Bellevue woman killed in crash on Bogart Road

(Updated with video) A 63-year-old Bellevue woman was killed in a two-vehicle accident at Bogart and Schenk roads this morning.
Melissa Topey
Sep 1, 2012


(Updated with video) A 63-year-old Bellevue woman was killed in a two-vehicle accident at Bogart and Schenk roads this morning. 

A Sandusky man was flown from the accident to a Toledo hospital. Richard Carter, 65, of Sandusky, was conscious and alert immediately after the accident but was transported to Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center by helicopter. 

The head-on crash occurred at about 7 a.m.

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The Answer Person



I dont know, maybe one of these know it all people posting on the pics page could answer that for you! But personally I feel until we hear ALL details I would like to believe that it was total accident with no impairment, nor distractions being the factor :(


 Here we go again. Had to to post the texting thing again.  It was an accident for the love of god and for your info there is a law stopping you from doing that when driving so it couldn't have been


 Nothing against older people, but I highly doubt a 63 year old women was texting, drunk maybe but not texting!


Yes, there is a new law against texting while driving.  But any person over 18 that is texting while driving can't be pulled over for it.  They can only be charged with it if there is another violation for which they can be stopped.  That being said, there are also laws agains drunk driving, speeding, shooting someone, robbing a bank, stealing, etc.  But people break those laws every day.  Just because there is a law against it doesn't mean the activity will automatically stop


Before you all start judging her, I personally knew her. She does not text and drive, she was a close and personal friend. So please don't judge. She is a very alert and vibrant person, and I know that she had a medical condition. About a 99% chance she had a heart attack. Besides the guy did not lose his life, it was her.


Thanks to the ones defending her. And no,K9, She was not drunk either. She was on her way to work for gods sake.

everyday joe

 What a sad thing to happen.  I personally know the Wobsers and my heart aches for them.   Having lost my father last August in a car accident, I know what this family is going through. And the hurtful things people say and assume on these blogs do not lessen the pain.  They certainly are NOT needed either!  Have some compassion people!


Thank you everyday joe. I think that is why the world is the way it is. People automatically assumes the worse for everything. It makes me sick. Anne was an amazing woman, and I would have gladly took her place. I will miss her so much and anyone who knew her would know this. It breaks my heart to think that I will never see her again.

Annes girls

 I knew Anne personally she was by far the nicest person. Anne always had a hug for anyone who needed even if she didn't know them. I really don't appreciate all these nasty comments people are posting...she wasn't texting, and sure as hell wasn't drinking so yall can get that through your head. We will never know why this happend but don't point fingers you didn't know her or know how she was like. Anne suffered from a back injury that happend years in an accident that she did NOT cause which is why she had so many prescriptions...I know the last week she's been in a lot of pain and hadn't been getting much sleep..the accident accured at 6:55am which means she was running late already since she had to be to work at 7am so she could of been falling asleep...accidents do happen so don't judge a person. Nothing in this world can bring her back and it's going to take sometime for all of us to heal. I love you so much Anne I'm so glad I got to meet you and get to know you it was a pleasure working with you for 2 years..thank you for always being there for breaks my heart that your gone but I know your in a better place and no more pain or stress. you'll always be my Grandmama Anne I really could use one of your hugs