Huron school board has special meeting Saturday

The Huron school board has scheduled a special meeting for 10 a.m. Saturday in the reading area at Shawnee Elementary School, 712 Cleveland Road.
Jessica Cuffman
Aug 24, 2012


The Huron school board has scheduled a special meeting for 10 a.m. Saturday in the reading area at Shawnee Elementary School, 712 Cleveland Road.

Board members are scheduled to meet in executive session to consider the dismissal or discipline of a public employee, or the investigation of charges or complaints against a public employee.

In executive session, they also plan to confer with attorneys about pending court action. In the meeting’s public portion, the board plans to clarify and adopt a resolution approved at last week’s meeting, concerning the waiver of certain attorney-client confidentiality.

Board members may also take action on other matters discussed in executive session.


Ακόμη Sold σχετ...


Write this down: Fred Fox will not be found guilty of anything. He WILL BE given his job back and he WILL BE apologized to.. Publicly.

Include this too:
This whole mess was created by a smear campaign led by Tim Soweke and Donna Greene and endorsed by Scott Slocum. They asked Attorney Markling to look into the situation when Markling offered 10 free hours and Markling turned it into a $50,000 report that was done in a manner that would have made Mother Theresa look bad.

Then.. Tim Soweke, (acting on his own because a school board member is only a school board member when sitting at a conveined board meeting), physically took the Markling report to the Ohio Ethics Committee, thus making the Markling report a public document. You, and I, wouldn't even know about the 'alleged' transgressions if Tim Sowecke did not do this on his own. This should have all been handled by the Ohio Ethics Commission and not been leaked to the public until something was decided.

So.. The 3 Stooges who make up a majority of the Huron Board of Education have attempted to publicly smear Fred Fox and HAVE DONE SO ILLEGALLY !

IF YOU READ ALL THAT HAS BEEN PRINTED on here, or in the Sandusky Register, you would know all of this. But.. As most who just love to see someone else in more misery than than themselves would take from this.. Let's hang Fred Fox.

THE TRUTH IS: Fred Fox is the victim here. He and his family.

Tim Sowecke.. Donna Greene.. and Scott Slocum created this whole mess and believe me.. There will be consequences. But not for Fred Fox. (That is if you do not count what this mess has done to his name and credibility.)

So.. Attack me and what I am telling you all you want, but when the smoke has cleared.. You can say you read it here first.


Akoun sold oxet....   I am not from Huron, but have read some of this on here.  How do YOU know what is going to happen at this meeting and what is coming with such vivid accounting?   And you seem to be the only one? 

Do you know what is in that report already and how?  you already know what this board's decision is?  Then why have this meeting? 

Ακόμη Sold σχετ...


I've read many of your posts and they seem to be well thought out, but seem to always be in opposition ?

I do seem to know a lot, but assure you it is from my being a Huron historian and from reading a lot.

This board is predictable. It's going to stay 3-2 until the next election when some more people with energy jump in to change the world only to find out they DO live in Huron and every move they make will be under someone's scrutiny.

I am simply speculating on past history and also using common sense.

Why have the board meeting ? Well Mama.. maybe to make it look like THEY ARE DOING SOMETHING !

I count 7 lawyers and their staffs involved now and there will be another added when the lawsuits kick in. & lawyers getting paid with money that's supposed to educate children.

All because 3 people wanted to GET Fred Fox. (I say 3, but that is just the tip of the iceberg as when you do Fred Fox's job and you make a difference you do not make a lot of friends).

PS... You did great with Westerhold... Held your own !

Ακόμη Sold σχετ...

And Managing Editor Matt Westerhold...

Get your pen and paper handy because it won't be after this publicized meeting, but soon enough you and your band of err... writers/editors will have to come up with another editorial. Maybe you should be apologizing to Fred Fox, too ?

Or.. Maybe you should stick to stories about cop killers and support area schools instead of tearing them down. (And thank you for what you've done for the Sandusky City Schools with your positive articles. That was easy. This is a bit more complicated)..

How about writing about how a test should be given before allowing any idiot with the time to run for a board of education ? See if they know anything about education and what their relationship is with the football coach.

Ακόμη Sold σχετ...

Justme -

Everyone in the party was offered the same deal. I have read on here that all of the administrators who went should be fired ?

Kalahari's owner probably discounted golf for many that same weekend.

Here is what we have because of that discounted golf:
The Huron Board of Education has declared that the owner of the biggest property tax payer in Huron has 'illegally' discounted golf for it's own CEO and several of his co-workers.

In corporate America this would be a joke. And what is a school but a business.

I really think it is time that the Huron schools are run like one.


AkounSold Oxet.......Ok, I was not trying to be a smartA$$  with you, sorry if it came out that way.....must be my  I just wondered how you knew so much about all this and you seem to be the only one with answers that are correct.

Obviously you have sources....right?  You need not divulge them.  So what happened......I am dying to know what happened at the meeting?   Is Fred keeping his job?  Is that crooked group still at it?   Are they going or staying? 

What is up?   Thanks. 

Ακόμη Sold σχετ...

Hahaha.. Love ya Mama.

For what it is worth I strongly believe that Fred Fox will be back at work and will receive an apology.

The board itself, well at least two of the members, are under a lot of pressure at this moment because of their involvement in this mess.

The attorneys are in a tither.

I read it in the Enquirer.. lol

Ακόμη Sold σχετ...

Well I see we've actually made it into the 'top comments' here with our little group.

I wish we were discussing something else here, but for now this is what we have.

Signing off.. Hope you all have a great nights rest and will be ready for another round tomorrow.

I may joke some on here, but this is serious. A man's reputation and ethics have been severely distorted by some people who should have been watching their own backs better and should have been better judges of who they should listen to.

They should have been better prepared for what is going to happen next.

In the meantime hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars are being spent to keep this mess going.

When are we going to wake up and get better Huron school board members ?

Ακόμη Sold σχετ...

Believe me when I say, Justme, that schools are a business.

The school board attends a week long seminar every November and they learn a lot while they are there.

Their rooms and some meals are paid for by the school, but the cocktail parties put on by 'vendors' are not paid for by the school and are provided. Should they be punished for accepting free food and drinks that are only offered to board members and administrators ?


Ready.  Set.  Go! 

Ακόμη Sold σχετ...

Maybe.. Just maybe this joke of a school board will get some.. err.. courage and come out with some truth.

But.. I doubt it. What is going to happen here is a full frontal assault on Fred Fox. This joke of a board of education has to do something now that THEY have made these issues public.

I know it's hard for some to realize, but Fred Fox is a total victim here. His life and his family's life has been turned upside down for Fred Fox's 'alleged' actions. Alleged is the key word here.

The 'legal action' they are referring to must be Kevin Asher's injunction. Or is it Fred Fox's lawsuit over making 'alleged' actions into a crime ?

Fred Fox has been publicly accused of having an affair on company time; of having his golf fees reduced; of being reimbursed for a school oriented trip; and several other things that could not be fit into actual chargeable offenses.

The truth is that Fred Fox acted as a mentor and friend to a Fremont City School's administrator.

The truth is Fred Fox is friends with Kalahari's owner.

The truth is Fred Fox does not reimburse himself. The treasurer does the reimbursing.

The truth is Fred Fox wrestled control of the district from the hands of a few teachers who were spending their time controlling the school instead of doing what they are paid to do: teach.

So.. Let's see what the 3 stooges next move is.

Chances are they will say nothing that the SR can print citing legal issues.

Chances are if they do release anything it will just be more lies to cover the ones they've already made into issues to get rid of the guy who at one time or another has done his job and affected someone related to, or friends with the 3 stooges...

Sit n Spin

Please....Fred Fox is a victim of his own arrogance.  Bye-bye Freddy !

Ακόμη Sold σχετ...

Maybe Spin..

But that's not a crime..

Ακόμη Sold σχετ...

And let me add, Spin, that Libel and Slander are..


The truth is, it doesn't matter if he and Kalahari's owner are friends.  He's still not allowed to accept free golf and discounted hotel rooms from him.

The truth is, even if you are correct, and the treasurer does the reimbursing, he was still wrong try to get reimbursement for something personal.  Maybe they should both be in trouble.

The truth is...ya know what, I can't even address your comments about the fremont principal with a straight face.  If you read those emails, and tha't what you  And what they actually "did" isn't really the issue.  Its the total inappropiateness of the emails, which are public record, that should be the issue.

Sit n Spin

Ακόμη Sold σχετικά fox.....How do you like your crow served ?  With or without the feathers ?  I'm sure you will disappear after the OEC report comes to light ! 

Down South

Ακόμη Sold σχετ, maybe I'm wrong, but don't the citizens vote for school board members?  Why don't you quit talking for a while and sit this thing out. I like that you cite Sowecke's relationship with the football coach, all the while forgetting about Fox's relationship with the head of Kalahari. 

Regardless of personal feelings of anyone involved, you have to realize that there was wrongdoing here.  Now, I doubt any criminal charges will be filed, so Fred won't be found 'guilty' of anything, but that doesn't mean he will keep his job. 

There is no doubt Fred did a lot of good for Huron schools, but that does not exempt him from punishment for wrongdoing.

Ακόμη Sold σχετ...

Down South-

I am in complete agreement that there should be punishment for wrongdoing, but it should be appropriate and it should be legal !

What Tim Soweke did by physically delivering the Markling report to the state, (which he did on his own btw and without knowledge of the other 2 Stooges), is nothing short of slander and defamation of charactor.

I did not specifically point out Sowecke's relationship with the football coach, this time, but why is it that that always hits a nerve when mentioned ?

Let me put it in a manner that even a southerner/snowbird could understand: Huron's more inbred than a trailer park in Alabama and Fred Fox is just another white guy who grew up there with friends, but not related to anyone.

(TDN - I thought you might like that one... lol).

South- You want me to sit around and allow a man who has worked as hard as Fred Fox be slandered publicly like this ? What if it was you ? Wouldn't you hope that someone would be looking into it without jaded vision ? You think the only thing I do is post on here ? You don't even know what I do, but if you found yourself in a similar position and I knew the truth about you.. Wouldn't you want me to try to tell it ?

Thanks for your advice.

Darwin's choice

Down South.............punishment for wrongdoing by the board members, by selective actions, who are more guilty than Fred, is also in order.  The amount of money spent by them, for this"event"  is disgusting!!  This same board is meeting on saturday because the part time superintendent is on vacation, the first week of school !! Great job by the board for that action !

Ακόμη Sold σχετ...

Darwin -

I'm with you. Disgusting. And it was all preventable.


Well darwin, he only gets paid for the days he works, so you should be glad.  Likely the vacation was planned before he was hired.  While the cost of this is very unfortunate, its on Fred's shoulders, not the one's who are doing what is right.


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Tsu Dho Nimh


Poor Fred.  He is just a victim of everyone's supidity.  The man was just trying to mentor the Fremont principal and was misunderstood.  Then she took a leave of absence in February when the investigation started, eventually resigning her position this summer.  What was she thinking?  Her timing was unfortunate for Fred. Then there is the inept treasurer who reimbursed Fred for expenses that were illegal to pay.  How was Fred to know this was wong?  After all, three school board members told him it was okay.  It's not like he ever attended any conferences hosted by North Point that addressed Ohio Ethics Laws.  Maybe the universities should start including ethics in the curriculum for those who are working toward an administrator's license.  We certainly wouldn't want this to happen to another superintendent.  And let us not forget the 3 Stooges who think that the rules apply to everyone...tisk tisk.  They should have allowed Bulea, Caporini, and Asher to guide them so they would know how to play the game.

Glad that 2 week vacation gave you the energy to come back, full throttle, and educate us on the truth!

Ακόμη Sold σχετ...

and TDN-

Ethics is a big part of what future superintendents and board members learn.

The situation with the Fremont administraitor is unfortunate and should have required the Huron Board of Education to reprimand Fred Fox. What they have done is to put Fred Fox's business on the front page of the Register for all of us to speculate on.

I'm going to give you the Fremont situation and then I am going to ask you if anything Fred Fox ever did required him to be publicly flogged and targeted for dismissal ?

You seem to think it's funny, but Fred Fox does not reimburse himself. He even paid it back when he was told it was not reimbursable.

Fred Fox, citizen, is allowed to accept a discount on golf as would you or I.

Where is the crime ?

School me..

Tsu Dho Nimh

Sold...I was thinking about that test.  Do you think Asher could pass it?  The man THOUGHT he was a licensed attorney in Ohio but the state records prove otherwise (true story - check out the link with the state).  Would Caporini pass it?  It wouldn't matter if Bulea would have passed it because she couldn't pass the people's test of re-election!  HAHA  Those three blind mice GAVE Fox the go ahead to do what ever he wanted.

Ακόμη Sold σχετ...


Hmmmm... I must have vacationed with your family members ?

I am not going to say that any of the 'three blind mice' would pass the test, either, (By the way... that's funny... 3 blind mice.. lol).

They really did not give Fred Fox a free pass, but as a board of education you hire the superintendent and the treasurer and then you LET THEM do their jobs assuming they will do it professionally as they have the credentials to do the job professionally.

Fred Fox did his job. And he did it in a manner that other professional peers are very envious of.

I can go on and on and tell you of some peers who egged this whole thing on.. but every time I throw in some of the truth someone can't handle it and I get deleted. This is definately a conspiracy. Not on the Kennedy level, but definately on a Huron level.

TDN, you study and study and do it well, (I might add), but I'm telling you.. you are looking in the wrong direction. The smoke and mirrors here are only to deflect people from looking at what is really going on and most are too afraid to say anything about it. I stay anonymous because people are nuts and they really don't want to know what is going on as long as state tests get passed in an efficient manner, the kids get to school on time and the football team wins. THEY DO NOT WANT TO KNOW THE TRUTH.

When all is said and done the 3 Stooges, (that's all mine TDN), will be the ones who end up paying and it is not going to be pretty.

Bottom line: This entire 'investigation' should have been done internally and in conjunction with the State of Ohio. It was done in a most innappropriate manner and is going to result in Fred Fox being shown as the victim he is.

No one acted professionally here and the problem is these are the people in charge of Huron's property tax dollars !


Fox has been drawing his full pay for weeks now and that can not continue.  Either find him guilty or get him back to work.  Either way a decision has to be made soon.  Hopefully, he has been offered a package to go away quietly.

Ακόμη Sold σχετ...


Sounds like you've had enough of paying for $50,000 reports that were not ordered and deputy superintendents salary's that put them at the highest paid superintendent in Erie County. And then there's the legal fees of two seperate law firms because the board fired their regular attorneys who would have told them not to pursue this nosense..

Get ready Darkhorse... You really have seen nothing yet and as a Huron taxpayer I hope you are good and appalled at where your tax dollars are being spent when this is done..

Maybe they will offer Fred Fox pay until his retirement ?

Ακόμη Sold σχετ...

I'll be here Spin...

How do you like your crow served ?


Sold - he can accept discounted golf that would be offered to you and I as well.  Correct.  But was everyone offered complimentary golf that weekend?  I think you've got to conceed that one as well.


Sold it was complimentary.  I'm thinking that wasn't offered to everyone.  You're right - that would be laughed at in the private sector, because its allowed in the private sector. 


This is fro TDN:

I wanted to set the record straight about the comment you made about the Fremont administrator.  I know for a fact that she was not on leave since February.  She worked until the end of the school year.  She is still working for the district. Any absences she may have taken had nothing to do with Huron's mess.  Jessica Cuffman reported false information.  It amazes me how they can print false information without fully exploring their sources.  I guess it is all about selling papers. 

Ακόμη Sold σχετ...

I'm with you, Partyboy.

They print anything they want and never, ever take it back when all is said and done.

Although I agree with them sharing the Markling report, which is full of half and totally untruths, but it was presented in all of it's glorious slander/libel/defamation of charactor without the Register being able to revise it to their liking.


This is fro TDN:

I wanted to set the record straight about the comment you made about the Fremont administrator.  I know for a fact that she was not on leave since February.  She worked until the end of the school year.  She is still working for the district. Any absences she may have taken had nothing to do with Huron's mess.  Jessica Cuffman reported false information.  It amazes me how they can print false information without fully exploring their sources.  I guess it is all about selling papers. 

Tsu Dho Nimh

Partyboy...I never said she was on leave since February, just that she went on leave in February.  If Jessica Cuffman reported false information, then the administrator's attorney should demand a retraction. 

At the August 20 board meeting, the Fremont board met in executive session to discuss disciplinary action.  The administrator is now no longer a principal but working with juvenile detention.  Are you telling us that the two are not related and that she requested the change in employment?



Well isn't that interesting that you know so much about her employment staus.  You must have some inside information.  What else do you know about her?  Sounds like you are keeping tabs on her status.

Tsu Dho Nimh

Partyboy...I know how to read board minutes : )  It doesn't sound like Jessica's story was too far off.


If this ISN"T a witch hunt, then why did that board in Huron take such pains to run down to the State board and HAND DELIVER that report?  Why did they cut off the investigation so abruptly before it was completed?  Half a report isn't a report at all, is it? 

I don't get any of this.  Maybe I am not supposed to as I live in another city and none of my family ever lived in Huron nor attended school there. 

It just seems to me that this school board is acting like a bunch with a "grudge".  Why did this "suddenly" appear after that field got built?  Why so "quickly"? 

If their where this many problems with the superintendent, were there warning shots fired from the board to him prior to this?  If the problems were ongoing, did he get reprimands from the board prior to this huge explosion?  If not, why not? 

See, I told you I didn't get it.  I don't see how a board could let things get this bad without discussing these problems much quicker than this before letting them get to this state?  It makes no sense. 



You make me laugh.. you should read minutes correctly ..just like Ms Cuffman should.    Maybe you thought you read something that wasn't there.  Check again.  She returned to work.  Had nothing to do with Huron's mess/investigation. 

Tsu Dho Nimh

Wiredmamma...the previous school board would not hold Fred accountable. Asher, Fred's friend since high school, Caporini, and Bulea gave him whatever he wanted.  They even put their names out in the public of approving vacation expenses to be paid by the board.  Green and Slocum were out numbered. The board used to be 3-2 in the opposite direction. Fred could do no wrong.  Many people thought Bulea was ineffective and she was replaced by Sowecke in the last election.  Now the majority swung in favor of investigating the allegations and complaints that many who work in the district shared.  It was Caporini who demanded that the investigation stop.

I think when this is over, we are going to learn why Asher and Caporini did not want the investigation to continue.

Ακόμη Sold σχετ...


You just won't listen..

Fred did do something wrong, but it was on a personal, not professional level.

As Wiredmama said, this has been a witch hunt and when it is over you and the rest will find out that Tim Sowecke and Donna Greene were always out to get Fred Fox and that Scott Slocum cosigned it.

Maybe the Fremont administrator got a promotion ?


Sold, what exactly did he do wrong on a personal level? 

Tsu Dho Nimh

Sold...I think I struck a nerve with



I question why you haven't responded to my post.  You must have inside connections to know where the Fremont administrator is working.  Her employment status was never in the board minutes.  Perhaps you have a lawyer in the family...maybe somebody who works in Cleveland?  Inquiring minds want to know. 

Tsu Dho Nimh

Partboy...go to the Fremont City School district site, click on staff, and look in the "M" section.   It's not a hard concept.

BTW, I do have family members who are attorneys but so do many other families.  One works in Columbus and one in Cleveland.  However, I'm capable of searching the web without legal assistance.


Really?  You must be interested in her career path...or someone breached attorney client privaleges.  I now know who you are. I too have a family member that is a lawyer.  The truth be told.  Maybe you contacted one of the Huron board members regarding your inquiries. (Not the ones that have been called  " the three stooges" by many of the bloggers).  Interesting.  Samll town.

Tsu Dho Nimh

Partyboy...WOW you are good!!! My family members have never lived in Huron or Erie county but you can make the connection to who I am.  Now that is some investigative talent!


Did I say you lived in Huron??? I don't recall that.  I won't make assumations.  But I know what you ahve said your blogs that gave you away,

Tsu Dho Nimh

When you mentioned that I must have contacted one of the Huron board members, it came across that you think I am from Huron.  My point regarding my family members who are attorneys, they are not from Huron or Erie county so I don't even think they are aware of the Fred Fox scandal. 

Since you know who I am, feel free to come over and mow the lawn : )


Really I don't do manual labor.   That's too big of a yard.  Gotcha...

Tsu Dho Nimh





Really.. is that all you have??