Deputies strip $300K of marijuana from Erie County fields

Somewhere in Erie County this morning, a marijuana grower is fuming mad. In a pre-planned drug hunt Thursday, law enforcement officers plucked 300 marijuana plants from farm fields and river bottoms throughout Erie County.
Emil Whitis
Aug 31, 2012


Somewhere in Erie County this morning, a marijuana grower is fuming mad.  In a pre-planned drug hunt Thursday, law enforcement officers plucked 300 marijuana plants from farm fields and river bottoms throughout Erie County.

They then cut and stacked the plants, doused them in diesel fuel and, with the flick of a lighter, burned them into oblivion.    

“It was about the size of a large campfire,” Erie County Sheriff’s Detective Paul DeFazio said. “But the smoke would have told a different story.”   

Erie County deputies spearheaded the project in conjunction with the Ohio Attorney General’s office, and they also got some help from a Butler County

Sheriff’s helicopter and crews from several local law enforcement agencies.

End result: about $300,000 worth of marijuana up in smoke. 

For an account of the full day's marijuana eradication activities, pick up a copy of Friday's Register.


The Brownie Elf

Great job Erie County S.O.!  Make the hippies and wannna be gangstas go to a different county!


The war on drugs was lost decades ago, so just legalize it and make the money do some good. No, I am not a user. It makes no sense to let the criminals reap the profits is what I am saying. It's a useless waste of resources that could instead, go to feeding hungry people!


 I'll keep paying my taxes and you keep doing what you do!  Thanks for snuffing out the thugs and making a stand for Erie County.


$300K worth of sales tax would have been better than the thousands spent to get rid of it.

Former Resident

@ reading sines:  I totally agree with you.  i don't smoke it either but it seems to be a waste of taxpayers money and I agree, the money spent to pull a feew plants from the ground is rediculous.  Just because someone smokes a little green in their own homes doesn't make them thugs or gansters.. Legalize it already, tax it and see where our National Deficit would be then..  Just sayin...


Just start sprinkling ganja seeds all over the county. A few plants are better than none.

The Pilgrims brought dandelions to the New World as a food crop, look how well they've done. :)



Hemp could be used for other things.  No, it's outlawed.


In modern times hemp is used for industrial purposes including paper, textiles, clothing, biodegradable plastics, construction (as with Hemcrete and insulation), body products, health food and bio-fuel. Hemp is thus legally grown in many countries across the world including Spain, China, Japan, Korea, France, North Africa and Ireland. Although hemp is commonly associated with marijuana (hemp's THC-rich cousin), since 2007 the commercial success of hemp food products has grown considerably.

Brick Hamland

I am sure all respectable drug dealers claim the income from drug sales on their tax returns and pay the corresponding income taxes.


i said sales tax, not income tax. the point was it should be legalized. read between the lines.


@ feedthetrolls:

Decriminalize, don't legalize.

All ya need are seeds to grow yer own and eventually an underground market will be created of sellers and buyers.

The govt. won't let ya have it, 'cause they won't ever be able to control it. But heck, they can't control it now. 

Ganga will grow in lousy soil and has few natural enemies.  Why do you think it's called "weed"?

Rumor has it that one of the copies of the original U.S. Constitution is printed on hemp paper. Is that ironic or what?


"God saw all that he had made, and it was very good." (Gen 1:31)

Remember: Govts. can only restrict liberty, they cannot give it. 



Has it occured to anyone yet that these guys are already on duty and that they haven't been overspending anyone's money, just doing their regular jobs? 

Good work.  And besides that, I wonder how much, in the course of theiir jobs THEY have taken down, vs that specialty team along with the DEA, the Attorney General was bragging about over in Ottawa County that took 5 years and so much money?

I would say these guys have beaten them by now and it sure didn't take so much money, did it? 

Great job fellows, keep up the good work.


 If they would legalize and tax the sale of maryjane juana then the gubberment would have more money to spend on wars so we could continue on with killing folks that aren't like us. We always need an enemy and other folks to kill in dem dar udder countries. Like them towel headed peoples and other peoples that dont speek our language and look funnee. 

So just make it legal and tax it, buy more guns and drones with da money. Fire in da hole baby!


Here is a quick list of countries that it is legal to grow hemp. Growing hemp in the United States is still for the most part illegal

AUSTRALIA and NEW ZEALAND allows research crops. And in Victoria, Australia commercial production is now licensed. AUSTRIA has a hemp industry including production of hempseed oil, medicinals and Hanf magazine. CANADA started to license research crops in 1994 on an experimental basis. In addition to crops for fiber, one seed crop was experimentally licensed in 1995. Many acres were planted in 1997. Canada now licenses for commercial agriculture with thousands of acres planted in 1998. Over 30,000 acres were planted in 1999 CHILE grows hemp mostly for seed oil production. CHINA is the largest exporter of hemp paper and textiles. (ma) DENMARK planted its first modern hemp trials in 1997. Committed to utilizing organic methods. FINLAND has had a resurgence of hemp (hampu) beginning in 1995 with several small test plots. FRANCE harvested 10,000 tons in 1994. France is the main source of viable low THC hempseed. The French word for hemp is “chanvre”. GERMANY only banned hemp in 1982, but research began in 1992 and many technologies and products are being developed. Clothes and paper are being made from imported raw materials. Germany lifted the ban on growing hemp November, 1995. The German word for hemp is hanf. GREAT BRITAIN lifted hemp prohibition in 1993. Animal bedding, paper and textiles have been developed. A government grant was given to develop new markets for natural fibers. 4,000 acres were grown in 1994. Subsidies of $230 Eng. pounds per acre are given by the govt. for growing. HUNGARY is rebuilding their hemp industry, and is one of the biggest exporters of hemp cordage, rugs and hemp fabric to the US They also export hemp seed and hemp paper. The Hungarian word for hemp is kender. INDIA has large stands of naturalized Cannabis and uses it for cordage, textiles, and seed oil. JAPAN has a religious tradition which requires that the Emperor wear hemp garments, so there is a small plot maintained for the imperial family only. They continue to import for cloth and artistic applications. NETHERLANDS is conducting a four year study to evaluate and test hemp for paper, and is developing processing equipment. Seed breeders are developing new strains of low THC varieties. The Dutch word for hemp is hennep. POLAND currently grows hemp for fabric and cordage and manufactures hemp particle board. They have demonstrated the benefits of using hemp to cleanse soils contaminated by heavy metals. The Polish word for hemp is konopij. ROMANIA is the largest commercial producer of hemp in Europe. Total acreage in 1993 was 40,000 acres. Some of it is exported to Hungary for processing. They also export to Western Europe and the United States. The Romanian word for hemp is cinepa. RUSSIA maintains the largest hemp germplasm collection in the world at the N.I. Vavilov Scientific Research Institute of Plant Industry (VIR) in Saint Petersburg. They are in need of funds. The Russian word for hemp is konoplya. SLOVENIA grows hemp and manufactures currency paper. SPAIN grows and exports hemp pulp for paper and produces rope and textiles. The spanish word for hemp is canamo. SWITZERLAND is a producer of hemp. The Swiss words for hemp are hanf, chanvre or canapa depending on whether you are in the French, German or Italian speaking area. EGYPT, KOREA, PORTUGAL, THAILAND, and the UKRAINE also produce hemp. UNITED STATES granted the first hemp permit in 40 years to Hawaii for an experimental quarter acre plot in 1999. Importers and manufacturers have thrived using imported raw materials. Farmers in the US seem to be missing out on this incredible plant



Guess which country has the most prisoners? If you guessed the United States then you are correct. Look at all of the jobs that hemp could provide for Americans. Instead the powers that be send Americans to prison for trivial things.

Land of the free? Think again.




I thought Ohio already decriminalized marijuana???

Sandusky Register Reader's picture
Sandusky Regist...

Oh oh oh oh oh  ---- Where was that at!

grannie G

What a waste of good hemp ( go green) I think it should have been recycled.Like man,into paper, rope etc.Just saying


 should have sold tickets to the burning


 I'm sure they burnt the plants after they picked all the buds off and still still stood around and got baked. But good job the money these people would have gotten would have helped taken care of there family's stop screwing over the hard working farmers and pass the law already. Pot help with a lot of ailments pain aniexty slows down cancer so do what's right go after the hardcore drugs leave the pot growers alone


well, im sure the streets are much safer now..


I would love to see the entire country legalize a lot of different drugs just to get control over them. I don't use drugs but at least with some sort of control over them there would be less overdosing and deaths. 

As for hemp and marajuana it does help pain and is the least addicting of all. 

Like I said before, the ECSD is doing an awfully good job while on duty busting up growers and supply rings and dealers.  They sure are making an effort.  I wonder what their totals are so far?  It sure isn't costing the taxpayers much as they are doing it on their work time.  It must be showing up the 5 years and all that money to took the other counties that the AG was bragging about so much. 

Thumbs up to the Sheriff and his "merry" men for taking such a bite at it.  Good job, guys.