Three charged for throwing bricks at train

Two men and a teenager were hit with a slew of charges Sunday morning after allegedly chucking bricks at a passenger train in Huron.
Emil Whitis
Aug 29, 2012


Two men and a teenager were hit with a slew of charges Sunday morning after allegedly chucking bricks at a passenger train in Huron.

Zachary Gilbert, 20, of Collins; Spencer Griffin, 18, of Huron; and a 17-year-old Huron boy were all charged with aggravated trespassing, obstructing official business, railroad vandalism and disrupting public service.

Gilbert was also charged with underage consumption.

At about 4 a.m., Huron police received a call about people throwing objects at trains along a section of tracks near River Road. When officers rolled up to the scene they spotlighted the three men, who immediately bolted east down the tracks. Officers called for backup and chased the three suspects into the woods.

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yea right

i see Zach has not learned..guess this is what he gets..he threw a rock and broke my bedroom window one nite..bout 8 yrs ago..i say throw the book at him..haha literaly.. he needs to be taught a lesson..

Sit n Spin

Check out these idiots facebook pages....

Zach states and I quote,"Hi everybody my names is Zack. Im a pretty simple guy very easy too get along with. If you don't like me you must be jealous of me and jealous people don't get very far hating others. Im a good listener I try to stay on the good side of the law but sh-- happens. Im 6' 3 180 lbs. I have short brown hair and blue eyes. I have a fb just cause it kills time when your suffering from boredom.

Hahahahaha !

grandma d

Zack is a good kid.. He just has the wrong friends and caught up in the moment.. And I'm sure all you goody goodies on here have never done anything.. Lol.. Be careful what you say because Karma is a bitc#.. And when you put all your stupid comments on for what I just wrote, There won't be a reply because I don't stup to your level.. Get a job and stop downing others.. It's because of people like you this worlds going to shi$..


Good kids aren't out at 4 am drinking and trying to find something to do with their bordem.  Perhaps THEY had jobs they would be in BED sleeping to get ready for the next day's work and not throwing rocks at trains or other people's windows.

Karma may come and get me, but the Karma coming to get these kids will catch them first.  It's payback time from the law and I don't want to be in their shows when it does. 


 They should have jumped I front of the train to see if there drunk strength could stop it.. 

yea right

@ grandma is Karma that Zach got caught this time..he broke my window but could not prove it at the kids found out at a later time..he has been nothing but trouble..goes back on to his worthless mom and dad who was never there for him..and yes i know them both..

grandma d

LOL.. Way funny.. Your the worthless one on here saying crap you know nothing about. And I am his mom and far from worthless .. All my kids plus myself have a good education and live a good life.. And what do you do?? Still live in the park letting your kids run around?? Nice try. And if you knew me like you say, you would know everything you wrote is a lie and you just want people to comment..  Yeah he was out at 4 in the morning but he is 19.. And just so you know he wasn't the one that was throwing the bricks at the trains. And show me were he has been a bad kid and has a wrap sheet?? That right he don't. And he does have a job but people get days off. And you all are on here attacking just Zack hum why is that?? Because I made a comment? That's how it all starts.. Well you all can say what you want about him, but if you knew him as himself and not what's on here you would know what I'm saying is true..  And he throw a rock and broke your window by accident he was 9 years old when you knew him.. Sorry if I made you others upset by my first post, but I love my son as I'm sure you all love yours. So until you know what really happen as I am still waiting myself leave him out of your conversation and pick on someone else that can defend themselves. Or just leave people alone.


@grandma d.....I,too, am a mother of two sons and a grandmother. 

One of the FIRSTS things you should learn as a mother of boys is to learn they do things wrong.  

The second thing is to never publically try to defend them.   It never works.  All you do is make things worse for them and for yourself. 

Let it be.  People will think what they want no matter what you say to the contrary but you know what you believe in your heart and in your head.  So just let it go.  Stand by your son and let him know you are there for him.

What difference does it make what the rest of the world thinks or says as long as he knows you are there for him?

he said she said



A good kid??  Got caught up in the moment??

I am not an angel but I never threw rocks at a passenger train or any train for that matter!!

you stated:  "There won't be a reply because I don't stup to your level.. Get a job and stop downing others.. It's because of people like you this worlds going to shi$.."

That's stoop....

You tell those on here to get a job??  You should be telling good kid Zack.  You can't down someone who is already down doing what they should not be doing...

People like me are in my house at 4 am in bed for work and school, not out doing what good kid Zack did....

My dad always said that nothing good happens after the street lights kick on.....

Oh and Karma is a bit**, I'm just a bigger one....


so, im part of the reason that the world is going to hell? hmmm.. im sure not perfect, i got into trouble when i was a kid. i paid the price for it too. been working steady for 27 years.. god forbid we put the blame on those who deserve it or not grandma its little punks like these three who are screwing up the world and people like you are not helping things any..


4 am  really , what are you doing at 4 am   ?      not throwing rocks Im sure,,,, W au ndering around , cant you waunder  in day light?   What mama thinks this is innocent   , has brats for kids,   blame his friends?  you are responsible for your choices, no one else.......


 "Hey, I'm bored.  Hmmmm....   Let's go throw bricks at trains!!!"

"Hey, yeah!!!  Great idea!"

I would have loved to be there when that conversation started!!  Classic!!!

yea right

it was NO accident breaking my was about midnite and i was in made such a loud pop i thought it was told me you would fix it..ha never recived a dime..yes you were confronted..



If you want your kid to be seen as a good kid...tell him to keep his a$$ on the right side of the law and he won't have people on here talkin about him.

See, understand, that the ones on here that make comments only comment on the knuckleheads that do things that are stupid enough to get put in the paper....



 These are the same kind of kids that drop rocks off overpasses into unsuspecting motorists windshields.............................Throw the book at em!


@Nine MM  and all....that is true.  But like most parents, it is unfortunate that you do what you can witt your kids and that is all you can do.  Sometimes they turn out great and sometimes they dont.

Why is it today's kids feel bored all the time and get into so much trouble?  They do so much more dumb stuff they we ever did.  They throw stuff off these overpasses at cars.....those overpasses have been there for decades.  We didn't do that.

They shoot out windows or just plain shoot people.  they say they were bored and didn't think about the consequences.  We never did that.  Why is it they do?  Poor parenting or is it these kids don't get it? 

You tell me, because I don't get it

he said she said


When I was a kid, if I got caught doing this, the person calling the police would have beat my tail and when my parents came to get me, I would have gotten it again, no matter what age I am!!

I know there is a fine line between abuse and discipline, but if kids today got a good old fashioned a$$ whoopin like I got as a kid, there would be less skipping school and getting into trouble!

I got them and I don't have my name in the paper for throwing rocks or bricks at trains!!

Today, parents are scared of their kids...I'll be damned if I back down from my kids!!  I run my kids, they don't run me.....


Zach is 20 years old.  By now he should have learned, or somebody should have taught him, how to live in a civilized society.  Bored, running around at 4 AM looking for something mischievous to do is a sign of somebody not ready to assume the responsibility of adulthood.  His parents should have done a better job while he was young enough to mold.  Now it's too late.  Looks like he's heading down the "burden on society road".


Grandma D said it all..."He just has the wrong friends and got caught up in the moment."  Too many parents make excuses for their kids, and look for others to blame when they screw up.  Yes, kids screw up.  We all screw up.  But when they do, don't blame the freinds they choose to hang with.  If you don't force them to take responsibility (including responsibility for the friends they choose to have), they will go through life feeling like victims.