SANDERS: Mister President

By RUFUS G.W. SANDERS The election's not over until all the votes are counted, but according to
Sandusky Register Staff
May 24, 2010



The election's not over until all the votes are counted, but according to all national polls which calculate electoral votes -- the real indicator of the winner -- and some high profile conservative Republicans who have the guts to say so, and the results of the debates -- at this point Senator Barack Obama has won the race for president.

Unless there is a major late "October Surprise" I suggest that we get ready to celebrate America's entrance into the 21st century and the new world. It's time that we have a change in this country in all areas of our being. Nothing is more needed than in the area of race relations. And it is the election of this black man as president that would be symbolic of that change.

John McCain has lost this election for the following reasons:

n The dismal economy that has been the republican downfall; which includes more than anything the lost of jobs and homes.

n The nation's disdain for President Bush. No president since Richard Nixon have received such low rating from the American public and only Herbert Hoover have received similar ratings since modern polls have been taken.

n McClain's own erraticism and odd behavior in his dealing with the losing of the campaign. It's his politics of desperation and opportunitism which many Americans find offensive.

n The loss of Republican morale.

n The selection of Sarah Palin. No other appointment of a vice president has come with so much controversy.

n The suggested 1 percent of Republican votes that will go to independent candidate Bob Barr.

n Republican radical reaction in general to the possibility that a black man will be president. The tone of racism which has been permitted to play such a prominent role in McClain's campaign has caused real concerns about the politics of race as well as the real state of race in this country.

n The managerial style of his campaign has been rife with inconsistent and incoherent messages which lean toward a political style that is schizophrenic in approach and presentation.

n His rather bland showing in the debates.

I conclude that Barack Obama has won because of the way that he has conducted himself under the extreme pressure of a campaign that has lasted for almost two years. He has handled himself like a disciplined, focused and strategically engaged leader. He will win because of his well-managed temperament and his absorbing intellectual capacity. He is authentic, creative and a visionary that has resonated with the American people who are craving for something new and different.

He will win because the American people are ready for a change in the basic cultural ideology and political philosophical fabric of this country. He will win because the party of George Bush, in the last eight years, has not only destroyed this country, but has put the entire world in great peril. He will win because his policies are supportive of Middle America -- the people who actually keep the wheels of commerce rolling. He will win because of the stupidity of the American economy. He will win because there is a need to bring all people in this country together and end the long dreary history of racial separation. With his election, at the very least, the process of racial reconciliation will finally receive the jolt that we have waited for every since the passage of the Emancipation Proclamation.

He will win because of the enormous high amount of votes that will come from America's youth; which he has energized like no other candidate in American history. He will win because of the all-powerful black vote. The black vote along has been the major swing vote in American elections since John F. Kennedy. Now that it is teamed with the brown vote, it will be even more of a powerhouse. And Obama will win because of the work that Hillary Clinton has done in empowering American women, many who will vote for Barack Obama.

Even though this race will tighten in these last few days; the only thing that would keep Obama from winning is outright fraud or thievery, like what happened in the election of 2000; or some slander that is so salacious it can't be ignored, or the gross impartation of the so-called "Bradley Effect." But the fact he won hands-down in all-white Iowa, an early bellwether state, during the primaries, probably indicates most whites are finally ready to elect a black man to lead the greatest nation on the earth.