Norwalk ex-teacher pleads guilty to sexual battery

A former Norwalk teacher has pleaded guilty to having sex with a student.
Jessica Cuffman
Aug 28, 2012


A former Norwalk teacher has pleaded guilty to having sex with a student.

Alexa Nasonti, 25, Bellevue, faces up to five years in prison on the third-degree felony charge.

She pleaded guilty in Sandusky County Common Pleas Court on Monday morning where she was scheduled for a pre-trial hearing. 

Sandusky County prosecutor Tom Stierwalt said his recommendation for sentencing will depend on the outcome of a pre-sentence investigation to be completed by the probation department. If the investigation indicates she deserves prison time, he'll request she be sentenced up to 18 months behind bars.

Nasonti was discovered sitting in a car with a 17-year-old male student at a Castalia park after dark April 2. Officers subpoenaed cell phone records between her and the boy, which indicated there was sexual conduct between the two at a home in Bellevue on March 31.

Nasonti resigned May 2 from her job as an art teacher at Norwalk schools.

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I don't think anyone really cares about this "crime". She's a 25 year old teaching elementary in a different district and purportedly having consensual relations with a 17 year old in her town. Prison time? C'mon.


To my way of thinking, the county has too much money at their disposal to pursue this type of "crime".


 To bad raging hormones ruined her career.  I am sure the boy is a hero at school . I vote no jail



What Eddie and nobody said.



 Are we really going to waste anymore taxpayer dollars on sending her to prison.? She pled guilty, and she has ruined her own life.  To be honest, I think she has hurt herself more than anyone could do to her.  Somehow, I don't think we will ever see her name in the papers again.  Bad judgment, definitely, but I think the punishment has already fit the crime.  Alexa, I truly hope you find a way to pick up the pieces and find a way to forgive yourself for all the damage youve caused and rebuild your life.  Nobody said forget, just forgive.  Good luck.


                         What the 5 other posters said.




 I can hear her now at her first sex addicts meeting. My name is.... and its been 3 weeks since my last strange.


Maybe I would be more sympathetic, but the word around Norwalk is that she is still in touch with this student with fake internet accounts. And she has been laughing about it in bars.

It wouldn't matter if he was a 21 year old student. It is against the law for a teacher to have a sexual relationship with a student. End of story. Guilty.  Not worth ruining your life, girl.


Yeah I'm sure with the threat of prison she's laughing about it in bars



Sorry DGmutley, but you should read Ohio Revised Code section 2951.041 B (2).  She is not eligible for Intervention in Lieu if she is charged with a felony of the 3rd degree.  Even if she was eligible, she has already entered a guilty plea and has now been found guilty by the Judge.  Just sayin'.


Interesting comments but, would you be so quick to say let bygones be bygones if it were a male teacher and a female student? I'm just asking.

Concerned For A...

I agree 100% with eriemom. Against the law, no ifs, ands, or buts about it. Boy I remember having it out with FrugalSpender about this teacher. She kept calling me a sheep because I said guilty from the beginning!


How many of you REALLY want your "tax dollars" to go for her being in prison?


When you realize the fact that prison space is a limited resource, then you reach the inevitable conclusion that it would be a waste of prison space to send a person like this to prison. We need to use the limited prison space we have on more serious criminals. That doesn't excuse or minimize her behavior. We can't send every criminal to prison. We simply don't have enough space. 


Not a joke,  she could have waited for him to become an adult[18] its the principal of the thing.   Moral responsibility, community respect, shes really not a kid ,no excuses. Prison[no]  restitution to the parents and an apology to teachers everywhere.  $$$$$$ will hurt her the most.

Just Saying

Parents on here - when you send your kids to school, doesn't matter what age they are, do you really want to be worried that they are being hit on by their teacher??  Come On!  I have absolutely no sympathy for her. I don't care if she's a "good girl" or not.

Hoss McGee

She's cute! When I was in school that never happened. Then again my teachers were either 100 years old or 400 pounds or both! 

maverick12's picture

lol....I agree Hoss!

Bad choice on her part though...

Tsu Dho Nimh

I'm dumb-founded that so many people don't find it sickening that a 25 year old (and a teacher to boot) would have an affair with an under-aged person.  The law doesn't even allow her to "date" an 18 year old  if that 18 year old is still in high school.  It doesn't matter if he is her student or not.  She is a sex-offender and is subject to the same consequences as any other sex-offender.  It is a real shame that she could not control herself.


Actually Tsu, the law does not prohibit a 25 year old and an 18 year old from "dating" or having sexual conduct for that matter.  What makes this a crime is that this woman was his teacher. 


To send " a person like this " to prison as has says, is exactly what needs to happen because it's people like this that feel like they can get away with anything they choose because of who they are. Truth is, if this were a male teacher and a female student, most people's opinions would be different. Im sorry but just because she is a young pretty girl doesn't mean she should get by the legal system. She deserves to pay for her crime both legally and emotionally.


Just tonight I was filling out the paperwork for back to school. ( I have 15 year old twins).  WHY on gods green earth do teachers or the school need my teenagers cell phone number? UM NO.  No teacher needs to be in personal contact with my teenager.  That goes for my daughter or my son.  I know this does not stop a child from giving the teacher or whoever their phone number, but I hope I have made the point to them that a teacher does NOT need their phone numbers.  I am also questioning the need for a teacher to have a personal classroom blog that my children need to register with?  What ever happened to teaching IN class?

Tsu Dho Nimh

lady_dye...I agree with you 100%!


One would think that each school district would have strict prohibitions against teachers and students sharing cell phone numbers -- there are absolutely other ways to communicate with a student.  I'm thinking the parents' land lines, parents' cell phones, etc. 

This would not only protect students from the actions of criminal teachers, but it would also help protect teachers.  



@ Tsu Dho Nimh

Copy cat or the real animal?

Just ask'in........



 Agreed, she shouldn't do any time.

@Ehovemom, at this point she can have contact with the boy all she wants.  Since she is no longer a teacher their relationship is perfectly legal since the age of consent for sex in Ohio is 16.


boy the streets are safe again??

Phil Packer

 I remember the first Halloween after I graduated from high school, my friends and I went out and stole pumpkins, like we did when we were high school students. The next day I got up and thought, "What was I thinking! I'm 18 now! I'm an adult, and I can't get away with that kind of thing anymore!" She's 25...

Home Boy

Give the girl a diversion program, and be thnkful the 17 year old wasn't out bang@#% a 16 year old.Don't know this girl, but diversion would problay be enoigh to set her straight. Jail time will only harden her.



  If I was in school now and had a teacher that  like Her I wouldn't have been a virgin at 18.  I wouldn't admit it to anyone.  Cell phones, texting, twitter, facebook, I really think this shows the intelligence of the individuals.  The saying always used to be that the criminal almost always returns to the scene of the crime.  It's much easier now-a days, they just admit or brag about the crime electronically.  Cell phones in school should be kept in their lockers, no exceptions.


Just think, if she was doing a 25 year old guy, this wouldn't be  in the  paper, now would it?  And she'd still have her teaching career, typical   of this family's  mindset, they can do no wrong, they always think they can do whatever they want .

As for the 17 year old ,  he could be doing a 16 year old, we have no idea how many partners he has.

local man

House arrest when not at the job.

Also pertaining to teachers with blogs, etc make sure that the school administrators are linked to the content can be monitored.


Putting her in jail will NOT solve her problems any more than it did any OTHER female teacher who has gone before her.  Just look at all the female teachers who have done this already.  They go to jail and it solves nothing.

So please, that isn't going to help a thing.  She needs to discover WHY she did it....why she felt the need to attach herself to a 17 year old kid.  Why attach herself to the danger of it all and risk everything then lie about it?  Why did she need to ruin her own life for sex?

No amount of jail time will help her with that one. 

Julie R.

What a total waste of a good college education.

Attorney Buff: As long as you're on here quoting the Ohio Revised Code maybe you can give me the number of the law that says a court can seal matter of public records in probate estates. Is that an Ohio Law or one of corrupt Erie County's?


Julie,  I totally agree....but I wonder about more than just that.  How did a certain someone know the outcome of a certain case before anyone else?


What an idiot


KnuckleDragger - better go check ur legal references.  Age of consent doesn't apply unless the age difference between the two parties is 5 years or less, when one of the parties is under age 18.  Her age would now make her eligible for statutory rape charges if the boy is still 17.

Bottom Line: if a male teacher had conduct like this with a female student, everyone would be screaming for him to get 15 yrs. in jail or more.  So let's apply the law equally, without prejudice for gender.  Whatever the precedent for a male, this teacher should get.

Gotta love these liberal, artsy types.  Making the schools a better place for all our kids.  How come you never hear about stuff like this with a shop teacher or someone who teaches actual job / career skills?


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The Rudy

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blueyedgrl1030 - she IS NOT Ed's daughter...she is his niece. You may want to update your post b/c ignornance and inaccuracy about that alone totally discredits any other points you are trying to make. 




@ Wayne and Darwin

First I apologize for the inaccuracy-unfortunately my post has seemed to of disappeared (and I didn't delete it and it isn't showing up as being removed by moderators on my computer!) but if I recall my post said I BELIEVE her father is Ed-theres a big difference in saying I believe vs. saying I know for a fact soooo whose ignorance is really showing? It DOESNT discredit my whole post-regardless who her father is do you think her whole family isnt wanting to hide in a hole right now of embarrassment?If Ms. Nasonti was sooo selfish to NOT think of her family all for the sake of a relationship with a minor WHO WAS HER STUDENT TO BOOT then it doesnt matter who her father is-shes a nasonti for goodness sake. I grew up in Bellevue, its a small town and gossip is rampant, and there are certain prominent names in that community-Nasonti is one of them! I STAND BY my part of my post that Ms. Nasonti was given an authority position when she received her teaching degree and entrusted with working with the community's youth-if she didnt give a darn about violating that authority I questioned how anyone can believe she'd indeed be a good candidate for diversion.

Darwin's choice're ignorance is showing................


I wonder now if she thinks it was worth it.


Eddie O (at the bottom of the page) is wrong.  The "teacher" and the student were both in the Norwalk system.  She LIVED in Bellevue and they did the dirty deed there, in her parent's home.  CLASSY!

She was NOT his teacher, but she was a teacher in the Norwalk District, teaching at the elementary across town.  She did, obviously, have contact with him (rimshot!).  

I agree with Bobaluey and Blue Eyed Girl that the family thinks that they are above the law, and have for 30 years.  What ever happened to Uncle Eddie's driving without a license, expired license plates, and DUI arrest from the Friday night - early Saturday morning following the last football game last season?  All very quickly and quietly swept under the big Swellevue rug.  It was in the Sandusky Register police blog, but it NEVER made it to the main stream of page 1, unlike DeMar Moore's recent charges.  Why?

She needs to do time, period, she broke the law.  If it were a male teacher, you knuckleheads would be all over this if there was so much as a 1% chance that he'd not go to jail!

Oh so very quiet by FrugalSpender.  Why?  Some of us tried to convince her that Nasonti was goin' down on this one, but she fought on.  Those texts were brutal, just like I said they were, yet the babbling biotch that is Fru kept droning on and on how "innocent" she was.  Not so much.  LOL!



 I grew up in Bellevue,also. I can also say that family has always thought it was above the law, or any other type of decent behavior. She is not Eds daughter, she is Bills. They walked all over people and thought nothing of it. Now Karma has finally come back to bite them. I hope they finally get to know how it feels to be the butt of jokes and ridicule. I don't like to be someone that goes down to their level, but after years of their torment, I can't resist.  


only a hhonker like that... has a boy nosing around...


 If this was a male teacher he would be in prison for 10 years..wonder why it's not severe if it's a woman taking advantage of a young student but it is if it's a man everyone has an opinion...isn't it wrong no matter what 


@ Sandusky Register, Please fix your profanity filter. How can the Ohio Revised Code and wording trigger the profanity filter? I was trying to provide the legal definition of sexual conduct as used in sexual battery. I am in agreement with DGMutley in that the teacher was not in authority over the student nor did they attend the same school.