Election letters -- Oct. 22, 2008

Replace Congress I cannot believe all the bickering and finger pointing by both Republicans and Demo
Sandusky Register Staff
May 24, 2010


Replace Congress

I cannot believe all the bickering and finger pointing by both Republicans and Democrats in Congress with regard to the bailout situation we are dealing with in this country. It only shows what has been happening in both the House and Senate in the last two years -- which is absolutely nothing.

The American people have only one choice come November elections. All elected officials now in office must go and new blood must be installed who are for the people. It's about time that Congress should take responsibility for their actions and the only way to do this effectively, is to get all of them out of office. This action should be applied whether or not the rescue plan was voted for or against, since the politicians could not agree on even an interim or temporary plan to resolve the immediate issues in order to prevent the stock market dive. What were they thinking? That the market would go up? The hit that the market took Sept. 29, 2008, will hurt my portfolio which supports a very modest current retirement and inheritance funds for my children. I have worked hard my entire life. This hit and believe me, more to come, will not only affect me but countless thousands everywhere, all families in this country.

I would like to thank Congress on their deep concern for the American people who elected them and truly hope that voters all over the country will do what I plan to do on election day 2008. I'm just an old regular voter and never thought I would ever in my life time have to vote in this manner, but, based on such poor performance of Congress, I see no other choice.

I hope you vote with me!

Stephen Parker


Greater than self

During World War II, Winston Churchill, the late Prime Minister of Britain, was able to keep the British people together at the time of the Battle of Britain because of his oratorial skills and having one culture, belief and purpose of thought that was structured on self-sacrifice and common sense.

Reflecting on Winston Churchill, candidates for public office and voters on election day should go for results that are for a cause greater than self.

Wade Cottier


Vote and keep eyes open

As we close in on election time, neither McCain nor Obama seem to be the answer this country is looking for. I have heard and read several times that people have decided to NOT vote this year. Because so many issues need to be addressed in our country, it seems that we had hopes of finding a superhero, or a savior. But the last thing we want to do, is to start to look for a savior. That kind of desperate mentality is what allowed Hitler to gain power in a poverty-stricken 1930s Germany. The best we can do is pick one of these candidates, vote, and then through letter writing and emailing, DEMAND what we expect from them, and how WE want them to govern our country. Apathy among the people is just as much to blame for our country's situation as is poor leadership by our elected officials; in fact, they go hand in hand.

The first step in taking responsibility, is to vote. Just make a choice. Second, stop blaming others. If we accept that we are part of the problem, then we will realize that we have to be part of the solution. Third, don't give up. "Be bold ... and mighty forces will come to your aid." Goethe didn't actually say that, but he did say, "The best of all governments is that which teaches us to govern ourselves."

Jeff Russell


False witness

I am very upset with some in our area using the Bible to cover their racisim.

Obama is NOT the Antichrist. These are being spread by religious leaders in our own area. I don't care who you vote for, or for what reason, but do not use the Bible as ways to influence others.

Remember the Bible says to Love your neighbor and do not bare false witness. Let's try teaching this.

Marla J. Tucker