one yourself. **** again this is not directed toward this young lady, this is directed at bornandraised's arrogant comment.*** I agree with the other person who commented, you are spreading nothing but gossip. I for one do not care about her past. I give all of my thoughts and prayers to this family. These 3 beautiful souls did not deserve this :( 

She was so young ( along with the babies). They all 3 had their WHOLE LIVES ahead of them and some EVIL, EVIL MONSTER took away a daughter, sister, niece, aunt, grand babies etc. I don't care who you are, what you've done or not done in life nobody, and I mean NOBODY deserves to die like that.  This poor family will have to deal with this tragedy for the rest of their lives. My thoughts and prayers go out to you all. May god be with you in your time of struggle and I sincerely hope and pray your justice is swift! 

What is our city coming to? The good citizens ( all of us) need to step up and take our city back


 Wouldn't there be security video from the hospital viewing the parking lot............................Could be enhanced to view the front of the house and driveway.


I agree with most................................The death penalty should come into play with no plea bargain for these crimes.



Sorry but some colleges DO hold classes on weekends. I had many on Saturdays.

GooseyGrandma's picture

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nosey rosey

While I agree that the mother's choices did not mean she deserved to be killed, when you have children within an illegal lifestyle, then you are responsible when bad things happen to them.  Poor little ones, they should not have been placed in the middle. 



Someone earlier had posted links to Toledo blade. I actually read the links. And now it's also in the newest article of the scumbag who is being accused. A friend found her body. Not the LE


@ faith-hope-love, No disrespect intended whatsoever. You obviously missed my point. Whether you believe in what the Bible says or science says about humankind's creation, humankind was an afterthought. God/evolution created all other living creatures before us. We came after. Whether human, animal, or insect, A LIFE, IS A LIFE, IS A LIFE. You either understand it, or you don't. We are are all killers. Some intentional, some unintentional.