Christmas window dressing downtown

SANDUSKY 'Tis the season to walk around downtown. As part of the
May 24, 2010



'Tis the season to walk around downtown.

As part of the State Theatre's attempt to re-brand Sandusky as "Christmas Point, USA" -- the most festive city in America -- the theater will unveil its 12 animated, storefront window displays depicting scenes from Charles Dickens' "A Chirstmas Carol" today.

Here's where to see them:

Leave the State Theatre, 107 Columbus Ave., and turn right.

WINDOW No. 1. 129 Columbus Ave.

Nephew Fred and Bob Cratchit wish Scrooge a Merry Christmas!

"Bah, Humbug!"

Turn left and head north.

WINDOW No. 2. The Sandusky State Theatre, 107 Columbus Ave.

Scrooge rejects a request for charity for the poor people of London.

WINDOW No. 3. The Sandusky State Theatre

Jacob Marley's ghost appears and explains his journeys this night.

Cross Water Street and turn left.

WINDOW No. 4. Bay Gallery, 115 W. Water St.

The Ghost of Chistmas Past visits Scrooge in his bedchamber.

Head east and cross over Columbus Avenue.

WINDOW No. 5. Wendy Kromer Confections, 137 W. Water St.

Scrooge visits the Fezziwig's Christmas Ball and is reminded of youth.

WINDOW No. 6. Wendy Kromer Confections, 133 W. Water St.

The Ghost of Christmas Present awakens Scrooge for his second journey.

Cross over Water Street and walk south to Market Street and turn right (west).

WINDOW No. 7. San Bay, 161 E. Market St.

Scrooge sees the effects of his greed on the Cratchit family and Tiny Tim.

WINDOW No. 8. Red Raven Books, 133 E. Market St.

Scrooge overhears conversations of his mean and miserly ways.

WINDOW No. 9. Hero Zone, 127 E. Market St.

The Ghost of Christmas Future shows Scrooge his probable fate.

Cross over Columbus Avenue and continue west.

WINDOW No. 10. Creative Blessings, 127 W. Market St.

Scrooge awakens Christmas morning to a new and wonderful life.

Turn around and turn right (north) at Columbus Avenue.

WINDOW No. 11. James A. Bertsch Jewelers, 101. W. Market St.

Scrooge arrives at the Cratchit home with gifts and promises of generosity.

WINDOW No. 12. Storefront, 139 Columbus Ave.

And Tiny Tim proclaims ... "God bless us, every one."